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A stationary bike trainer is a useful tool, but like any tool, it only helps if you use it the right way.
Yes, you can sketch out your own interval plan and set up a playlist on your iPod to match your workout. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you’ve already discovered the fitness benefits of cycling but don’t want to go out in abysmal weather then why not buy the Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand to help transform your bike into an indoor exercise bike?
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Constructed of heavy duty materials, the extra wide frame snaps into place to provide a secure and stable base to support the bike and rider during training. Adjustable and locking mounting cups coupled with the provided mounting skewer create an environment where slipping is reduced and proper contact is maintained. A single knob allows the adjustment of the progressive magnetic resistance wheel allowing the rider to adjust the equipment to fully adhere to their own personal bike. The indoor bicycling trainer is compatible with 26, 27, and 700c bicycles that have a quick release rear wheel system. Cycling is more than a sport to those who partake and is often considered to be a way of life that provides many with the satisfaction of speed, endurance, and freedom.
AvailableAvailable items ship between 2 days to 15 days.CBO in Central CA, has hundreds of direct fulfillment partners with the fastest possible restock delivery times in the US.For 30 years, we have been the best at sourcing in the US, so we will find and supply many items the competition just can't deliver! Jet Black, Giant, Overdrive, Cycleops, Schwinn, Outback, Elite, Tacx, Koolatron, Kurt - Kinetic, 1up, Bell, Blackburn, Minoura and Forza. A Stationary Bicycle Stand is equipment designed to accomodate the needs of cyclists who choose to ride their bicycle indoors. Basically, by hooking up your regular bike to the hard frame, it is transformed into an indoor bike trainer. Exercise and multi-task - ie watch TV, babysit, talk on the phone, listen to music, play video games or read.
However, the more basic bicycle trainers rely on you changing your gears to vary resistance.

Are often much cheaper than shelling out for a new exercise-bike - although only if you already have a bike that you can use. Provide the opportunity to cycle day or night - in a safe, controlled, weather-free environment.
Terrific for testing - under pressure - any mechanical adjustments or new additions that you have made to your bike.
Help injured riders with rehabilitation exercises and being able to return to cycling at their own pace - for example when they tire or find that they are in pain then they can simply stop. Mean that when you breakdown or are injured, there isn't far to go to get home and to get help. Help cyclists with building their cardio fitness, strength, speed, flexibility and refining their riding techniques and strategies.
Require trainer tires to be taken off and swapped for road tires every time you want to go for an external ride. Requires your roadbike's cyclometer-sensor to be transfered over from the front tire to the back wheel, because the front tire doesn't rotate on an indoor bicycle trainer.
Welcome back cold weather!  It is always refreshing to revisit the cold months each year.  Why you might ask? Cooler operating temperature delivers long-lasting performance and stable progressive power. Self-cooling mechanisms, including a patented fan design, keep the unit performing better, longer. Exclusive Power Band technology offers the widest resistance range without ever touching the unit. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc.
Here, James Herrera, MS, founder and owner of elite coaching program Performance Driven, USA national BMX team coach, and the man behind the training plans in Ride Your Way Lean, shares five keys to keep your indoor rides engaging (and beneficial), instead of draining.
After your warmup, do sets of 1.5- to 3-minute intervals of the hardest effort you can sustain for that length of time. The effort level here isn’t eye-popping, more in the 80% to 85% effort range, but you sustain it for five minutes or more at a time.

This stand uses a state of the art magnet system to provide progressive magnetic resistance meaning that the resistance increases as the speed increases. Weighing in at only twenty pounds, the unit is also easily transported for training wherever you need it. The included quick release skewer works with this rear wheel system, securing the bike to the trainer. As such, many riders take their training seriously and what better way to ensure that nothing stands between you and your training than an indoor bicycling trainer. Time may vary by item, and we will notify you if items are not shipped within this timeframe. An avid cyclist for more than half his life, Jesse rides competitively in regional road, mountain and cyclocross events. The stand folds down easily for travel and storage and is designed to remain quiet while being used. To get good, you have to put in the time and to put in the time, you have to venture out into the urban environment or rural back roads to hone your skills. Giving riders the ability to take total control of their training is what this unit is all about.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. Try for a 10-minute warmup, then go for four or five 8-minute intervals at that 80% to 85% effort. But what if you don’t live in the picturesque hills of the north east or the long straight-aways of the Midwest? These slightly longer intervals build threshold power—good for short climbs and attacking off the front.
This indoor bicycling trainer provides the answer to these questions and an avenue for cyclists to maintain and improve their endurance even when riding outdoors is less than appealing.

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