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The Best Fitness Sportsman Home Gym (BFMG20) presented Body Solid is compact and affordable discount weight lifting equipment that is ideal for maximizing limited space.
OC06 Olympic Spring Collars Weight Lifting Equipment are made of the highest quality spring steel possible, these collars allow users super-fast weight plate changes.
The LVIP Pro-Club Leverage Incline Bench Press Built by Body Solid is optimal for both the Professional Fitness club atmosphere or for any home weight lifting equipment. The BFAB20 Ab Mantis Semi Recumbent Bench Commercial Weight Lifting Equipment by Body Solid features a 45 degree seat angle that puts you in ideal position to isolate your abs for an optimal workout. The LVBP Pro-Club Leverage Bench Press Built by Body Solid is optimal for both the health club setting or for home use of weight lifting equipment.
When you are contemplating which type of discount weight lifting equipment you want to supply your health club or home gym you need to make several considerations.
The pulley system is swivel enhanced and will allow you to benefit from working the often neglected stabilizer muscle groups that you can target while doing exercises such as pectoral flys or converging presses.
This Best Fitness edition comes with a 150lb weight stack and the designers put emphasis on ergonomically compatible features. This leverage professional weight lifting equipment has a self spotting mechanism that will let you max out safely and efficiently and the ergonomic design will prevent excessive wear and tear on your shoulder joints and rotator cuff. No other weight lifting equipment provides such an optimal ab workout from a comfortable seated position. Safety pins and bolts for adjustable positions allow for easy disassembly or permanent set up. The OSC300S Olympic Weight Lifting equipment is an essential time tested addition to any collection of professional weight lifting equipment.

This product line of leverage professional weight lifting equipment has a self spotting mechanism that will let you max out safely and efficiently. Free weights are always a valid and very effective choice but there are safety limitations to consider when you are working out alone and also loading weight plates can be a cumbersome task.
This specially engineered pulley system also features low, mid and high pulley capabilities to permit you to fully round out your exercise routine and maximize the benefits of your new professional weight lifting equipment. It is the goal of the special arc design to follow the natural flow of a bench press and pectoral dumbbell fly providing an optimal full range chest and triceps workout. Your incline bench press exercises will not be limited if you do not have a spotter and you can reach for your new max in safety and comfort!
In addition, there are two 5 degree reclining positions so you will be ideally positioned for an entire range of core exercises. Ergonomic design features a forty five degree seat angle with two additional five degree reclining positions offers exceptional range of motion and adjustability for any size user.3.
Unlike traditional bench press exercises your shoulders will enjoy the extra protection of a ergonomic design to prevent unecessary wear and tear and you can reach for your personal best safely without using a spotter.
Commercial weight lifting equipment is safe at any weight level because the equipment is not free standing and if you drop it or you are struggling to make the lift you simply can abandon the lift with minimal risk.
Anyone who has used weight lifting equipment will appreciate the padded pressing arms that keep your arms well cushioned so you can finish off the heavy sets in comfort. Knee Raise - Lower ab directed motion with adjustable length, 2-position foot rests and standard weight post with spring lock.4. Also, there is no need to load weight plates or lug around dumbbells, you simply pull and reinsert the selector pin and you are ready to go!

This ergonomically designed machine will make a great addition to your Olympic weight lifting equipment allowing you a complete and rewarding workout in the comfort of your own home gym. Ab Crunch - Upper abdominal directed motion with durable upholstered, upper back support, textured grip handles and standard weight post with spring lock plus lock-out option to help support knee raises. Professional weight lifting equipment is available here at low prices and ships directly from the manufacturer.
The P2X by Body Solid is another great example of this manufacturer's renowned creativity in engineering affordable, compact and high quality home gym and they have shown the fitness world once again that it is possible to get a total body workout in a compact space.You will appreciate the traditional aspects of the P2X which allow the user to conduct mid row, shoulder press and incline press exercises. The low pulley station alone has a minimum of 10 exercise options see the list below under workout options. In addition, the leg developer station features a bearing pivot point system to provide smooth and natural leg curl and extension exercises.
Pull the optimal exercise routine together with the functional training arms which adds a more synergistic modern approach to your regular workout routine.
Use the modern elements of the P2X weight lifting equipment to focus on elements such as core stability, balance and efficiency of movements that you use in your everyday life. Also, recommended is the SP50 50 Lb weight stack addition to improve load resistance to 210 lb.

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