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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Life Fitness X3 Cross trainer with advanced console is a very versatile piece of fitness equipment. The build technology of the X3 Cross trainer features WhisperStride technology, a 20 inch stride and optimally spaced pedals. The X3 Cross Trainer with advanced console is an excellent fitness product brought out by Life Fitness, one of the leading brands in elliptical cross trainers and other fitness equipment. The X3a??s advanced console is a very useful technological masterpiece, making itself just as useful to the hard training athlete as to the beginner. The interface is very user friendly and the LCD display with a 4a?? X 6a?? screen provides the user all the essential workout statistics. As far as the hardware technology goes, there is no Life Fitness product out there that can be faulted, and this is no exception.
The life fitness x3 elliptical trainer has basically the same dimensions as the life fitness x1 model. As with most of the well built elliptical machines, the life fitness x3 trainer is pretty heavy and will most likely be a stationary elliptical machine. Since the peddles are oversized and come with an expansive 19" elliptical stride, all users will find the stride length optimal.
Again, the life fitness x3 elliptical trainer is one of the quietest elliptical machines on the market today. The life fitness x3 elliptical trainer has an expansive stride that will accommodate all users no matter how tall you are.
Fortunately, the life fitness x3 elliptical trainer comes with a Polar® Telemetry wireless chest strap. Like the life fitness x1 elliptical trainer, the x3 has a fairly straight forward and basic package.
The life fitness x3 elliptical trainer comes with a Polar® Telemetry wireless chest strap. As with most Life Fitness elliptical models, the X3 comes with comfortable bull horn handles. If you are looking for the quietest work out possible and don’t want to spend anymore than $2,600 - $2,700 than the life fitness x3 model may be what your looking for.

As you can see, you get a few more features with the life fitness x3i than the basic x3 model. The X3 is a quality elliptical trainer that is well made with the warranty and customer service to back it up.
Life Fitness trainers are recognized by health club operators across the country for their smooth, natural performance. The X3 accommodates users of all shapes and sizes thanks to its oversized pedals, which ensure that no matter how big, small, wide, or narrow your feet are, you can still expect the same club-quality experience.
With 10 separate workout programs, including 5 heart-rate controlled workouts, apart from 3 goal workouts and 2 custom workouts, the advanced console offers challenge and variety to both beginners and advanced users.
With these, Life Fitness has ensured that the user gets a very smooth and fluid motion, with minimal stress on the back and joints. It offers a fair bit of variety, including some very challenging workouts, apart from incorporating the most cutting edge technology to ensure comprehensive health benefits and total comfort for the user. It features 10 different workouts, including the 5 classic workouts featured in the X1 and 5 heart-rate controlled workouts, which automatically adjust the pace and intensity of the machine to keep the user in a given target heart-rate zone. To ensure a naturally smooth and fluid motion, apart from super-quiet performance, the machine incorporates WhsiperStride technology. The life fitness x3 elliptical trainer is a short step up from the x1 model, which is life fitness' entry model.
I’m a big fan of the eddy current resistance system since it is possibly the quietest and smoothest resistance systems on the elliptical market today.
The link 6 drive system provides the most optimal elliptical path for a more natural movement and, hence, lessening the impact of each stride. I think a couple of heart rate controlled programs would have been a great addition to the life fitness x3 elliptical trainer.
This type of elliptical trainer is made to last and basically, your paying for the quality.
It's top of the line and comparable to Precor which I beleive is lifetime frame, 10 year parts, and one year labour. The life fitness x3 elliptical trainer is basically a step up from the life fitness x1 model which is life fitness’ consumer entry model. If you are looking for more features and are willing to pay an additional $400, this may be well worth it.

If you have $2,500 to spend on an elliptical trainer, you'd be hard pressed not to give this elliptical a good hard look.
You get a commercial quality elliptical trainer with a company that stands behind their product. Whereas other elliptical machines often deliver an uneven resistance transfer--producing an uncomfortable, choppy feeling that interrupts the rhythm of your workout--the X3's WhisperStride technology keeps things remarkably quiet while producing a smooth, fluid motion, a must for low-impact workouts. The X3 Cross trainer with advanced console works very quietly, and its sturdy frame comes with a lifetime warranty.
Besides these, the Life Fitness X3 with advanced console also has 3 goal workouts and 2 custom workouts. Apart from this, the engineers of the X3 have spaced the pedals optimally to reduce lower back stress.
A Polar wireless chest strap will cost you around $100 so I’m guessing the major difference in price is because of the whisper stride technology. I think the life fitness x3 elliptical trainer is for those of you who want the quietest elliptical trainer around with a little more features than other elliptical machines of this price range. There are 2 separate user profiles, ideal for a couple, and each user can store their own custom workouts. Even the 20-inch stride that one hits on the machine has been designed to be completely natural. The welded steel frame provides a very sturdy skeletal framework and comes with lifetime warranty. As you can see, you have two windows that keep track of your statistics and one that keeps track of your program progress. The pedals are also optimally spaced to minimize the lateral hip shifting that could put stress on your lower back. Further, the console also features a Race mode and the automatically functioning warm up and cool down modes. Best of all, the X3 disperses the efforts throughout both your legs and arms, helping your burn more calories with less perceived exertion.

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