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Our most popular workouts are integrated into a contemporary industrial design with high-performing durability and a simple, non-intimidating console. With the latest aesthetic and entertainment upgrades, all of our Integrity Series cardio products now offer an even more compelling user experience.
SureStepSystem™ (S3) Technology, driven by an extremely reliable AC motor, ensures a smooth motion and a high level of durability. Built for comfort, the Life Fitness Integrity Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer is a proven machine that offers a variety of low-impact workouts. Proven Stride technology produces a unique, popular motion with 18″ stride length, research-based ellipse path and biomechanically correct moving arms. Lifepulse™ digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the ergonomically designed handlebars and bullhorns to provide precise heart rate monitoring, and Polar® telemetry provides accurate, “hands free” heart rate monitoring.
Powered completely by human movement, you can place these energy-efficient cross-trainers anywhere in your facility, with no electrical cords or outlets to consider. Designed with the advanced engineering and durable components that exemplify our legacy of fitness expertise.
Built for easy use, riders of all sizes can adjust the bike seat in seconds to ensure an optimum workout. Designed with the technology and durable components you expect from a Lifecycle® Exercise Bike. The Life Fitness Integrity Series Recumbent Lifecycle® Exercise Bike brings our legacy of fitness to those who prefer a seated position.
Ergonomic contour-molded back support and Comfort Curve™ Seat with built in grooves keeps exercisers cool and dry, and proper left-right weight distribution helps prevent muscle fatigue. Dual selectorized weight stacks preserve the integrity of independent arm or leg action, allow users to obtain more proportionate results, and add more strength-training variety to workouts.
Iso-Lateral® technology delivers the smoothest converging and diverging arcs of motion in the industry. Short, direct transmission of resistance through a belt-drive system ensures smooth performance and premium durability. Highly sophisticated Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and years of collaboration with athletes and coaches ensure that every plate-loaded machine simulates the most natural, ergonomically-correct paths of motion…on and off the field. Hammer Strength machines offer several standard and optional features depending on the piece. Ground Base machines are movement based rather than muscles based, in that they work multiple muscle groups at once, for more total body training and functional benefits.
Ground Base machines offer a low starting resistance, and allow you to more closely replicate real life movements for sports specific or functional training in a safe, controllable and repeatable environment.
Hammer Strength Benches and Racks provide you with an extensive lineup of strength-training options – from adjustable benches and squat racks, to dumbbells, weight trees, abdominal machines, and much more.
ON SALE PRICE: $2,399 The Life Fitness 95R Inspire Lifecycle Bike is one of a kind and is considered by many to be the best exercise bike on the market today.
Introducing a completely new kind of cardiovascular training-the Life Fitness Summit Trainers. With a smooth, fluid motion that mirrors the movement of the body, the Precor EFX576i elliptical fitness crosstrainer provides an outstanding workout experience with a natural, elliptical movement.

Precor has been building commercial-grade equipment to withstand the repetitive, rigorous workouts of health clubs, hotels and spas for years, so they earn their reputation on quality and durability. Our facility includes state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment, free weights, stretching and core training areas, personal training, and tanning. This familiar, trusted machine is used today by thousands of world-class facilities all over the globe, and with good reason, it delivers. When compared to similar products, the PowerMill Climber has the smallest footprint and the largest usable step space in the industry.
Engineered to be ergonomically correct, with the durability only Life Fitness can provide, these machines take elliptical cross-training to a whole new level. Successful facilities depend on Life Fitness bikes to provide the workouts people benefit from year after year. Ratchet seat adjustment makes it easy for users to adjust the seat height, even while in a seated position. As the complement to the Upright Bike, it belongs in facilities wishing to provide variety to their customers.
This allows users to move both limbs at the same time, one at a time, alternating, or with different weights for each.
Standard weight horns allow weights to be stored on the machines for improved space efficiency.
Elevate your clientele with the latest innovation in immersive exercise from Life Fitness, the 95X-Inspire Elliptical Cross-Trainer. Built for comfort, the 95Xi offers biomechanically correct handlebar movements and an ergonomic ellipse path, as well as oversized non-slip pedals and static support handlebars.
Built for comfort, the 91Xi offers biomechanically correct handlebar movements and an ergonomic ellipse path, as well as oversized non-slip pedals and static support handlebars. Designed under the direction of Greg LeMond, it combines Greg’s passion for cycling and innovation with exceptional product quality. The LeMond® RevMaster® Pro offers you everything you could want from a group cycling bike – designed with a narrower crank, it gives you the feel of a great road bike.
Fully featured this workout bike will give you an excellent workout while keeping your mind on everything but working out.
These revolutionary machines combine the best of total-body cross-training and climbing into one intuitive product that will challenge every exerciser. The ramp incline is optimally set at 20 degrees to deliver the widest range of movement to the lower body and, combined with moving handlebars, provides a total-body workout. It allows for both high-intensity and moderate-intensity workouts and is designed to be inviting for users all fitness levels. User-defined stride lengths and five training positions allow exercisers to control workout intensity and target different muscle groups for truly versatile, personalized workouts.

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