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If you don’t want to pay for a monthly gym membership – or just find it difficult to fit a gym session into your schedule – having one at home is an excellent alternative. To make your decision easier, we’ve put together a list of the most important factors when choosing a top rated spinning bike and listed them below. While it’s true that more expensive options often have more features and smoother performance, there are a number of high-quality products available for less than you might think.
Just like a regular bicycle, if the seat is uncomfortable a it’s going to be a chore to use. You may want to consider more expensive options often have more features, such as a water bottle holder.
Reviewers have mentioned that the seat on the Phoenix 98623 isn’t comfortable when riding for long periods of time. The main downside is that the flywheel only weighs 31lbs, which is lighter than we recommend. Spin bikes are one of the easiest ways to achieve a high intensity, fat burning workout without needing to leave the house.
If you are new to cycling turbo trainers read this hugely detailed guide which outlines all the different types of trainers and the pros & cons of each one. If you are looking for something where you can measure power output, cadence, and other importance metrics then you will want a higher-end trainer that outputs all sorts of data and statistics.
If money is no object and you simply want the best indoor cycling experience possibly then you will want to look at the Tacx i-Genius, CycleOps Powerbeam, Bkool Pro, Elite Real Axiom, or the Wahoo Kickr. It’s a tough choice, but any of the turbo trainer mentioned here will be fantastic for you.
The Road Machine ($379) comes with slotted standard skewer cradles and standard skewer and a promo code for a free month of TrainerRoad. Keeping the bike stable in such a good platform are the knobs, which thread on tight thanks to big, comfy knobs.
The bag is nice, too, and fits the wheel block, tire and other bits neatly for travel or storage.
I have the previous version of the Road Machine and my only complaint about it was the resistance unit tensioning knob, looks like they’ve made it much more comfortable. I got the InRide pod and it’s been working for structured power based indoor stuff quite well this winter. FWIW, the inRide pod is available separately if you already have a heart rate strap (chances are you do if you own a trainer, not so sure about the power meter though). I purchased a KK Road Machine in the fall for winter training, and it has been outstanding!
A week in review: Taipei Show goodies, NAHBS tonnage and new stuff from Troy Lee, EVOC & more!
TPE16: Praxis goes carbon, shows gravel ready micro-compact rings, chainguide and MUCH more! Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. You may also need to purchase a separate bike trainer tire, front wheel riser or climbing block, bike trainer skewer, or bike trainer mat.
This bike trainer is easy to set up and works just as well in your garage as it does in a dedicated exercise room. Find more Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Portable Exercise Bicycle Magnetic Stand information and reviews here.
Top 5 Best Affordable Folding BikesNeed a reliable bike that fits nicely into small spaces? If you’re looking for an easily portable bike trainer that can be folded up and stored away when not in use, this one is a good bet. Find more RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer information and reviews here.
Top 5 Best Affordable Electric BikesWhether you frequently commute to work or just want to leave some work up to the bike, an electric bike can be a great investment. Top 10 Best Recumbent Exercise BikesRecumbent exercise bikes make it easier to get in a quality workout without worrying about battling the elements or putting too much strain on your joints. Once you get the hang of these training bike rollers, you’ll enjoy a rewarding workout each time. Top 5 Best Thule Bike RacksThule bike racks are a solid choice if you need to transport one or more bikes. Top 5 Best Bike Roof RacksIf you're ready to invest in a roof rack for your bike, any of these models will be an excellent choice.
This bike trainer is a practical choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet solid trainer.
Find more Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand information and reviews here. This bike trainer is geared towards avid cyclists who need a bike trainer that can stand up to their serious indoor training demands. Top 10 Best Bicycle Racks for CarsFinding the right bike rack for your vehicle can be tough. You won’t have to worry about waking up housemates or neighbors with this ultra-quiet trainer. If you’re looking for a bike trainer with all the bells and whistles, this one delivers.
Top 10 Best Foam Rollers for Fitness and MassageTired of feeling sore and achy after a workout? If you find the thought of being stuck indoors on a stationary trainer unbearable, consider the Rock and Roll 2.0. If you’re seriously training for an upcoming competition or ride, also consider the Kinetic PRO Trainer Dual Fly-Wheel Trainer. Hit me up with any questions you might have for us and this is a great page for at home workouts to loose weight here. The BF620 is fitted with a thirty pound flywheel, which features a steel shell for durability and strength. Stages Cycling has increased its product offerings, adding indoor bikes to its already-popular line of crank-mounted power meters. The new SC Series bikes are a line of high-end indoor cycling bikes, which include an array of top-shelf features.
The CarbonGlyde drive system has an ultra low-tension design, making it more efficient, easier to adjust properly, and longer wearing. These features are paired with a Stages Power meter on the SC3 model, which sports Stages new rider-powered EcoSCRN console.
Handlebars mimic a real road bike versus the traditional bull horn bars found on many other indoor trainers.
ANT+ and Bluetooth communication allows data capture via ANT+ devices and directly to iOS and Android Bluetooth 4.0 mobile devices without any additional hardware.
The adjustment system for the handlebar and seat height takes 3 minutes or less, claims Stages.
Some nice features but like every other spin bike: setting your position on the bike is very limited.
Best Fitness home workout equipment is manufactured to the same high standards as those set by industry leader Body Solid.
And thanks to the secure straps on the foot pedals, you can ride as fast and hard as you want.
WEBSITE FOR SALE: This website and domain name are for sale, Click Here to email us if you are interested in buying. Spin bikes provide a low-impact, high-intensity workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home.
They are also useful for cyclists who want to maintain fitness during the cold winter months. This is good news for buyers, as more selection provides greater competition and a wider range of features. They range in price from as little as a few hundred dollars up to several thousand for gym-quality models.
When you stop pedaling, the flywheel continues rotating, which gives the sense of momentum. A flywheel of this weight should provide a smooth ride that feels more like riding on a road. Those without a freewheel perform similarly to fixed-gear bikes, and often provide a greater cardiovascular workout. Configuring it to match your height, reach and leg length provides a more efficient workout, and also helps to reduce the chance of repetitive strain injuries. Think about the metrics you want to track, such as heart rate, calories burned, distance and speed, and then choose one that provides these options. Many people also want one that comes with a stand for a phone or tablet, as this makes it easy to watch videos or other entertainment while training. Although it costs around $800, the excellent performance and durability make it worth every penny. It’s built with a 39.6 lbs flywheel for balanced and smooth performance, a quick stop brake and an adjustable seat post. Nelson” says that it provides the performance of much more expensive options and that it’s a durable model. The standout feature of the IC2 is its incremental resistance adjustment system, allowing you to increase resistance during your workout.

Reviewers say that it still feels smooth to ride though, and the lighter flywheel also keeps the price of the IC2 low considering its other features. They are relatively small compared with alternatives, such as elliptical machines or treadmills, and can provide a variety of different types of workout.
The most important is your budget, as the quality varies depending on how much you’re willing to pay.
If you want a portable  modelor one that can be put away when not being used, you may need to choose a model with a lighter flywheel.
It provides gym-level performance for less than $800, and the heavy 48lbs flywheel makes it one of the smoothest in its price range. You can pick up a top branded turbo trainer for around ?100, meaning you will get a solid and reliable machine from a brand you can trust. Some of you may be looking for the most road-like feel where pedalling indoors is just like pedalling on the open road, and if this is you the the simple answer is the LeMond Revolution Wind Turbo Trainer. While your at it you will want a trainer that hooks up with a laptop or smart device (phone or tablet) to display your data. All of these trainers are top-end, wireless, software controlled, and allow you to hook up to online races, ride virtual route, and get you as close to outdoor cycling as possible. Make sure you read out Ultimate Buyers Guide to Turbo Trainers, and also out Best Turbo Trainer 2015 review and our Best Cheap Cycle Turbo Trainer 2015 review. That creates a bedrock level of stiffness that kept it motionless whether I was trying to hit a 130 cadence or standing and draining every last drop of ATP from my legs sprinting for the virtual city limits.
Besides being quieter, the benefit of a fluid trainer is that the resistance scales up as you pedal harder.
Not only does it grip pretty well on the roller, but it’ll save your more expensive tires. The Riser Ring has four different wheel height settings and is far more elegant than the phone book we’d been using.
It’s held up to quite a bit of foot traffic (and sweat) in our office, which would make it worth the price.
The one downside is that when folded up and laid flat, the resistance unit could make contact with the frame and scratch it. The price is on high end of competing fluid trainers, but it comes with a larger stock flywheel than most, seemed a bit quieter than others I’ve tested and a good brand history to back it up. Kinetic makes a $170 Bluetooth-equipped InRide Watt Meter that combines a roller speed sensor and heart rate monitor to determine your power output, then display it all on your iOS device. The power feature is pretty bang on (I’ve compared it against a strain gauged power meter) and the speed sensor is accurate as well. Had I not had one I likely would have ponied up for the Wahoo Kickr instead of getting the power pod. Whether you’re an avid cyclist who needs to stay in shape for an upcoming competition or you just want an easy way to maintain fitness over the winter, a bike trainer can be just what you need. It also stands out for its superior durability, which includes a sturdy frame, robust material, and extra-wide legs. As the key to successfully riding on rollers is to pedal evenly while riding and balancing in a straight line, these rollers keep the mind and body engaged during the workout. A magnetic design and five internal resistance settings keeps you in control of the power you need for every workout. A fluid and progressive resistance ensures a more fulfilling workout and helps make this trainer quieter than many other magnetic trainers on the market. Despite offering over 800 watts of fluid resistance, this bike trainer doesn’t make much noise even during harder workouts.
This Kinetic trainer features a unique frame design for a more realistic feel, as your bike will move in a similar manner to your favorite road rides. There is a tension knob within easy reach to provide adjustment and find the perfect resistance for your work out.
The SC Series launches with two models: the flagship SC3, which includes a Stages Power meter, and the SC2, which is the same save for the inclusion of a power meter.
SprintShift is a dual-action resistance adjustment, which pairs a traditional micro-adjust dial with a three-position macro-adjust lever.
CarbonGlyde builds on the lack of maintenance offered by Gates Carbon Drive carbon belt, with a 5:1 gear ratio and high-inertia flywheel to provide a smooth, realistic ride quality. Visitors of the site regularly purchase gear to upgrade their bikes, share inspiring photos of rides, and keep up to date with the latest industry and technology news. Affordably priced and ergonomically designed to fit any household, Best Fitness machines are tested tough and proven effective for a slimmer waistline, defined chest, stronger back, well muscled arms and legs and healthy cardiovascular workouts.Shift your cardio training into high gear with the Best Fitness BFSB10 Indoor Cycling Trainer. Spinning has become a popular activity in recent years, mainly because it’s one of the fastest ways to burn calories.
The best ones usually have more adjustable settings, so you can setup them up to match your body’s proportions. Make sure you know exactly how much you’re willing to pay before you start looking, and then narrow down your options to those below your maximum price.
You should look for something that comes with adjustable handlebars, seat height and seat position.
It’s important to make sure that the seat is comfortable enough to ride regularly for extended periods of time. Some of the best features include a heavy 48 lbs flywheel for ultra-smooth performance, and an integrated LCD console displaying metrics such as distance, calories burned and speed. Once the machine is assembled though, the smoother performance is more than worth the extra effort. If you’re looking for a high-quality spin bike for a relatively low price, then the Phoenix 98623 is a great option.
We usually recommend replacing the seat of any new exercise bike, as a poor quality seat can greatly affect your motivation and comfort. The adjustable design of most models also means you can exercise comfortably and with a reduced chance of injury. You also need to consider factors such as the flywheel weight, number of adjustable settings and the complexity of the onboard computer. The SB700 also comes with a number of adjustable settings, including handlebar position, seat position and height. For example you may have a specific type of workout that is easier to do indoors such as sprint training that would be difficult to maintain outdoors due to traffic or lack of suitable roads.
These lower priced trainers are entry-level and generally have limited frills and simply allow you to hook you bike up and pedal, which to be honest is all a lot of us need. However, this is a more expensive option than some other similar(ish) trainers, and it is very loud. Their line was overhauled in 2013 to improve compatibility with larger (mountain bike) tires, improve fit and finish of the knobs, and pack them completely assembled so you can jump right on as soon as you open the box. The bag zips shut and has a front exterior pocket panel to hold all the little stuff separately and makes for very convenient transport even if the trainer itself is pretty heavy. A narrower base can make it so the trainer rocks a bit under extreme efforts, particularly for taller riders whose centers of gravity are higher, but not this one. Set that one first, then slide the driveside knob inward until it makes full but loose contact.
Depending on the design, the rate of resistance progression can vary, and this one seemed just right. They also sent their heavier Pro flywheel that attaches to the existing model to add about 12lbs, putting the total rotating mass at 18lb (8.16kg). But if your torture chamber sees less wear and tear, a much cheaper yoga mat would probably suffice.
And, because the resistance unit and flywheel are heavy and don’t sit centered in the frame when folded, it tends to want to fall over. But after cranking down on the knob so that the roller is firmly against the tire, I no longer have that problem.
I would still be using it except I’ve made it a point to commute by bike every day, and that gets me 34 miles round trip each day. The models have improved slightly with the new flywheel that can take the add-on bigger weight, slight change to the frame, and the new and improved knobs.
There’s a wide selection of products on the market, from affordable basic trainers to higher-end ones with the latest technology.
Don’t be fooled by the lower price tag, as this trainer features a reliable heavy duty construction. The aluminum drums help to build strength for those who are just beginning yet offer plenty of resistance for more advanced riders.
It’s also equipped with a fluid resistance unit that promises a consistent ride while keeping noise to a minimum. The trainer is compatible with most road and mountain bikes with 26-inch, 27-inch, and 700c tires.
There’s also a cadence sensor and magnet to give you real-time feedback while you ride. The bike trainer also forces you to maintain proper form as you ride, making it a cycling-specific workout trainer. It is well suited to beginners and more experienced spinners, providing a great work out for all. There is also an emergency brake system using friction pads for additional reassurance and safety. Additionally, the use of this material creates a more “real bike” experience when using the cycle. Most spin bikes and cycles require some form of assembly upon delivery.

The addition of the Stages Power measurement system enables riders to train indoors and outdoors with the same technology.
The BFSB10 lets you ride in the comfort and convenience of your own home, so you won’t have to deal with the unpredictability of outdoor terrain, rough weather, or nasty traffic. A spin bike should also be more stable, so that you can stand up and ride without being in danger of tipping over. This is made harder by the large number of poor-quality or overpriced options on the market.
If you’re serious about spinning and want to invest in a product that will last a long time, then the SB700 is an excellent option. Also there are times when you can just not get outside, either due to work commitments, lack of suitable roads close by (i.e. All turbo trainers make noise, but some aer louder than others, and the LeMond Revolution is one of the loudest. To get a full understanding of the different types of features out there check out the ultimate guide to turbo trainers here. The Bkool Pro offers comparable performance and features as the other top trainer here but comes in at about half the price, which is pretty astonishing. They make the Traxle thru axle adapter ($49), which we did not test but should work with any standard trainer and most bikes thanks to three different thread pitch options.
Its ramp seemed to mimic real world riding closely (they say it’s matched perfectly) and would get hard enough to simulate cranking up a hill when using a big gear combo. At least, not until TrainerRoad figure out the spin down calibration issues with the inRide. But it’s pretty mush the same super reliable, killer workout, Road Machine that has made these legendary.
You’ll find trainer stands as well as bike rollers, which can be tricky to master at first but provide a meaningful workout each time. As soon as you begin to pedal, a super-quiet internal magnet starts to generate resistance while keeping the overall noise level down. Another benefit is the sealed cartridge bearings, which ensure a smooth operation without too much background noise.
The durable steel frame stands up well over time and keeps the bike from wobbling or tipping during rides. An adjustable knob ensures a more specific fit while ensuring that you can effortlessly control the bike’s resistance from your handlebars. Serious riders appreciate having full control over training variables thanks to features such as control over watts from 300 to 1000 and slopes up to 10 percent when seated. The result is that you’ll need to continuously stabilize yourself using your core muscles without using excessive upper body movement. The handle bars and seat are fully adjustable to ensure the perfect positioning of the rider for maximum effectiveness and comfort during your work out. However, the Body Champ BF620 Indoor Cycle can be quickly and easily assembled with intuitive and effective instructions. FitLoc replaces the standard twist-to-lock pop-pin height adjustments with a new cam operated pop-pin, making fit adjustments for height faster and easier. You’ll also have the freedom to close your eyes and concentrate on your pedal cadence without crashing into a tree. Also, the Wahoo Kickr deserves highlighting because it is compatible with a lot of 3rd party software (including Bkool’s), meaning you can hook up the Kickr and take advantage of almost limitless GPS routes, virtual rides, and online races. That little lever lock system makes it much quicker and easier to get the bike into place compared to systems that have to thread all the way in and out.
The unit is completely sealed, coupled to the roller magnetically, so it shouldn’t ever leak. As you’re considering which trainer to purchase, keep in mind factors such as overall noise level and the amount of resistance each unit provides.
Cyclists appreciate the sturdy mounting clips, which hold the bike securely in place while reducing slippage. You can hook up just about any road or mountain bike with 26-inch, 27-inch, or 700c wheels. This frame has nine different settings and is compatible with nearly any type of wheelbase. Another bonus is the adjustable foot pads, which promote a safe and stable ride on a variety of surfaces. Despite its heavy frame, this bike trainer can be easily transported and stored when necessary. Another features is a fast clamping mechanism for a secure ride without the stressful setup. An efficient and reliable PowerTop technology promises accurate readings within 5 percent accuracy. The handlebars also have a foam covering that make it more comfortable for gripping.Magnetic ResistanceThere are twoA quarter-sized magnets on each side of the flywheel and an adjustment lever near the handlebars that controls the position of the magnets.
This is a huge plus point for anyone who has experienced the frustration of assembling equipment with inadequate instructions and complicated designs. The training bike is outfitted with such features as quick-change tension controls that help simulate hills and valleys, along with a precision flywheel that generates a smooth ride at all tension settings. Oh, and the Kickr is a direct-drive trainer that means you don’t wear out your bikes tyres (or need to buy a special trainer tyre).
The trainer is also quiet, making it easy to use in a smaller living space without waking others up. One unique feature of this CycleOps trainer is that it uses hydraulic fluid instead of magnetic or mechanical resistance.
This Kinetic trainer features a resistance range from 5 to 3,000 watts and fits bikes with wheels ranging from 22 to 29 inches. The seat and handlebars are also fully adjustable, with 15 vertical seat settings and seven vertical handlebar adjustments. It has a much more accurate simulation of ascending a hill instead of just pulling your brake lever in halfway.Smooth Resistance ShifterMany indoor cycles have a resistance tension knob that you turn to increase or decrease resistance.
The Keiser M3, on the other hand, recognizes that the guesswork involved with a tension knob is less than ideal.
This not only has more aesthetic appeal than conventional seat adjustment sliders but also allows the position of the saddle to be perfectly fine tuned to suit the exact requirements of the rider. This makes the BF620 a perfect choice for households with more than one rider, since the adjustment is easy and allows you to quickly find your perfect riding position. This holder is just a bowed resting place for your water bottle that is tilted so that gravity can keep it resting there. The stem also features a plastic covering to increase the aesthetic appeal and prevents you from seeing welded bare metal when the cycle is in use. The main disadvantage of the BF620 is the weight of the cycle. The cycle is made of solid construction, this does mean that it is more weighty than some other models. You just want the ball of your foot on the pedal and halfway inside the cage.Virtually Maintenance FreeKeiser has build this cycle from the ground up to combine strength with simplicity, so, other than regular wipe downs after workouts, there is virtually no maintenance required. However, this weight does provide a great reassurance of a solid construction which feels that it is built to last. The magnetic resistance helps with this because theA parts are not actually touching each other. The stem for the handlebar and the seat post are also made rounded to complement the aesthetic and create a complete package look. The BF620 from Body Champ does represent a great option as a spin bike. For athletes focusing on training leg speed, cadence is a very useful measurement to have right in front of your eyes.
The rounded tube frame creates an attractive aesthetic which looks more elegant and expensive than many other models in the same price range.
The seat is comfortable and easily adjustable to ensure that you can obtain your ideal riding position for comfort and performance. If you use this bike for classes, it will keep track of your average so you can steadily improve. It also has a backlight that gauges the amount of light in the room and adjusts its brightness accordingly. Each rider can achieve their ideal seat position without the need for constant adjustment as you are trying to ride. For those competitive or recreational riders that just want something to ride on in the winter, this is a great bike to make it feel like you never left the road.Consumers also comment on its ease of assembly, its low maintenance, and its silent operation. Therefore, more petite riders may have a difficult time riding without locking out the arms.
This is an expensive piece of equipment and it will wholly depend on what you want and need in an indoor cycle trainer. Some people complain it’s far too much money and othersA say you get exactly what you pay for. But if you want a professional, sturdy, durable, smooth-riding, low maintenance, superA quiet cycle trainer with all the tracking capabilities you could ask for, get the Keiser M3 with the computer.

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