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This all in one workout device is specially designed by architect Antonio Citterio and assistant Toan Nguyen. TechFresh is a blog dedicated to the hottest consumer electronics, electronic gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge technology. The grand prize was an all expenses paid trip for two to the Olympics in Beijing for five nights to enjoy Olympic competitions and tour the official Technogym training facilities. Classes and teachers are more specialized, classes are often more challenging and, since everyone knows your name, there’s built-in accountability.
She has a sporty background, a degree in exercise science and plenty of experience whipping people into shape. There were four of us in the 45-minute circuit-syle class (classes cap at 10), and Lindsay put us all through the paces.
The purpose of this Kinesis Personal is to give you an enjoyable workout at home where you can discover your strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. The cable’s 360-degree range of motion makes it an extremely versatile exercise that can be customized for someone who has never exercised to the professional athlete. Programs are also available for golfers, runners, cyclists (mountain and road), swimmers and skiers.

And there’s a brand spankin’ new boutique studio in Arcadia that boasts all of the above: Kinesis Konnection. The Kinesis device itself looks unassuming enough – it’s a 4-station pulley system imbedded behind a sleep wall –  but it can seriously work your muscles in every way possible… and then some. Oh, and she has an infectious energy that’ll make you push yourself just out of your comfort zone and into serious calorie-burning mode. We lifted, lunged, rebounded and planked, working about half on the Kinesis wall and half off.
And given how hard I pushed myself, I was pretty sure I’d be super sore the next day… but wasn’t.
For those who aim to be fit but donA?a‚¬a„?t necessarily have the time or the flexible schedules to fit hours in the gym for a workout, Kinesis one is a god sent.
If you haven’t tried Kinesis, you’re missing out on a fantastic, fun and different full body challenge that will leave you wanting more!
Not often do group glasses get your muscles burning and heart racing, but Kinesis did both – and tapped into some new moves and muscles I didn’t even know I had. That’s party because of the fluidity of the Kinesis machine (it gives you just what you need, whether you’re a newbie or a pro athlete), and partly because of Lindsay.

It promises an effective full body workout within a minimum time frame and on a single machine. Kinesis One is special since its unique design and conceptual training allows one to perform different exercises for the whole body with a single machine, constraining all the gym equipment into one, thereby saving time.With its two weight stacks hidden from view, the Kinesis One leaves one free to explore an infinite range of natural movements and exercises-up to 300 zero-impact exercises for all levels of fitness and ability. Whether working on oneA?a‚¬a„?s balance, strength or flexibility, you can explore the benefits of Kinesis One individually, or create a whole new range of programs with the involvement of trainers. Its 'FullGravity Technology' is a patent pending innovation that allows users to move tri-dimensionally whilst providing resistance to every possible movement of the human body; it is ideal for a unique, personalised workout. Being so versatile, there is scope for both standard and combined movements both for beginners to the more experienced.

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