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Inspired by the indoor cycling studios in Los Angeles, three siblings have opened CruCycle, Singapore’s very own comprehensive spin studio.
Indoor cycling has become a hit back in America, with celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham seen pedaling away in spin studios. A spin class at CruCycle consists of 50 minutes of cycling and works out body, mind and soul. Special spin shoes are provided at the start of each class, eliminating the hassle of having to bring a pair of workout shoes. Indoor cycling, or Spinning classes, usually involves an instructor bringing you through simulated interval routines designed similar to outdoor terrain and situations. Having the control over the intensity level to match your fitness level, you don’t have to worry about being left behind from your group of friends.
7Cycle is Singapore’s and Southeast Asia’s first independent and boutique indoor cycling studio.  Located in the heart of the CBD within the historic Telok Ayer district, 7Cycle is housed in the 3-storey heritage shophouse on Boon Tat Street. Signature 7Cycle is a full body workout on a bike, utilizing hand weights and fresh core-focused choreography in addition to cardio intervals.
7Cycle Bootcamp is a 35-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that combines interval training on the bike with body weight, plyometric and functional exercises on the floor. All 7Cycle classes come with personal performance measurement.  Riders have web-based access to their entire performance history, allowing them to compete with themselves (and each other) over time. Spinning Quest Studio officially launched on the 1st Of May 2014 and is the first RPM cycling studio in Singapore! At Spinning Quest, audio and visual are uniquely synchronized to create an rpm experience like no other! Choose from 10 session pack, 15 session pack, 20 session pack and lastly Avid cyclist pack. Fitness gyms also have their indoor cycling corner to get some kickass workouts on the bike.
Virgin Active Raffles Place is one of the biggest fitness clubs in Singapore, spanning 33,000 square feet across three levels at One Raffles Place, right in the heart of the CBD district. The Cycle Studio at Virgin Active offers a one-of-a-kind riding experience with an immersive audio visual experience – the computer generated animation interacts with the music’s pulsating beat, bringing spinning to a new high. From martial arts, yoga, healthy food, to organic skincare and detox, Janice engages in an active and healthy lifestyle to keep her in the pink of health.
How effective is indoor equipment; indoor focused sessions in a cyclist’s training arsenal?
Trainers, gym instructors, your mum always pipe on about the benefits of cycling indoors – its good for the legs, its safe, it allows you to bring your girlfriend down to the gym on a Sunday. An increasing number of triathletes are choosing to do most of their bike training indoors year-round. Well I suppose you can do a warm-up on rollers….advantages of a cycling trainer compared to rollers later in the post! We understand that not everyone has a team of experts, but you can do a bit of data geek-ery yourself.
And if anyone witnessed the 2012 Olympic cycling documentaries you can see Chris Hoy putting this to full effect on the indoor bike at 8 seconds on this dodgy youtube video – anyone know where I can get the original copy?!!? Having a variety of indoor sessions is always a good idea, especially if it’s raining or icy on the roads.
There was even an piece on Geraint Thomas, double Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist, in Yahoo on maximizing your time inside.
Like many endurance riders Thomas knows that whilst pros earn their living on racing outdoors, riding indoors is the staple of any training regimen.

Tour de France cyclists note that some of the best attributes of cycling indoors include – perfecting riding position, focusing on intense efforts, adding variety to each session, setting training targets and enjoying distractions (a big fan of that one with this Deca Ironman training!).
Guarantee the Olympic Gold medalist rower James Cracknell did lots of indoor cycling for his host of outdoor cycling challenges!
So if you are a keen cyclist and your local gym is only going to offer a few spin bikes to do this type of training.
Glad you like it – no doubt there will be lots of grammar errors, doing it with lunch on my lap is not the best way to stay concentrated!
Tells me I am doing something right despite what other say about how bad or boring it might by.
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Our coaches implement the Shane Sutton Method which is a proprietary, easy-to-use, world class training protocol suitable for all levels.
From beginner to elite athlete, we help riders of all levels learn to utilize power based training to get quick results. Our cycling coaches include national level age group triathletes, regular bike racers and ex pro peloton riders. Our coaches have represented at national and international level and have won their fair share of podiums. Now, those who wish to hop on a stationary bike and work up a sweat can do so with CruCycle, the newly-opened indoor cycling studio situated at Duxton Road. Friends are encouraged to work out together and class instructors, also known as pack leaders, foster teamwork and spread positive energy to the riders.
There are also shower rooms, amenities and lockers for freshening up, and fruits are available for a post-workout snack. Combined with music and visuals, a common 45-minute spinning class can burn up to about 500 calories.
Besides being able to measure your heart rate, spinning also helps to tone your leg muscles and work your body with different movements. Each console displays your resistance, speed and power output to gauge your performance at all times.
The uniqueness of these plans are members have the flexibility to plan their workout for the whole entire month ahead! Virgin Active offers state-of-the-art equipment along with a comprehensive group exercise program that offers over 150 classes weekly. Classes include freestyle cycling and RPM™ (a Les Mills™ program), an indoor cycling workout where the team coach leads the pack through hills, flats and mountain peaks to burn heaps of calories. As a mass communication graduate, she enjoys reading and is always curious and explores new things in the health scene. That’s right not just in the heart of winter, or during the April showers but right throughout their training schedule year round. Oh yeah and she has been crowned both ITU short course World Champion and ITU long course World Champion – a feat accomplished by only a select few women. He famously had an altitude tent built into his house around his cycling trainer in the lead up to the attempt, quite a revolution for indoor cycling at the time. Personally I take this guy’s word as gospel – did you see he broke a bone in his pelvis on only day two and still helped to lead Chris Froome to victory in the Tour de France? The fact is these are extremely intense and extremely focused workouts, which are highly structured to meet their training goals.
It could be that I gravitate towards that because of my background in swimming where it’s a very controlled environment.

I put on a good movie and go on my long days along with having a Roku connected so I can chose another movie on the go. We provide real bikes (not spin bikes), in a convenient location, with the very best coaches.
Combine nasty riding conditions (dust, wind, mud, rain), tough terrain (short, rolling hills, the ubiquitous cobblestones), and massive distances (upwards of 200km) and you get a special breed of cycle races that can be won only by a special breed of cyclists.
These replicate a real road bike with proper groupsets, cranks and thus replicating your correct riding position.
Our Shane Sutton Method are the same sessions that the pros ride enabling you to push yourself to your limits but also know that you are improving with every visit. If you use Strava or Trainingpeaks we can automatically upload your sessions to your account. They will work with you to get the results you are looking for, from weight loss, improving your fitness, race preparation and much more. We can help you train on and off the bike to prepare for any race, from your first enticer to qualifiers.
The upbeat music selection and futuristic lighting set the mood for an intense yet rewarding spin session.
For the Avid cyclist pack, members can conceive an unlimited of classes for three months based on per session a day!
It is also the only fitness club in Singapore to have a Relax and Recovery Zone that provides a full steam, ice and shower experience as well as a salt inhalation room, offering a holistic and innovative approach to fitness and wellbeing. Janice started her yoga journey in 2012 to relieve stress and to calm her mind from the daily stresses of life. These trainers have adjustable resistance, and you can change the resistance by adjusting your gears.
We have sessions specifically set up in the Lab that will ensure you get the best opportunity to train hard towards these events.
Just like cycling, this workout will go through intervals with high and low intensity, just like how it would be when you are cycling outdoors. She believes that with a clear mind, then you will be able to focus on tasks that you are doing; and that's where yoga comes in. Our proprietary hardware was developed for Olympic Athletes and our electronics have accurate, repeatable power measurement whilst adjusting rear wheel load 100 times per second to exactly replicate rolling road feel. All our data can be compared to any real ride so you can compare wattage, cadence and time in the saddle to any of your rides outside.
Riders can let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.
The benefit of using your road bike indoors is that you practice in exactly the same position you would use while riding outdoors.
After interval workouts on the rollers I am soaked in sweat and exhausted simply a great workout.
Comparing this equipment to rollers, the latter tends to offer less resistance than a cycling trainer and there is always the possibility of falling off the rollers as balance is necessary – not great when you are training to raise your FTP and cram in a beastly hour session at lunchtime! I’m a big fan of riding indoors and now use RAD+ a software product that calculates my power and displays it on my computer while I ride!

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