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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Multi home gyms offer numerous weight-training exercises in one compact frame, eliminating the need to buy several machines or an assortment of free weights. Multi home gyms allow you to do a full range of exercises to both strengthen and tone virtually every major muscle group in the body. A pec deck works the chest and upper body with flys, dumbbell style flys, and rear deltoid flys.
A high pulley station works the abs, arms, and back while doing lat and triceps pull downs, and cable crossovers. A bench press station works the chest and upper body using the bench press, incline press, shoulder press and mid row. An alternative to multi station gyms and their fixed plane exercises are functional trainers, which use free motion cable arms. Unlike bulky looking multi home gyms that take up a lot of space, functional trainers can consist of a single space saving vertical tower with a pulley attached. Functional trainers and cable crossover home gyms offer unlimited versatility to any workout. We review all brands and types of multi home gyms and functional trainers on this site including Powertec, Weider, Body Craft, Body Solid, NordicTrack, Gold’s Gym and many more. There are many reasons why home multigyms like the VLK 2 station home multi gym have become very popular.

When you first see a home multi gym, the metal framework is what will initially call your attention. Although at first glance, a home multi gym may look complicated, you will find as you keep on using it, that it is actually one very enjoyable machine that allows you to exercise as much of your muscles as you want.
Check out our selection of recommend multigyms and find out for yourself why owning a home multi gym is very popular! Multi station home gyms come with one or two plate stacks and allow you to do the most popular exercises, with the exception of the leg press, which usually requires the purchase of an attachment. These types of home gyms allow for more flexibility in that you can do traditional strength training as well as movement improvement exercises, all the while you are continually training your core. They work effectively on your core stabilizer muscles, that is, the structural muscles of your back and torso — in other words, any muscle located between your hip and pelvis and the base of your ribcage.
You don’t have to waste time looking into cheap or discontinued models, or search multiple websites for the lowest prices. One of the stations offers a fixed and cable motion multiple position bench press and pec dec facility, whereas the other provides a height adjustable preacher curl facility using the lower cable and a standard curl bar. In which case, it wouldn’t really be a bad scenario, because a healthy household is a happy household! That being the case, there is no need to worry about stumbling over scattered pieces of equipment.
You move each arm in unison towards your chest, and then move the arms back to the sides repeatedly, to give your chest and upper body a workout.

You can easily attach any type of handle onto the pulley, adjust the height along the tower, and create a new exercise. Improving your stabilizer group allows your body to not only better balance and steady itself, but it increases athletics performance as well as helps to prevent injury.
Take a few minutes and compare the features and specs of the multi station gyms, cable crossovers and functional trainers we have reviewed here. The machine features a unique press arm for performing both fixed pressing exercises that develop size and strength as well as free motion movements which improve mobility and coordination.
In strength training, a stronger core allows you to progressively lift heavier weights when targeting the movement muscles in the legs and arms.
A small and slim metal bar lets you increase or decrease the weights, depending on how demanding you want your exercise routine to go.
Some multigyms like the Marcy MWB1282 home multi gym come packed with features for different exercise routines. You pull the bar, and then relax your pull, and pull it back to exercise your upper arms and shoulders.

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