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When it comes to buying home gym equipment lots of people are under the illusion that it costs a small fortune. One of the best home gyms for this cheap price has got to be the Weider Total Body Works 5000 home gym.  Using this gym the user is able to complete over 100 different body shaping exercises on it. The second home gym for sale under 200 dollars on our list is the excellent Body By Jake Tower 200 home gym. One home gym system in the marketplace that is extremely popular with buyers.  Is the fantastic range of different resistance Bodylastics Resistance Bands. The last gym that we are going to take a quick look at is the excellent Weider Power Tower 200. Are you looking to start getting fit and back into shape, but you don’t fancy the idea of joining your local gym to do so. The first home gym machine that we are going to look at is the BodyCraft Galena Pro home gym.
The fourth and final home exercise gym that we are going to look at is the Body Solid G2B Bi-Angular home gym.
To read more in-depth reviews of the four home gyms for sale for under 1500 dollars, simply click on the image of the exercise gym you want to find out more about. After you have been working out for a while, there comes a time when moving your gear in and out of the living room each morning gets to be too much to deal with. It works from your own body weight creating the resistance and the resistance bands located on the machine also add to this. This gym is so popular at the moment, mainly due to the excellent full body workout it offers you and its extremely cheap price. This gym is fantastic for giving your upper body one extreme workout.  Exercising using your own body weight can yield fast results in terms of fat loss and muscle building. If you are feeling this way, then instead of joining a commercial gym then why not buy yourself an home system which you can use to get fit from the comfort of your own home. As you know, there has been such a large response from the teamRIPPED Nation that I am going to be breaking this apart into multiple posts. Free standing pull up and dip station, tons of free weights, and Arnold to watch over his workout. One big plus to a dedicated home gym is that you don’t have to hide all your gear when you are done.
This shows some real commitment to the lifestyle if you are going to invest this amount of space and money in to your home gym. Mike is a little fanatical, but we love that here and that is exactly what has made Mike have such success with Beachbody!

Stand alone pull up station (great for dips too), tons of med balls and dumbbells, clever “stand” to hold his bands, and even a treadmill!
Tyler is one of the original Asylum crazies and knows how to bring it with the best of them.
I am not so sure about the decorations of his home gym… I hope that doesn’t impact performance!
I guess that’s what happens when you have a teamRIPPED Home Gym photo shoot and you get so many awesome gyms! When you buy this home door gym, not only will you receive the brilliant Tower 200 gym, but you will also get a workout DVD and exercise chart telling you exactly how to get the most out of this excellent home gym system. Exercises such as the pull up,push up and dips will allow you to get bigger and stronger fast. Conversely, if you want to lose weight or are more concerned with toning, then a home gym that comes with a set of kettebells is the better choice. There are so many different exercise gyms out there in the marketplace to choose from at the moment.
Because it operates off its unique Iso-Flex press arms, that allow you to target the secondary stabilizer muscles as well during your training sessions. You need double the gear and double the space if you are going to work out with a spouse or friend. Using this power tower you are able to complete pull ups, push ups, dips and vertical knee raises to name just a few of the muscle building exercises that can be done on the machine. The same applies to a lat bar and pulley, if you want to work on your arms and shoulders, and a leg extension for working on your legs. So the best place to start in looking for one is to work out what your budget is for an home gym machine. This gym gives its users the ability to complete a full body workout that is going to hit their muscles hard.  The weight resistance available on this gym starts at just 10 pounds and goes up to a whopping 200 pounds. The gym works off its 160 pound weight stack which is going to provide users with the resistance that they need to complete an heavy workout.
It might take you getting creative, but making a room’s single purpose  to house your home gym is fantastic.
Take a look at his pull up bar, it is called a Stud Bar, and is another good option for a fixed bar (I have a P3 System from Rogue Fitness if you want to check out more). These bands are ideal for the super strong or if you a looking for a set of resistance bands that would be great for all the family to use. The home gyms for sale under 200 dollars that we have just mentioned come with full product reviews just click on the image to read our reviews of each different product.

Resistance – There are 3 different types of resistance to choose from, including free weights, elastic bands, and cables and pulleys. Not only has this gym got lots of different workout stations such as press arm station and leg extension station. Body Solids iso flex technology gives you the feeling that you are actually working out with free weights.
When you buy the gym you will also get gym accessories such as the straight bar, lat bar, triceps and ab strap and a workout DVD to get you started straight away with this Body Solid home gym machine. It offers you the ability to really utilize your space and get some pretty sweet equipment!
When buying Bodylastics resistance bands it is always worth spending that little bit extra on a bigger weight resistance set.
Number of Stations – This is only important if your home gym is going to be used by more than one person.
But it has also got upper and lower pulley systems so that you can add even more exercises to your workout plan.
If you want more weight, you can upgrade this to 280 pounds should you feel that you need more weight. Without the hassle of needing a training partner to spot you during your heavy workouts.  To get you started off in the right direction, you will get a workout DVD with the gym. Because by doing so you can move forward with your workouts without worrying about having to buy an heavier set.
Let’s tell you more about these four different pieces of home gym equipment to find out more about them.
It has also got its very own ab workout station so that you can add some muscle to your six pack area. Size - While the size of your place will often determine how large your home gym can be, think about looking into a folding model, such as the Bowflex PR1000, if you’re really in need of a large home gym.
READ MORE + Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym 0 Nick Sharp Click here to see the current price   If you are looking to do your weight training at home, then the Bowflex PR 3000 Home Gym may be ideal for your workouts.
READ MORE + Bowflex PR1000 Review 0 Nick Sharp The Bowflex PR1000 is able to provide users with the ability to strengthen various muscle groups and perform a bit of cardio training, all in the comfort of their own home.
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