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Hi, my name is Kathy Helmuth and I am excited to share a wonderful new program that you can now offer at your club or studio – Parkinson’s Indoor Cycling.
As group cycling instructors, we try to educate and encourage success in our indoor group cycling classes. Parkinson’s Disease can rob a person of smell, facial expression, movement, and flexibility. After riding a few classes being coached at the proper intensity and cadence, that individual may no longer need a cane or walker. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to help these Parkinson’s individuals feel better and move through their daily activities with greater ease. Coached correctly, Tabata is a proven method of increasing cardiovascular fitness and raise an athlete’s VO2 Max.
Schwinn Indoor Cycling  and RealRyder Indoor Cycling are offering Instructor certification at the IDEA World Fitness Conference in Anaheim, California. Here’s the link to register for the RealRyder certification and for more information.
OFFICIAL HOST SITES: Locations across the USA are joining the Conference remotely-simulcast with a combination of our live certified instructors supporting and leading workouts. Many independent Indoor Cycling Studios hire Instructors as independent contractors, not as actual employees. Mad Dogg Athletics is hosting a Spinning® Instructor Orientation in Los Angeles, CA as part of the MINDBODY FitPro conference September 26th. Become one of the world’s most sought-after fitness instructors—a certified Spinning® Instructor.
Registration fee includes the Spinning Instructor Manual, SPIN membership and a certificate of completion. Schwinn doesn’t enforce the same restrictions on clubs who use their Performance AC indoor cycles. If you choose the online certification route I’d direct you to either Cycling Fusion or Team ICG.

With the weather so crappy this weekend she planned to spend Sunday completing both programs so you can continue to teach at Life Time Fitness. Before she purchased the ACE courses I suggested she check what the Indoor Cycling Group ICG was offering. You’ll need to scroll down the page and click ICG Continuing Education Credits banner to see each course description.
In reality, indoor trainer rides are important year round if you are serious about improving speed, strength, muscular endurance and power. Plan the night before what your goal and purpose of the sessions will be and stage your area (nutrition, shorts, etc.).
Oh and remember, set up a fan (or not) but bring a towel with you to your trainer sessions - you will need it. We see those moments of achievement and we are excited for the participants who have reached their goals. A person with Parkinson’s Disease comes into your indoor cycling class using a cane or a walker.
In my interview with Sharon in the video above, she says that the pedaling class makes her “feel normal….like everyone else”. Unfortunately there’s a lot of miss-use of Tabata and this certification is designed to have Instructors teaching it properly. Many of us have questions about this so I’ve posted an interview with an insurance company representative linked above.
It won’t do you any good to complete an online certification, only to find out you needed something different. The studio’s agreement with Mad Dogg Athletics (the owner of the Spinning Brand) is that every Instructor who teaches there will have a Spin® certification.
Clubs that use the Schwinn bikes may want you to go through their certification so you have an  understanding of teaching with power and using the MPower Console. Both offer very comprehensive training programs and should be acceptable to any studio that doesn’t specify where you need to be trained before they will hire you.

In the Parkinson’s Cycling Coach classes, those moments of achievement are multiplied by 10. He or she registers for the program, completes the necessary paperwork, and goes through the initial testing. After a few Parkinson’s Cycling classes, that individual can now able to smell and taste those delicious cookies.
This high-impact, one-day, seven-hour education and workout event is co- presented by Heart Zones USA and Cycling Fusion.
If you are an indoor cycling instructor, group X instructor, coach, PE teacher, athlete, or fitness enthusiasts you are encouraged to participate too. Topics include bike setup, the five core movements, three hand positions, choosing music, creating a 40-minute Spinning journey, safety considerations, teaching techniques, Spinning philosophy, heart rate training and a three-phase instructor training program. The 2014 Conference includes workshops, workouts, discussion groups, keynote presentations, live and digital workouts, and more. After completing this orientation, you will be qualified to teach the Spinning program at any official Spinning center throughout the world. Certification will be awarded after completing the self-paced instructor training program and successfully passing the assessment. Please bring a heart rate monitor, water bottle, energy food, towel, clothes for two rides, bike shorts, stiff-soled shoes and a pen or pencil.

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