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I know I should probably know this but I have no idea what some of these moves are: What is a burpee?
Certified personal trainer and fitness professional offering in-home training and weight management. On Wednesday, I shared with you my "add the arms" workout, for those days that you have more time.
Ballerina Squats–place one foot in front of the other, squat down, going only as low as you are comfortable-never go to the point of pain! More amazing workouts are coming, so you can create your own Vegalicious fitness collection, or even add it to your fitness Pinterest board. If you want full workout routines (a lot of them are HIIT–high intensity interval training), you can download Body by Plants Workout manual today. Ok once I figure out how to read this chart exactly, I think i am going to start following it too! I haven’t tried any of the 30 day challenges, but I really need to do something like that!!
I tried doing the 30-day squat and plank challenges, but of course I tried starting both of them on the same day right after I’d begun training for a half-marathon (which will be my first race ever). Hi Nicole, liking your current goal and super looking forward for more stories about Cape Town.

This is legit super helpful and something I might give a try after this race is wrapped and the fall weather turns into winter – meaning wayyyyy more indoor workouts! For now, I’m doing a mix of running, speed training, stair workouts, and high intensity interval training. Welcome!I’m Nicole, a California native currently located in Seattle, Washington, with a serious case of wanderlust.
I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
Use this simple, no-equipment-needed workout along with my Spotify playlist and you’ll be burning calories in no time! If 1 minute is too long (hard) to hold, hold the pose as long as you can, take a couple of seconds to shake off your legs and repeat.
I think having a routine will really help with motivating me to do a bit more as I like ticking things off lists – get a nice feeling if having accomplished something. It is still a little difficult to get motivated but a lot easier when I know exactly what I will be doing!
I have to admit I don’t workout daily anymore but I prefer it that way, it can become so time consuming otherwise! I live in a big city and I still don’t know the half of it – Great goal!!Your workout schedule looks intense!!!

I don’t care that you didn’t hit every day because who really can work out EVERY day? Until then, a good rule of thumb is to search the exercise on YouTube for a visual explanation. I’m going to bookmark your web site and preserve checking for brand spanking new information. Today I am going to share an easy to follow at home leg workout routine you can take anywhere you go. What is great about it is that it tells you what you need to do so you don’t have to keep track. But I haven’t been much since I’m too busy, so I do need to take advantage of the short, at-home workouts! And just discovering new parts is too fun…Sometimes you just explore places and find new favorite spots! But I’m still going strong on the half-marathon training and signed up for a race in November!

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