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For each of the 4 workouts (ABCD), you may substitute the primary workout with an appropriate replacement at the start of a new mesocycle. Another possible integration between Westside and Wendler’s would be to drop the heavy overhead pressing day, and instead, insert overhead pressing movements on your bench days. You may substitute squats with the box squat, front squat, squats with bands or chains, etc. You may substitute the deadlift with deficit deadlifts, rack pulls, deadlift with bands or chains, etc.
You may substitute overhead press with push press, overhead dumbbell press, rack press, etc. After completing each mesocycle, add 5 pounds to your 1RM total for bench press and overhead press, and 10 pounds to your squat and deadlift 1RM, and recalculate your percentages.

Please remember that this sample hybrid program is only an example, presented to get you thinking about the possibilities. If you workout three times per week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday), you will rotate between 4 core workouts. Over the course of a mesocycle, you will perform each of the 4 workouts four times, for a total of 16 workouts. Simply stated, you will have 4 bench press workouts, 4 squat workouts, 4 deadlift workouts, and 4 overhead press workouts.
The letter (ABCD) following the core workout is the corresponding wave that you will be performing on that training day.
Some trainees may be able to do both heavy squats and deadlifts on a single day, and then use the second posterior chain day of that week for dynamic effort (DE) work.

There are many ways to combine Westside and Wendler’s, and many reasons why someone would want to do so. If you workout 4 days per week, you will hit each workout once a week on the same training day.
Some may choose to do heavy Wendler squats with DE deadlifts, and heavy Wendler deadlifts with DE squats. It’s better to get the feel of a hybrid program, and then to add work, then it is to kill yourself and have to pull back on work.

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