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Choose from variable routines to encourage full range of motion, or focus on specific muscle groups. The musculoskeletal system consists of the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints of the head, vertebral column and limbs, together with the associated muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. As a prey animal, the horse’s musculosketal system had to develop to allow him to move at great speeds to escape a predator.  The horse’s musculoskeletal system consists of the bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The fuel for these muscle fibers is a combination of glycogen (the main form of carbohydrate storage), glucose (sugar), and fat, with the emphasis on fat during non-strenuous activity. Tendons and ligaments in the horse are the “belts” and “cables” that hold bones in place and allow the muscles to do their jobs in creating propulsion— forward, backward, sideways, and up and down. Proper conditioning and nutrition are the most important components of a healthy musculoskeletal system.  Classic Equine Equipment offers two options to keeping your horse’s bones, joints and the rest working properly – stall mats to take the strain off when standing in a stall and an equine treadmill to help condition your horse. Fredericktown, MO – Classic Equine Equipment is excited to announce the newest addition to our exclusive product lines – the Classic FullStride ™ horse Treadmills.  Setting itself apart from all others, FullStride has been engineered from the ground up with equine safety and durability in the forefront of all design features. This clip of Lola, the horse, on a treadmill has become a long running joke for the students of Virginia Tech.
According to Horse Nation, the video played last weekend at a football game against Maryland during an edited version of an “Invent the Future” ad at halftime. Collegiate Times says the clip was already popular as an inside joke amongst students, but when it played three times during halftime, students thought it was an absolute riot.

Senior, Paige Waltz, told the Collegiate Times, "I think it really shows how much Tech cares about the students having an enjoyable time at the sporting events.
The video was filmed at Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center, an equine hospital that offers specialty care for all types of horse breeds. Lola has her own Twitter account with dedicated fans who even launched a campaign to put the horse on a treadmill on UVA game helmets. Safely build and maintain muscle fitness in back, legs and hindquarters and improve overall balance and coordination. Its primary function is to support the body, provide a system of levers for locomotion and in some instances to provide protection to certain vital structures, like the brain and eyes.
Their primary function is to support of the body, provide motion, and protect vital organs. Collegiate Times says the high-speed treadmill test was meant to show how well Lola's respiratory system was performing. Clear polycarbonate side panels are impact-resistant and provide an unobstructed view of the entire horse and tread surface, allowing you to visually monitor every movement your horse makes during exercise.
When muscles tighten and cannot achieve full release, they remain tight and shortened or contracted).
The number of fast twitch muscles can be increased as horses are trained and become more used to going longer distances.

This involves the breaking down of glucose or glycogen into energy (ATP) without oxygen and is an anaerobic reaction. FullStride Treadmills can accommodate automated individual daily programs for up to 30 horses. A laser sensor ensures that your horse is in position before allowing the treadmill to start, and immediately stops the routine if a problem is detected.
Twenty of these bones are in each foreleg and 20 in each hind limb, for a grand total of 80 bones in the four equine legs.
This puts strain on the surrounding areas – tight muscles lead to spasm (knots) which leads to tears. Glucose is the end product of carbohydrate metabolism and is the chief source of energy for living organisms. The damage normally involves rupturing of the tendon’s collagen fibers, resulting in inflammation, soreness, and an inability of the limb to function normally. Excess glucose is converted to glycogen and is stored in the liver and muscles for future use.

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