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This is an interval training, fast twitch muscle development program which is very efficient and effective.
Finding a cardio machine that works almost all muscle groups while being easy on the joints can be a little tricky.
Indoor rowers are low cost, gym-quality equipment which provide you with a challeging total cardio workout without leaving home. But with so many rowing machine models on sale, buying the one that best fits your needs is not as easy as you might think. Besides the high intensity cardio workout, rowing is also a great exercise for building muscle strength.
Indoor rowing machines come in 4 different build types, depending on the resistance or damper mechanism. Air rowing machines use fanlike blades on the flywheel to provide resistance when working out. Because the resistance adjusts to your stroke rate, you have full control over the intensity of your cardio workout. Water resistance rowers come with an enclosed water container and revolving paddles which generate the resistance. Water rowing machines are quieter(there is a wave-like whoosh which water rower users enjoy) than air rowers and people seem to think that they better replicate the feel of rowing on water.
The piston resistance rowing machines consist of 2 hydraulic pistons each attached to an oar(the flywheel is replaced either by 2 oars or by a handle bar). A rowing machines will provide you with a great workout which can be easily adjusted to meet your personal goal.
As you can see in the image below, rowing machine workouts engage almost all of your muscle groups. Steady rowing is a relaxed pace workout — no faster than 18 to 24 strokes per minute. With the interval training workout you mix up a high intensity session with a low intensity one, 1 to 2 minutes each. What this does, it allows you to train for a longer period of time, and it also maintains your hear rate in the fat burning zone. Also you can row for a predetermined time period(2 to 3 minutes tops) at your maxim stroke rate and record the covered distance. The benefits you get from rowing workouts are probably the reason why so many professionals call the rowing machine the calorie-burning king. To help you with choosing and buying the rower that best fits your needs, here are our reviews of some of the top rowing machine models available right now.
Our Signature Series, created by Fit Express the parent company of Fluid Interval Training, is our most simple and streamlined yet most advanced line of hydraulic fitness equipment yet. The equipment is perfect for senior centers, retirement homes, wellness or recreational centers, physical therapy rehabilitation, and more because of our equipment’s unbeatable versatility, user and age friendliness, innovative design, fun and quick workout, and natural fluid functionality making it easy to use by anyone.
Known as a pioneer in the fitness industry for their innovative design style, Fit Express has stepped up yet once again and created their most stunning and advanced series ever. Hydraulic exercise resistance is a different form of resistance that uses hydraulic pistons to provide resistance (instead of weight.. Since there is resistance on both the push and pull side of each exercise, each piece of exercise equipment is therefor two different opposing muscle groups working almost simultaneously! Many additional benefits to seniors exist because there isn’t a weight-based lever pulley system. Seniors and people with conditions such as arthritis or other joint and muscle injuries can use the equipment with ease because movement is smooth and never requires you to exceed a weight or range of motion than you are safely and comfortably capable of.
The risk of injury, inability to properly use the equipment, intimidation, muscle soreness, and joint pain commonly associated with resistance exercise are among the top reasons senior citizens cite why they don’t do resistance exercise. In order to make it easy for gyms, retirement communities and wellness center owners to start taking advantage of their equipment Fit Express developed the Fluid Interval Training system which consists of a variety of custom circuit training and group personal training programs. Because hydraulic exercise equipment doesn’t have weight stacks and large lever and pulley systems associated with it, less space and lower maintenance is required than conventional commercial gym equipment. Fit Express' Hydraulic Fitness Equipment was designed from the outset to meet the needs of people who find conventional commercial fitness equipment either unappealing or intimidating.
No eccentric load nearly eliminating DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which is a major detriment to seniors. An additional reason you should use hydraulic exercise equipment in your senior-targeted facility is that it can easily be incorporated in accommodating another need that seniors have—social interaction.
The Fit Express hydraulic senior exercise equipment system removes all the common barriers to exercise and sets the stage for a positive exercise experience. The FIT™ Fluid Interval Training System is an exercise program developed by Fit Express that can be used with our hydraulic fitness equipment. Keep in mind our training program and turn-key package are just optional supplements we've provided as a courtesy to you.
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Get your heart rate in the target zone and receive cardio, strength and flexibility training at the same time.
Along with these 4 types, there are also folding and stationary rowers, both being very easy to move around in your home gym.
Same as the air rowing machine the resistance adjusts to your stroke rate, but it can also be manually adjusted by adding or removing water from the container.
The piston resistance rower is the smallest among the 4 build types and it’s also the cheapest. Depending on the rower model, the resistance can be adjusted using a mechanical slider or from a digital panel. That being said, whatever your goal is, there is a specific rowing machine workout to help you achieve it. And the best part is that, although these are fairly high intensity exercises, the impact on your joints is extremely low.
Fox example, you start your routine at a high stroke rate(~30 strokes per minute) and keep it up for let’s say one minute, then you switch to a lower stroke rate(~20 strokes per minute) for the same duration. This new line works alongside our custom FIT (Fluid Interval Training) workout (provided at no cost) and gives everyone from seniors to experienced fitness enthusiasts a quick and efficient hybrid combination cardio and strength workout. They've now perfected their frame design by building the frame out of laser-cut sheet metal panels in parallel to 'hide' the mechanics inside, for both safety and appearance, in addition to enabling the equipment to have tremendous racking strength.
To get an understanding of how this works in action, picture a standard chest press machine. This is good for the user because you get a well-balanced workout, increase the cardiovascular component of your workout, and cut your time in the gym in half.
Women's gyms such as Curves® all over the world use hydraulic equipment because of how easy it is to do group circuit training with it. This allows you to strengthen your muscles without putting any undue stress on your joints.
Fit Express seeks to change this by using their hydraulic fitness equipment to make a significant advancement towards obesity and health among the rapidly growing Baby Boomer population, as well as those with joint, muscle, and other special conditions. This type of exercising lends itself well since the equipment has the ability to quickly and safely accommodate any user regardless of their current fitness level or exercise goals. It also requires minimal supervision, and comes with Fit Express’ industry leading warranty. This led to a line of fluid resistance machines that fully accommodate any user no matter what their condition. When considering exercise equipment for seniors, safety is of extreme importance to this population since many have preexisting conditions. This can be slowed and in many cases reversed through proper nutrition and regular exercise. They want to maintain strength, but traditional strength exercise can be tough on joints, especially for those experiencing arthritis. Seniors find cardio training boring because it leaves out any opportunity for interaction which is important for many who have little of this in their lives. This non-impact, simple circuit training provides a total body cardio and strength routine that accommodates any senior exercise fitness level. Baby boomers and seniors love it because of the unparalleled safety, comfort, social connectivity, and exercise versatility. You can buy our innovative and industry-leading hydraulic exercise equipment DIRECT and use it in your gym or facility however you like! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

You may also choose to use the "keyword search" function to find out the products you are looking for. It is an idea equipment that is applied to the biochemistry, hospital, and the separation of particles of blood serum, plasma, and carbamide. Flexibility, as well as ARO’s renowned reliability is essential in the workshop environment, and this range has been perfectly adapted to be both multi-functional and cost-effective. You’ll also find out about the benefits of using a rowing machine, how to use it properly and the different construction types. Later on as your skill progresses you can use this workout technique for warming up before a more challenging training session. My tip here is to have a strong start, with a high stroke rate for the first half and then try to keep up the same stroke rate for the second half of the distance. The equipment's extreme versatility is able to safely accommodate the needs of an 80 year old woman with arthritis but challenging enough for a young fitness enthusiast with just a few simple clicks of a dial. The equipment is ensured for longevity and built with industrial grade bearings in the high stress areas and tailored with high-quality double stitched vinyl zippered for quick change out.
It’s good for the gym owner since they have to buy half as many machines, or they can now accommodate twice as many users for the same price. We've been around since 1998 and have furnished well over 4,000 machines in over 30 countries.
In addition, the absence of an eccentric load nearly eliminates DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).
Relieving stress, monitoring health and preventing disease are areas of much concern for senior citizens. There is also the risk of injury with any system using an eccentric phase to the movement, common with conventional strength exercise. Aerobic classes provide a group atmosphere, but cannot accommodate various fitness levels effectively nor do they allow for interaction. Gentle, yet as challenging as one wants to make it, the FIT™ program provides cardio and strength benefits in a remarkably time efficient solution.
Due to the use of new sheet metal grades, as well as new assembly techniques for the various bodywork elements, welding stations must supply more and more power. The Signature Series, the newest and most advanced line offered by Fit Express, offers a safer, quicker, easier, cost-effective, space-saving, and more natural alternative to conventional weight-based commercial fitness equipment. The frame and upholstery colors are completely customizable CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR COLOR CHART.
Since you’re able to control not only the resistance but also the speed with which you go through the movements in either direction, you can quickly, easily, and simultaneously customize your strength, power, speed, and cardiovascular workouts. Because the arm has no set levers for pulleys, range of motion is also no longer an issue for use for people with poor flexibility. Unlike most resistance machines that work against the user, our fluid machines work ‘with the user' providing resistance only when they move the exercise arm. FIT™ can be likened to swimming in most respects with the added bonus of being able to stabilize joints and have better muscle control. They understand the importance of improving their lifestyle, but in many cases their options are limited. Soreness is also an initial side effect of using conventional equipment at a senior fitness center. In addition, as a supplement to help owners add hydraulic exercise equipment we've also created the FitExpress® 12-26 Station FITT Circuit Turn-Key Boomer Solution to get you everything you need and get you going in no time. For this purpose ARO has developed a complete range of efficient, maintainable and easy to use welding equipment. But unlike conventional weight-bearing machines, the second part of the movement would not be lowering the already-lifted weight, but rather it would be an entirely new movement that consists of pulling the weight back towards you! It's actually extremely safe—much safer than any other type of commercial exercise equipment! Our hydraulic exercise equipment is fluid-based and has no eccentric phase so it is extremely easy on joints and greatly reduces soreness. But since there is no weight-bearing pulley system pushing against you, you can just stop the arm at any point within either direction of the movement and resistance goes to zero! The absence of eccentric loads nearly eliminates DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which is a deterrent to most older adults. This was above losing the ability to take care of oneself at 70%, losing mental abilities at 69%, and running out of money at 60%. The solution is incorporate your senior's facility with high quality Fit Express exercise equipment! This will change every preconceived notion users’ have about resistance exercise and offer a new, unique, and limitless potential that both current exercisers can add to their program while also enabling populations with previous limitations to be able to utilize resistance training where they were once unable or hesitant to.

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