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So if you haven’t been clued in to the world of jigglers yet, let me bring you up to speed.
One of the most incredible aspects of these small jigglers is that some of these designs, or bootlegs of these designs, are still being produced today. It can sometimes be very difficult to tell an older jiggler from a new one, but there are a few tricks to help you decipher age.
One of my favorite aspects of jigglers is you can see their progression through time as different companies rip each others designs and make slight alterations.
These two have very similar faces, but different legs.  Another one of my favorite aspects of these toys is their evolution over the decades they were created. My fried Ed is in the top row second from the right.  You can probably thank Wally Wood for these nightmares. Finally Iris shares a striking resemblance to the rat bug jiggler in the next photo down.  This is the least obvious of the bootlegs, but the idea is still present. Thanks to having a bag of flat jigglers as a kid from a Halloween party, I became hooked on monster jigglers.
Some teeny tiny jigglers.  I put a big one in the back for comparison.  These guys are less than half the size of their counterparts, and therefore are even harder to find!  They are less than an inch long! This entry was posted in 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, Amy, Art, Halloween, Humor, Monsters, Toys, Weird. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab.
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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. Some people in the press gave Lolo Jones a hard time last year for getting more attention than her performance on the track merited. Here is Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke doing the warmup dance that made her an internet sensation. And here is Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame by shooting a spread for the 2013 SI Swimsuit Issue.
Much to our disappointment, Slovenian triple jumper Snezana Rodic did not make her country’s Olympic team last year. Bulgarian sprinter Ivet Lalova also did not make her country’s Olympic team last year. With the big eyed paintings and dolls of the 60’s also came some big eyed knee huggers.  While this one doesn’t have terribly sad huge eyes, the aesthetic is definitely there. Are there even more ridiculous pixies out there for me to collect?  Absolutely.  Have a Merry Kitschmas from all of us at The Collector Gene!
And may the upcoming holidays be filled with delightful memories of Christmas Past as well as delightful experiences of Christmas Present! Actually it’s one month, two days, and one hundred and fifty-two years ago as I write this. I picked up this little ribbon at a flea market about a week or two before the Fourth of July this year. There was a very real possibility that Harrisburg and Philadelphia would end up under Southern occupation.
Fortunately, as things were looking their darkest, Union forces finally checked Lee’s forces at the Battle of Gettysburg – about 100 miles west of Philadelphia. As if that weren’t enough, the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi fell to the Union forces under the command of Ulysses S. I doubt that the citizens of Philadelphia had been able to absorb all that had happened in just those few days, but there must have been a great sense of relief.
Someone must have made a pass at a girl who wore glasses but she doesn’t seem happy about it.
Hopefully the photographer did not tell the bride to think of her husband-to-be as he snapped the photo. This petite bride seems to be pondering how she’s going to tell her lanky groom to find another hair stylist. But what about the couples who are celebrating their golden anniversary?  Surely fifty years of working together as a team leads to happiness and gratitude…doesn’t it?
In this case, the wife has seemingly enjoyed those five decades of marriage, but the husband is clearly worn out. Foxy Grandpa is right up there with the earliest of the American comic characters like the Katzenjammer Kids and the Yellow Kid. Within two years of his debut, Foxy Grandpa was so popular that a Broadway show was created with him as the central character. This button measures one-and-a-half inches in diameter and was made by the Whitehead & Hoag Company of Newark, NJ. Between 1900 and 1917, Foxy Grandpa was a staple on the comic pages of several New York newspapers. Finally, it’s clear from this object that Foxy Grandpa was a hit with the adults as well as the kids. But for a couple of decades in the early 20th Century, Bunny Schultze made us smile over the antics of an energetic little old man who could outsmart his grandsons.
A couple of weeks ago, we went to an antique show in Maryland that is a favorite of ours, and for me the coolest thing there was the metal Disney sign.
Based on all of this, I think the sign dates to about 1950 – give or take a couple of years. Besides playing with all our “Made in USA” toys, we had a lot of time to go outside and “run around”.
Of all the things I have collected, I think these old sneakers represent the essence of boyhood in the middle of the twentieth century as well as anything. Here’s another PF Flyers cardboard advertising display for another, lesser-known Disney show called Adventure Time. This large pin-back button shows “Leave It to Beaver” star Jerry Mathers promoting Keds, the main competition for PF Flyers. The holiday hustle and bustle is over, and while I usually write about things that I personally found, I’m actually dedicating this entry to gifts that I received from my family and my sister’s boyfriend this past holiday. I’ve written about video game tie-in merchandise before, but it’s definitely a part of my collection that has grown steadily in recent years.

I grew up in the age of Nintendo, so arcade classics like Berserk and Zaxxon are a little bit before my time. Street Fighter merchandise isn’t hard to come by…if you’re in the market for action figures. Here you see the front of the cottage with German bisque elves playing on the upper and lower porches while a nice old composition German Santa sits on his wooden sled. Here you see the back of the cottage just filled with toys and decorated Christmas trees and another playful elf.
Well, for me that is any time of year, but it is most important to make this a tradition in October so here it goes! Jigglers are toys made out of a springy and flexible rubber that literally jiggles when you move it. Some were also sold bagged and carded, and you could probably buy them individually in your local dime store.
They shrink and grow, and they gain limbs and they lose limbs.   They come in different rubbers and plastics, and they change color as they go.
Their wacky and wonderfully disturbing designs intrigue me and keep me searching the depths of dirty boxes at flea markets to rescue them from obscurity. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Only there can someone become a minor celebrity just for being hot—as in the case of Allison Stokke. Claus.  Here she is in all of her glory!  Again, not terribly valuable, but just fascinating that she exists. We apologize for posting our Fourth of July article so late, but a big storm in June zapped our printer (which is also our scanner) and we’ve been on another road trip to New England that we just returned from. There was a lot going on in and around Philadelphia leading up to the Fourth of July, 1863. Philadelphia was shoring up its defenses and there were calls for more militia units to defend Pennsylvania. The three day battle, which took place on July 1,2,3, was not only the bloodiest battle of the war- it was the turning point. When the “Friends of the Union” celebrated the Fourth of July, 1863 in Philadelphia, they were also celebrating the turning point of the war and one of the most important events in American history. In fact, even my parents were born too late to remember his debut on January 7, 1900 in the New York Herald, and his popularity was already waning when my mother was a toddler. More than thirty books about him were published by four different publishers during that time. There’s a small jointed composition figure, a composition bobble-head figure, and a plaster container that might have been used on a desk to hold pencils. It’s a well-made porcelain toby mug, and while I suppose a child could have sipped his milk from it, more likely it was meant to be displayed on a knickknack shelf. While Foxy Grandpa stories continued to be distributed by the Newspaper Feature Syndicate throughout the 1920’s, Schultze faced personal problems and mounting debts. And he helped set the stage for other artists to create memorable, amusing comic characters.
After four decades of hunting and gathering I still see things out there that I didn’t even know I wanted, but after I see them I can’t live without. If that is the case, Walt Disney Productions would have been working on such projects as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan.
Was childhood really better in the 1950’s and 1960’s than it was (or is) for later generations?
Parents weren’t quite so worried that every waking minute of childhood be taken up with some organized activity designed to make you outstanding enough to get into an Ivy League school. After all, no matter how humble your upbringing, just about everyone had a pair of worn out sneakers at some point in their youth. While this isn’t everything that I received, there’s certainly a recurring theme, and that’s video game tie-in merchandise. I definitely like the fact that it gives a more tangible quality to the characters that have been trapped in our televisions and cartridges and – let’s face it – our hearts for many years. However, you can’t deny that the graphics on these old Milton Bradley board games are amazing. However, there are plenty of other merchandising tie-ins that are much more difficult to find. I remember the ones that my mom gave out at Halloween came in a big bag filled with a couple dozen of them. That means that some of these toys have had a consistent run of production for at least 40 years. As I find jigglers digging through bins at flea markets I watch them evolve over time, and I feel like a biologist finding a new species when I find a slight variation on a design. As an artist, I love every one of them as these incredible and interesting sci-fi monsters. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Most importantly, Philadelphia and the rest of the United States were right in the middle of the Civil War. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia had won stunning victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, Virginia. Still, even without any knowledge of his comic strips or books or stage production, the minute I first encountered him, I was smitten by the cute little old guy with white hair and a bald head, round glasses, and a spiffy suit and vest.
Schultze’s childhood nickname was “Bunny,” and he usually signed his cartoons as “Bunny.” He also created a cute white bunny character that often shows up alongside Foxy Grandpa. While they try to trick their grandfather and play jokes on him, he turns the tables on them and foils their plots, often making them look mighty foolish in the process. Clearly, the show had a successful run because here is a pinback button that was issued during the show’s second year, which would date it to 1903-04.
And, like other popular comic characters of the day, toys and games featuring Foxy Grandpa made their way into the market. By the 1930’s, he was down on his luck and illustrating school books through the WPA (Works Progress Administration). Young Walt Disney, growing up in the first decade of the 20th Century, most likely was quite familiar with Foxy Grandpa. He told me that he purchased the sign at a California flea market in about 1970, when he was living there. This sign may have stood guard when Davy Crockett was being filmed and when Disneyland was in the planning stages.

Since we also didn’t have video games to keep us quiet, we were encouraged to go outside and entertain ourselves.
Brand loyalty meant something in those days, and when it came to “sneakers,” you were most likely a “Keds” or “PF Flyers” kid.
There was really a passion that went into translating arcade games into two-dimensional boards while attempting to recreate the arcade action in the first place. Therefore, you can date something like this pretty easily to the time in between Mario’s release in 1985 and when Luigi developed his current look. I have actually had several opportunities to purchase this awesome vintage phone, but that’s only if I wanted to spend at least $80 on it.
I’m not saying this pinball game is impossible to find – one just sold on eBay not that long ago – but it’s certainly not something I can say I see pop up that often. Bliss and Company.  In 1867, several years before the company first advertised the making of toys, Mr.
Though they came into popularity in the 1960’s, you can still find toys made like this today. This is because many of these designs are based on work by well known artists such as Wally Wood and Basil Wolverton that were done for a line of Topps trading cards (the jigglers are clearly bootlegs). In June, his forces had entered Pennsylvania with the hopes of bringing the North to the peace table to end the war with a negotiated peace. Schultze may have had very little left to his name when he died, but hanging on the wall of his one-room apartment was a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse with the inscription, “For Carl E. PF stood for “Posture Foundation” which meant there was a wedge inside the shoe that more evenly distributed your weight.
I found out that BF Goodrich purchased Hood Rubber Company in 1929 and the Hood named was used until the late 1950’s on some PF Flyers.
My sister pulled this at a flea market for ten bucks in the fall and it’s definitely one of the most awesome finds she made. In fact, you can still find some of the same jiggler designs of 40+ years ago in stores if you look hard enough, but I will address that later. Joe when it comes to longevity, but because they are small and innocuous we never see them that way.
Others are based on other toy line such as The Outer Space Men by Colorforms, and some designs were done in house at the cheap toy companies based on these designs. There is no shortage of vintage Disney items out there, but I suspect it will be a long time before I see another one of these. The promise was that you could “run faster and jump higher” with a pair of “PF’s” strapped to your feet.
The artwork is key art, but it’s key art from when the art at Capcom really took a step up in terms of dynamic appearance.
I don’t know if this was for filling out a contest or mail information cards or something, but it’s clearly from the early 1990s and it’s clearly not something that was ever meant to be sold, which is the kind of awesome, interesting, and different piece I love to have to round out a collection and make it unique.
Secondly, I remember my mom giving some Monster Jigglers out as party favors at a little Halloween party we had when I was a kid. Russ Berrie is famous for making larger gift ware jigglers that were sold in novelty shops and gift shops in the 60’s and 70’s. They are what I would call flat jigglers, and they were still producing them up through at least the 1980’s when I had them. Of course, as bootlegs of work by popular artists, these toys have garnered quite a following.
Both are German candy containers, both have an Easter theme, and both have been in our possession for over 35 years. It also makes me very glad I passed on an opened, incomplete, and played with version of the Berserk board game I saw at a flea market this summer for $40.
I don’t have the Mario equivalent (yet), but I kind of like the fact that for the moment, Luigi will get the spotlight in my collection. This is hard for me to describe in a blog post, but there is a different feel to the older rubber. I did a little research and found that Walt Disney Productions moved to their Burbank studios in 1940, so the sign cannot be older than that – or newer than 1970, the date it was purchased by the dealer.
Putting on a new pair of PFs felt like you were walking on a cloud, and running as fast as you could to test out your new superpowers was part of the routine. Hopefully by the time I am done, you will be as fascinated by these silly little pieces of rubber as I am. They are made out of an oily rubber that will stain anything it touches if you leave it long enough, but they still have a following today regardless.
The clue to the actual age of the sign is with the cute little character decals all over it. Unfortunately, one of the more negative realities of growing up in the 1950’s and ‘60’s is that dog poop seemed to be everywhere. Ben Cooper also made some cool jigglers including Marvel and DC super heroes and Universal Monsters. Once, while racing down the street, I managed to find a fresh pile with my brand new sneakers. Yes, this is the Ben Cooper that made cheap Halloween costumes, but they also did dime store toys in the form of rubber jigglers.
I think it was Disney’s way of adding a little magic to everything they did, including this mundane sign.
The rubber used by Ben cooper is more like the rubber on the toys I am talking about today (less oily). In general, the octopus jigglers or spider jigglers aren’t being produced today and probably haven’t been for decades. There are characters that you don’t see much anymore such as the tortoise from The Tortoise and the Hare (1934) or Hiawatha (1937).
With the success of jigglers in the 1960’s, cheap-toy companies decided to jump on the band wagon and create small jigglers that could fit into a capsule in a gumball machine. The newest characters that I see are Uncle Scrooge and Bongo, the bear who appeared in Fun and Fancy Free. Both date to 1947.
You could fold the flexible rubber into a capsule and it would spring back good as new when the toy was removed.  Many of them are in the form of bizarre monsters, and those are the jigglers I am discussing today.

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