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How does using an elliptical compare against a treadmill and other similar cardio exercises? Physical exercise can be grouped into 3 different types based on the kind of changes it makes to your body. Flexibility is also determined by a key factor, which you can change; the length of your muscles that surround your joint(s). As you age you will generally become less flexible, this is caused by a combination of joint deterioration and shrinkage of muscle from lack of usage. Aerobic exercise otherwise known as Cardio, is movement performed at the relatively low intensity of 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. Increasing the number of red blood cells in your body, these transport oxygen to your muscles, so the more red blood cells you have the more you can work your muscles harder and for longer. Increased speed of your muscles’ aerobic metabolism, meaning a larger percentage of your energy during intense exercise is generated aerobically.
Your body is built in such a way that performing aerobic exercise improves your ability to perform aerobic exercise. This means you will not stay in anaerobic exercise mode for long at any one period, typically from a mater of seconds up to 3 minutes, after that your body will move back into aerobic mode. Stretching is often performed before any of these exercises, which can increase flexibility, for example during the course of a martial arts class stretching is often performed. When using the elliptical machine you are driving with both your arms and legs, engaging your shoulders and hips and then using your core muscles stability, this give you a full body workout. A good circuit training session will be specifically designed to focus on different muscle groups, so as you complete the circuit you will be working all the major body areas. In a martial arts class you focus on different body areas as you perform different techniques. Rowing is a full body exercise, simultaneously pushing out with your legs and pulling with your arms engages all those muscles as well as your core for stability. During a running session you will be working your hips and legs and relying on your core for balance and stability. Depending on the stroke being used you can focus your swimming muscles on one area more than another but in general swimming is a good all round body exercise, engaging your shoulders and arms to pull you through the water, your hips and legs to push you and your core muscles to keep your body flat and streamlined in the water.
Walking similar to running will primarily be focusing on your hips and leg muscles, while also using your core for balance and stability. Here’s a comparison of the calories burned during performing all the aerobic exercises from above. Now you can see the number of attainable calories burned through one hour of aerobic exercise is broadly similar, so it now becomes a decision about which one works best for you.
Here’s a look at how the relative prices of the exercises compare against each other, both taking the budget approach to each and the deluxe approach to each. So in summary; we looked at the areas of the body which will be worked by an elliptical vs treadmill or other exercise types, we found using an elliptical machine will work your whole body, as would Zumba, martial arts, circuit training, rowing and swimming, whereas cycling,  or using a treadmill for running or walking will only work your legs, hips and core. You could expect to burn a similar number of calories with an elliptical machine as rowing or cycling, more calories than walking or starting martial arts and slightly less than running, swimming, Zumba or circuit training. When taking the budget approach to exercise, buying an elliptical machine is broadly similar cost to running, walking, Zumba, rowing, cycling or circuit training and much cheaper than swimming or martial arts. When taking the deluxe approach to exercise buying an elliptical machine is more expensive than cycling, similar price as running, walking Zumba or rowing and much cheaper than circuit training, swimming or martial arts. If you’ve decided you want to buy an elliptical head over to our Elliptical Machine pal to find which one is right for you.
Using the elliptical machine and walking or running for exercise have several similarities. In terms of muscle activation,A another study found glute and thigh engagement are greater during elliptical training than during walking (but less than other activities.) However, elliptical training may put greater stress on the low back due to the way the muscles fire.
The elliptical trainer seems to significantly reduce impact on the joints compared to running or walking, but it is commonly thought that high-impact weight-bearing exercises strengthen bone health, cell regeneration and density.
Ultimately, whether walking or ellipticalling is better depends on your fitness goals, your personal preferences and any injury issues you might have. So, the elliptical trainer is a perfect solution if you're into running and want to stay in race shape withouth the heavy wear and tear on your ankles, knees, and hips.
I am very genuine and magnetic on camera, and have made numerous videos on my own for clients and other organizations that I'm affiliated with. Cardiovascular exercise is exercise performed in a repetitive motion for an extended period that raises heart and respiration rates and burns calories. A basic elliptical trainer has foot pedals that glide back and forth in a smooth, oval motion.
The fact that there are elliptical with handle bars that are also movable means that you can tone up muscles in your shoulders and chest in addition to getting exercise for your legs and thighs. If we go by the thoughts of the person who devised the first elliptical machine, elliptical workouts provide low impact aerobic exercise.

There are people who feel that elliptical trainers are just like treadmills without the wear and tear of muscles in legs and thighs. Heart is the major organ and muscle that gets great workout with the help of elliptical workouts. Glutes do not automatically get worked out with the natural elliptical motion of an elliptical trainer.
Elliptical machines are designed to provide smooth cardio workouts to users without exerting themselves. Elliptical trainers with handlebars also provide upper body workouts to strengthen shoulder and chest muscles in addition to biceps and triceps. Does The Elliptical Strengthen The Hamstring?Elliptical machines are extremely popular around the world for being very effective in providing low impact cardio workouts to people.
Food Home Style Money Family Health more Computers & electronics Hobbies Lifestyle Science & education The eHow UK blog Health eHow UK» Health» What Muscles Does the Elliptical Work? Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How Elliptical Machines Work Elliptical Machine Reviews How to Use Elliptical Trainers How to Build Leg Muscles How Can I Work Out My Arm Muscles? Stretching involves slowly expanding your muscles near their maximum length, holding them at that length for a period of time then slowly letting them retract. While using an Elliptical machine will not increase your flexibility from current levels, it can help keep your muscles and joints active and prevent further the loss of flexibility, particularly in your shoulders, arms and hips.
Aerobic exercise depends on the use of oxygen to meet your body’s energy demands during exercise. The experience with any cardio exercise is similar, it will be difficult at the beginning, but as long as you are working out at least 20 minutes a session, 3 or more times a week, you will find it easier and easier as time goes on and will be able to push yourself even harder and longer. At this activity level your body can’t get oxygen to the muscles in time and at the level required to work aerobically so instead your muscles start using sugars stored within the cells of your muscles as a fuel. The buildup of lactic acid is the burning feeling you experience in your muscles when you push them to your max.
However in general the performance of these exercises like using an elliptical machine, will not increase your flexibility levels but can prevent you from losing any more flexibility.
Some individual sessions may focus on one body area rather than another but over time you should be engaging all major muscle groups. Kicks will concentrate on your hips and legs, blocks and strikes work your arms and everything will build your core either engaged for balance or in order to drive techniques from waist rotation. Although you may be moving your arms when running, this offers no resistance and the impact is fairly negligible. Both offer the cardiovascular benefits of raising your heart rate, increasing blood flow and delivering oxygen throughout your body. So, if you were to exercise on the elliptical trainer for more than 25 minutes, you would be burning roughly 325 calories. I also have a degree in Sport Management, and multiple certifications to back up my validity.
An elliptical is one form of cardiovascular machine that provides a low-impact workout while secondarily building muscle. These pedals can be adjusted wider apart or at an incline to make your workout more challenging. This will improve your overall results and decrease the chances of developing a muscle imbalance or injury.
When you flex your elbows, you work the biceps, or the muscles on the inside of your upper arms. By increasing your resistance, you will make the workload more intense on your arms and legs and boost your results and improve your arm definition.
An employee of General Motors made a film of his daughter running alongside his car and found that the legs of his daughter moved in an elliptical motion. But if you are to be asked the different muscles of your body that you can work out with the help of an elliptical, it is a hard question to answer. This means they are easy on one’s joints such as hips and knees but effective on the heart as they raise the heart rate. This is only partially true as elliptical trainer workouts are indeed low impact but they provide workout to many more muscle groups than just those around legs. In fact, elliptical trainers are known for their ability to provide low impact cardio workouts. This muscle can be toned easily with the help of elliptical trainers but you will need to pedal backwards instead of the normal pushing of the pedals forward. The elliptical motion of the foot pedals workout these quadriceps automatically even if you are not able to sense this workout. These muscles are at the back of your legs above the knees and doing exercises on an elliptical tone up these muscles to make them stronger. In order to strengthen your glutes, do not push along the pedals through your toes but make use of your toes to force the pedals.

It is by pushing and pulling these handlebars that you can strengthen the muscles in your shoulder, back, arms, and chest. Doing this repeatedly over a period of time gradually increases the length of your muscles, which in turn provides you with greater flexibility.
A by product of using these sugars as a fuel is the production of lactic acid, lactic acid works as your body’s safety throttle mechanism; as lactic acid builds up in your muscles it causes the anaerobic process to become less efficient forcing you to slow down to a point where your body can catch up and start supplying oxygen to the muscles again to work aerobically. While using an elliptical machine if you push yourself you will start to perform anaerobic exercise in addition to aerobic for short periods of time, however the majority of the exercise will be performed aerobically.
Like using an elliptical machine, all of these forms of exercise can work your body aerobically and anaerobically depending on your intensity level. But although similar physiological responses occur with both exercises, the question remains, which is better for you? According to a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, on average, 201 percent of your body weight strikes the ground with each step during outdoor jogging, 175 percent during treadmill jogging, and 112 percent during walkinga€”compared to only 73 percent during elliptical training. In fact, the elliptical trainer provides the same cardiovascular benefits as treadmill running, without the impact on your joints. I've also been featured in three different exercise infomercials and had a speaking role in a National Lampoons movie. During a workout on this type of elliptical, your hands grip fixed handles so your arms don't work. This struck him with the idea that he sold to a company and later resulted in the manufacture of the first elliptical trainer. In addition to the cardio workout, exercising on elliptical is considered to be good for toning up of lower body muscles, especially muscles of calves, thighs, hamstrings, quads, glutes etc. The thing to remember is that the workouts from elliptical machines are aerobic and only tone up muscles and are not meant for bodybuilding.
Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is a very popular elliptical trainer known for its ability to provide smooth and effective cardio workout. Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer is a big hit these days among those with back problems as it has a recumbent seat that takes care of the back of the individual during workouts. If you want strong quads, all you have to do is to increase the resistance level of the elliptical trainer or make use of the incline to make the workout more intense. If you suffer from knee problems or sore joints, the elliptical is likely to be your preferred option. However, certain models of ellipticals have upright poles that move back and forth, working your arms and providing a full body workout. Keeping your abs tight, gaze fixed forward and shoulders lifted, begin moving your arms and legs back and forth in an alternating motion.
Straightening your arms during your elliptical workout works strengthens the triceps -- the muscles on the back of your upper arms.
This fitness machine provided a smooth cardio workout like a treadmill but without the usual wear and tear of muscles and strain on the joints. The elliptical workout routines, no matter what the objective of the user, take great care of the health of his heart, which incidentally also happens to be a muscle of the body. Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer is a popular elliptical trainer that has movable handles to provide a good workout for your upper body. You also work your shoulder, chest and back muscles in the upper body, and glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings in the lower body.
While the early elliptical machines took care of heart and muscles in the lower body only, there are many models of elliptical machines today that allow workout of upper body muscles also.
To ensure you get a good arm workout, push your arms out and pull them back in a full range of motion. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. The elliptical is great because all of your muscles are engaged and I have got my little program set here on the machine.
A lot of it is also dependent on the machine that you are using but I am going to show you a couple of things.
First of all going forward on the elliptical what you are doing if you are constantly engaging your pull muscles in your back and your bicep, lock your shoulder girdle and pull on those upper handles then down below you are really feeling a burning in those quads and calves because you are extending your ankle and flexing almost like a walking running motion. Just make sure that you are conscious of both of those things and you have got a lot going, reverse the direction and you can get a push with your upper body, just tense and again you can adjust the tension setting on the machine, dig down on your heels and feel your hamstrings and gluts work. So it's up to you, push and pull, hamstrings and quads and those are the muscles you will burn working on the elliptical.

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