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Looking at the history of preservation over the last 50+ years in this country, we have a clear understanding of where we started, what the driving force was behind such landmark legislation as the NHPA and how it aided in the successful salvation of so many historical treasures that we still enjoy today. In the last few months of being my own boss, I have gone on countless client interviews and submitted just as many proposals.
I hate to break it to you, but a reality in business is that you can’t do everything yourself.
I outsource a lot of little things in my business, and I especially leverage friends for help.
When you’re doing your research before implementing a new tool or service, what qualities do you value? This is extremely useful when you are looking for someone to outsource to or hire, since you can manage both your and their expectations. I urge you to use this trick whenever someone asks you for help or whenever you are looking to outsource a task. We’re approached on a daily basis with companies asking us what they should use as a promotional product.
When setting goals or objectives it really comes down to whether the campaign you are planning can achieve something that is measurable or not. Thinking about how and why your branded promotional products might be used by customers is crucial. As with any marketing activity, put yourself in the position of the customer, or prospective customer. It is important to maximise your budget and to make your investment in promotional products go as far as you possibly can.
Saving money is great, but remember; your brand is represented by the product you have purchased.
Depending on the product you have chosen, find out from your supplier what the limitations and capabilities are of the customisation process. If you lack the design skills, ask your supplier to help, or even pay someone to do it for you.
There is a good chance that the colours of your logo or imagery are quite important to you.
Take some time to discuss colours with your supplier and to make sure that you are getting what you expect to get. Spending your hard earned revenue on promotional products is something that should be taken very seriously. This entry was posted in Promotional Products and tagged Promotional Products on September 19, 2014 by AAC Wristbands and Promotional Products.
Working as the Creative Director in a print shop like Casey, I have been a first-hand witness to every kind of file submission known to man, from PDF to Publisher, created by every production method, from professional design firm to a friend with a Mac. Did you ever wonder why there were so many college courses for the Graphic Design trade, or what the point of an AA, BA or Masters degree in Graphic Design was?
If your current designer doesn’t know how to use the Adobe suite of tools, then their education may be in sore need of an update. The money you invest in newer software will more than pay for itself, and it will be one less headache on your plate.
Specializing in Visual Communication, Marketing, Social Media, Design (Print and Web), brainstorming, daydreaming, drinking coffee, doodling when I should be taking notes and (sometimes) dressing importantly. Wouldn’t it be great to have a building contractor build something fast, cheap and good. As a unique and reliable quality building contractor in Bali, Mr Trusted understands this and has found a balance that provides a standard that is high, value that is reasonable and affordable for us and our customers, and done in a timely fashion that ensures quality and value are not compromised. About usMr Trusted is a Balinese owned and operated property management, renovation and construction business that is dedicated to delivering on what we promise, in a way that is truly unique, honest and transparent.
The owners of Mr Trusted are Manorus Ambarita (Managing Partner) and Made Indrawan (Partner).
The Mr Trusted team’s extensive knowledge and experience of the unique challenges that could be faced when doing a property project in Bali will ensure you comfortably navigate the many pitfalls that could arise. Unlike a summary on a piece of paper, our detailed Free Written Quotes provide a line by line description of all materials, labour and project management costs.

To back up our Materials at Cost policy, we implemented a strict policy of supplying an itemised invoice and copies of all receipts for material purchased to complete your project. Whilst we are aware that mistakes can happen from time to time, we make every effort to do it right the first time. Value and Quality Driven Project ManagementExceptional project management is our specialty and where our years of experience shines through. To underpin delivery on our unique policies of Fixed Price Agreements, Materials at Cost, Itemised Bills and Receipts and Quality Assurance, our project management practices have a focus and commitment to purchase all materials at the lowest price possible. By taking advantage of our strong supplier relationships and contacts, all materials will be quoted and purchased at the lowest possible price and charged to you at the direct cost to us, thus saving you 20-40% on material costs compared to most other contractors. There's a fine balance between getting a project done right at a fair and affordable price that will stand the test of time, and paying either way too much or too little, and potentially ending up with more issues later.
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Some of those proposals have come back and turned into projects, but many of them have not. In the writing of that post I realized that it’s not just clients that need to be educated, but architects as well. Too many businesses come up with the idea for certain products (people write things down, let’s do pens!) without really considering what they are trying to achieve.
It is very hard to collect tangible results with the dissemination of promotional products. Producing something that is immediately thrown away or stored away for the foreseeable future is pointless, especially if the goal is to increase brand awareness. Ask yourself; will receiving this branded product be appreciated and will it enhance their opinion of your brand. If it is of inferior quality, poorly made or poorly printed, this is terrible for your brand. How much space can you take up, how many colours can you utilise, how complex can the artwork be?
As a manufacturer and printer of products, our biggest regret is seeing companies putting forward boring one colour artwork.
As such, you probably want the colour of your promotional products to match this very carefully, whether in production or print. There can be a considerable difference in shades of a colour, and this can also vary depending on the type of product involved and the method of printing. Graphic Design is a skilled trade that requires a formal education and years of experience to mold into a career. In fact, they’ll probably need Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, and if they manage your website, Dreamweaver, too.
Adobe has been the undisputed industry standard for Visual Communications since the very beginnings of desktop publishing in the late eighties, and this is even more true today as they’ve displaced former competitors such as Quark and Macromedia.
Unfortunately, there does come a point at which the money you save by using outdated software is completely overshadowed by the money you waste in additional charges, labor, unnecessary back and forth, workarounds and file conversions (not to mention lost customers).
I recommend you have a look at your workflow this week and find out if your getting the best value for your investment.
If you have any thoughts or questions about today’s topic, or if you want to learn more about how investing in software and skilled creatives can save you money, feel free to drop me a message in the comments box below or on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Contact Page. We achieve this through experience and strict policies deigned to ensure you get what you want, at an honest and fair price and with minimal complications.
Both are dedicated to not only achieving their business goals, but also exceptional quality, customer service and satisfaction. This enables you to see clearly what you’re paying for and make fair comparisons with other quotes you may be obtaining.
Unlike almost every other contractor in Indonesia, our strict Materials at Cost policy ensures you get what you pay for without large hidden margins being added to the cost of the project. This enable you to validate our quote is accurate and we adhering to our Materials at Cost policy. Simply because our detailed Written Guarantee of workmanship ensures you that any defects are rectified at our own expense.

It’s in both yours and our best interest to manage a project efficiently and effectively to ensure we meet your expectations, quality standards are met, and costs maintained within budget.
In part one I talked about the steps to signing a contract and what I think are the 3 essential steps in working through that part of the process. Too many companies plough ahead with promotional products that are not going to achieve the goals they set out to achieve. Businesses can get so caught up in trying to be cool and sexy that they forget most of their prospective customers are actually 58 year old middle managers (depending on the industry of course!).
Custom water bottles are increasingly popular, but may not be relevant to all target markets. When really they could be really pushing themselves and creating full colour, vibrant artwork that will promote their brand to much greater effect. Sure your cousin Joe may be handy with a hammer and know how to patch a hole in your wall, but would you want him to build your house?
It’s the difference between giving someone sugar to sweeten their tea, or giving them sugarcane. Both Mano and Made have had more than 10 years each of extensive experience in villa and property management, property renovation and construction and customer service. Inclusive of any labour and material necessary to do so where the material were deemed defective. You’re going to kill at least a few thousand trees just documenting your points for certification. And for an architect, and especially a residential architect, Home is something we think about a lot. Simply look at a comparable sales period before the use of promotional products and compare that to the period where promotional products were used. This will normally boil down to trying to enhance brand awareness, or trying to associate the brand with a particular feeling, or closely with a particular market. So in an effort to uncloak the hidden costs associated with designing on the cheap, I bring you this week’s Casey Connect. To keep that profit margin healthy, responsible businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs without compromising the value of their product or services, and one of the areas they often look to is creative services. Hiring a “design hobbyist” on the cheap will end up costing you in endless revisions, poorly setup files, and ineffective communication of your company’s message.
Sure you may already own an old copy of Publisher, PageMaker or Word, but using these tools will result in sub-par design and extra charges to fix the files for professional printing. This is because the real cost of materials, reasonable labour cost and the great value we deliver overall are clearly demonstrated. You only pay for the actual cost of materials purchased for your project (Often at wholesale prices). And not just because we’re always stuck in the office and hardly ever get to go there. Companies want to get the job done without breaking the bank, and creative services can be very expensive. The first two will result in expensive service charges, while the third can be a business killer. Therefore giving you clear visibility of every detail of your project and ensuring you get the quality and value you are seeking.
Unfortunately, investing too little in creative services can result in increased printing costs and adversely affect your profit margin — the exact opposite of your desired result.
Just because someone owns a Mac or has Photoshop installed on their computer, don’t mistake them for a designer. Without this, we could not achieve our goals of becoming the leader in end-to-end property services in Bali and delivering on your expectations.
Cheap can be an attribute of quality, whether in craftsmanship, durability or lasting value.

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