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Being a member of your local gym isn’t cheap, most people pay for stuff that they don’t use. The first home gym that we are going to be looking at is the excellent Bowflex PR3000 home gym. The third model of home gym that we are going to look at is the Body Solid EXM1500S home gym. The last gym costing less than 1000 dollars that we are going to look at is the Powerline BSG10X home gym. If you are going to build a home gym to perform your workouts with casual exercises, but you have a limited budget, the Bowflex PR1000 would be the best option for this purpose.
The power rods of Bowflex PR1000 are light in weight and dense, which provide resistance without inertia. Did you read: Best Elliptical Machine under 1300$ 2015, Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine review ? The Bowflex PR1000 has a lot of powerful features and you could modify your home gym with the addition of this handy equipment. Its versatile hand grip and ankle cuffs are a great help to perform your workout with convenience. The most important attraction of this home gym machine is its price tag, which is very less with respect to the other similar products.
The Bowflex PR1000 is a heavily built, high performing, and multi-purposed home gym device to perform a variety of exercises to strengthen your arms, abdomen, legs, shoulders, chest, and back. Due to power rods that provide the resistance you will get a comforting feeling without the inertia. High-quality material is used in its built and it is launched in the market after performing various tests. The Bowflex PR1000 don’t come with instructional DVD, however, a workout placard is available to get instructions and information.
If you to build your home gym, but are confused to decide what home gym product you should buy, read out the comparisons of different products with the Bowflex PR1000. Though the Weider Ultimate Body Works is a little bit cheaper than Bowflex PR1000 and you could perform more than 100 exercises with it whereas with the Bowflex number of exercises is limited to 30. Another noticeable thing to be considered is the built-in rowing machine, which is used for body warming-up and cooling down. The Bowflex comes with 1-year frame and 5-years rods warranty, but the Weider Ultimate Body Works has just 90-days limited warranty. Bowflex PR3000 offers more exercises options than PR1000, however, if you are a budget conscious (of course, you should be) then you should keep in mind that the PR3000 is expensive than the PR1000. Another advantage PR1000 has over the PR3000 is its horizontal bench press platform, which can be folded to save space. PR1000 comes with a built-in rowing machine rail for cardio training where as the PR3000 has no such option.
70 ideas for design a good home gym for everyoneThe golden principles for doing exercise at home to get the maximum effectivenessHow to taking Care of a Home Gym? Plenty of storage: When you have a gym inside your home, it is nice to have it stay as cleaned up as possible in between uses. TV and Music: One of the best things about building your own home gym is that now you have full control of the external stimuli!
Protect the Floor: Whether your flooring is tile, carpet, wood or whatever, you will want to do your best to protect it and ensure that nothing will compromise the quality with multiple workouts performed day after day. Color: This is another one where options may be limited if your designated home gym also serves as another main room in your home, but none the less, color can be comforting and motivating.
Wall Decor: This is where you can really let the creative juices flow and totally interject your personality into the whole setup. Space Saving Equipment: There are amazing home gym pieces for rooms of all shapes and sizes.
Access to Daylight: Even the most roomy home gyms seem just a little bigger with some sort of view to the outside world, and this can be particularly refreshing with long, slow-go cardio workouts. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. All our operators are currently busy, please contact us via the Contact Page or click outside the box to close.
The Bowflex PR3000 caters for your entire body (right from your shoulders to your legs) -- where you are provided with over 50 listed strength exercises (from which you can then carry out variations etc.) at a resistance from as little as 5 pounds to 210 pounds (which can also then be upgraded to another 310 pounds -- along with no need for cable changes in between sets) -- hence is perfectly suitable for both the beginner and someone at an more advanced fitness level.
Hence, as can be seen -- it really does offer you just about everything that you could want from a home gym.
Compact -- it specifies that it only requires 100 by 78 inch workout area -- however it is often quoted as being said that it can easily bit fitted into even less than that in reality. No Cable Changes -- hence you can carry on through your workout without having to constant readjust the cable attachments, something that I am particularly fond of. Doesn't come with the 310 pound upgrade -- I would think if you are progressing towards a more advanced level, you will be getting the upgrade rather quickly with only a 210 pound weight stack to start, and I feel that it is a shame it doesn't come with it.
Warranty -- is not all that great, the frame is covered for one year, rods seven years -- which is fine, just the parts are only covered for 2 months. The BSG10x has been designed to be both compact as well as being able provide you with a full body strength workout -- with a resistance 160 pound weight stack, as well as over 40 registered exercises coming with the model (again more can be carried out with relevant variations, there is also BSG10X with a leg press version that is slightly more expensive at $925 -- or it can simply be bought as an additional attachment).
Again, like the PR3000 model, the BSG10x is a highly thought of home gym -- scoring 4.6 stars out of 5 on average -- out of 22 ratings and is again praised on numerous accounts.
Warranty -- the powerline warranty is pretty good (particularly when compared to the PR3000) -- 10 years against defects in materials and workmanship on frame, and one year on all other parts.
Versatile Exercises -- although less claimed exercises than the PR3000, the exercises themselves are of a good quality -- certainly being more than capable of giving the average Joe a good workout. The awesome thing about setting up a home gym is that you can tailor it to be exactly the way you want it. This home gym is soundly constructed of 12 gauge steel, allows for 2000 lbs of tensile strength, has a 200 lb weight stack with a unique double-up feature that offers resistance up to 400 lbs. Powerline BSG10X Home Gym: This system ranks highly among small home gyms for 3 main reasons. Titan T3X or T1X: For those looking for a high end system that includes a leg press, this one can’t be beat. Finding a home gym system that includes a Smith machine is an important feature to have for those who tend to lift alone and like to lift heavy. Freemotion Light Commercial EXT Dual Cable: The Freemotion Dual Cable Crossover trainer has been a favorite when it comes to functional trainers for years. Tuff Stuff FTX Functional Trainer: This trainer is a little bit different than the Freemotion funcitional trainer listed above. While it is definitely an option to purchase a large piece such as a treadmill, elliptical machine, or stationary bike to include in your home gym, it is by no means the only way to incorporate cardio into your fitness plan. In addition to the large home gym pieces listed thus far, there are smaller home gym accessories that work to fill in the gaps in any home gym adding exciting, cutting edge ways to stay in the best shape possible. Barbell: A barbell is definitely a standard piece to include in your home gym accessories. FID Bench (Flat, Incline, Decline): a bench is a great asset to any home gym and can be handy for facilitating dumbbell and barbell exercises as well as a killer abdominal workout. Exercise Ball: These come in various diameters and provide a great way to recruit core muscle stabilization and strengthening. Medicine Balls: These are known for adding functional dimension to a workout as an alternate to free weights. Slam Balls: Slam balls have really become popular and are a type of weighted ball made of durable, heavy rubber that can be slammed forcefully against hard surfaces. TRX: The TRX is a suspension trainer that has handles and is equipped to be anchored behind a door or looped around something stationary. Creating a home gym can be an exciting process when goals and ambitions are combined with cutting edge science in the fitness industry. Overview: The Body Solid G6B is a smooth operating and versatile machine with many quality features. In the following picture gallery you’ll find a mix of professionally designed home gyms and DIY home gyms.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. You Save ?100The Inspire M2 Multi Gym offers a complete range of exercises for many different fitness agendas. The design team at Inspire Fitness claim they will never submit to fashion over function; however, they also say that there is nothing wrong with having both. With the Life Fitness ParaBody CM3 Cable Motion Home Gym you can train for day-to-day and sports-related activities with the versatile ParaBody Cable Motion Gym System.

Again this is another gym which is made from a very popular and well home maker of home gym equipment. This gym is very similar to the EXM 2500S, except that it has got a smaller weight stack and costs slightly less to buy. This gym operates off its 160 pound weight stack and again is another home exercise gym that has been designed with space saving in mind. It comes with powerful features having flexible polymer resistance rods in lieu of weight plates. With the help of these power rods, you can perform your workout without stressing your joints.
If you are a professional body builder, it will not work because you cannot get an extensive amount of resistance with this home gym device. However, while considering quality and durability, the Bowflex stands at the top comparing to the Weider Ultimate Body Works.
So, if you want to build the muscles of your wallet along with your body, then the PR1000 is the better option. However, with the help of Bowflex PR1000 you will be able to shape your body and burn the extra calories in your own home gym. Unlike a commercial gym where things are mostly kept pretty drab and neutral, your home gym can totally reflect your life and your personality, and it should.
Having the freedom to do various exercises standing, sitting, or even laying down and the ability to take the body through a full range of motion is super important. Even more important is finding a type of flooring that will protect YOU through numerous workouts over a long period of time. If you have the option of painting the walls that make up your home gym area, you may want to consider what various colors bring to the table.
Home gym decor will increase determination, motivation, and will provide an environment that you want to be in day after day.
Even if some equipment is put away in a closet or on a shelf, it needs to be simple to get out and put to use.
Corner pieces, big home gym systems, small home gym systems, functional trainers, and lots and lots of accessories and training devices to get you in the best shape of your life. A workout can seem twice as long if the most interesting thing you have to look at is an empty wall. But, don't just take my word for it -- check out all the positive reviews for the PR3000, from people who use the gym on frequent basis. As some owners of the PR3000 have stated it is probably worth thinking about buying an extended warranty. For example, comments such as "This gym replaced a bench, olympic weights, bars, squat rack, and leg press machine. Many factors should also be considered when planning and preparing a home gym that will help you accomplish your goals. The unit offers 7 multi-exercise stations that accommodate multiple users simultaneously and supports over 215 different exercises and leaves no muscle neglected. Smith machines, as opposed to a regular power rack, are all about safety, which is a big deal when it comes to a home gym piece where working out alone is not uncommon. Not only will you find patented Hybrid technology allow for a full range of motion and a counter balance system that allows for assisted exercises that facilitate step by step growth with users, but safety is always a top priority.
Normally Smith machines only facilitate movement vertically, but the BodyCraft Jones allows for horizontal movement as well really maximizing how smooth and natural the exercise can be done. Because of its extreme versatility and durability, you will find it as a staple in most commercial gyms as well. There are many ways to incorporate cardio into your home gym workout routine such as jumping rope, jumping jacks, a cardio or dance workout DVD (click here for great workout DVD options), or simply going outside for that portion of your workout for a run, hike, bike ride, or even a brisk walk. They come in two forms, Olympic (for more hard core and compound lifting) or standard (for lighter loads up to 200 lbs). They also work to support leg strengthening exercises such as squats by alleviating some of the pressure on the back. The great thing about jump ropes is you can get a pretty great cardio workout for a fraction of the cost of a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike.
They basically look like a cannonball with a handle and really increase the ballistic movement that can be done. The user can carry the weighted ball through an intended range of motion and increase difficulty as they work to stabilize thoughout. In addition to performing pull-ups with various types of hand grips on the bar, you can also use a pull-up bar for a variety of abdominal and hip strengthening exercises as well. This item is popular because it provides an easy option for pulling exercises and many others that can be made easier or more difficult just by adjusting the position of the body to increase or decrease resistance. The great thing is that there is always more than one way to train the body as a whole as well as targeting different muscle groups.
Some haven’t been designed yet but they will give you the ideas you need to to both design your gym and get an idea of how equipment works with different spaces. Toning, sculpting, or building muscle in any of the body's core areas can be specifically targeted using this product. This compact home gym will fit in a space most multigyms will not, ideal for apartments or small living areas.This ultimate stylish cable gym features 6 pulley points high mid and low pulleys, which offers a great range for upper and lower body exercises.
An ethos which makes their home gyms so appealing to the modern proud householder who knows and enjoys the benefits of a health and fitness lifestyle.
Whilst others only workout on the cardio equipment and don’t touch the weight training machines.
Body Solid manufacture high quality gyms and the EXM2500S is certainly one of these high quality gyms. And you will be sent over to our full review of each home gym that is for sale for under 1000 dollars at the moment. Don’t wait anymore and bring a Bowflex PR1000 to complete your home gym and burn your calories while performing your full body workout.
You can perform 60 exercises with the Bowflex Blaze whereas PR1000 is limited up to 30 as described above. This gym product is money worth to build your muscles in your own time without spending a large amount of cash. Conversely, if you want to lose weight or are more concerned with toning, then a home gym that comes with a set of kettebells is the better choice. The fun thing about a home gym is that it can be both functional in its ability to offer a great workout with plenty of open space, and as stylish as you want it to be. This may not even be feasible if the home gym room also serves another purpose in the house, but for home gyms where the room is designated solely to being a home gym, mirrors can be a great addition. Not only that, but if workout videos are included in your fitness program, you will need a little bit of space to move it, move it! If you feel a TV is a must for you, be sure to place it in a spot that is visible from most pieces of equipment that you have, especially cardio pieces that you are likely to spend large chunks of time on during your workout.
Sages and greens will bring the outdoors inside to you, black and white provide an urban-type feel, yellows will transform a cold, dark room into a bright and warm place to work out, and blues lend themselves to a beach environment. Why not decorate walls with favorite athletes, sayings, motivating pictures, pictures from past sporting events and teams, inspiring artwork, and the list goes on and on.
If it is a major process each time you get your home gym ready to use, and items are difficult to get set up, chances are you will be less and less in the mood to go through the hassle of getting it all out every day. Read The Best Home Gym for Your Money for great ideas on the best home gym pieces that will not only save you space but money as well.
Something about a view of outdoor scenery can be relaxing, motivating, and rejuvenating all at the same time, especially during a long, boring cardio session.
For more great home gym ideas and tips on how to set up the best gym in your home, click here.
In all, I would say that the BSG10x is probably suited more towards the individual who is either at a 'beginner' to 'intermediate' level of fitness.
First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind what your overall goals and objectives are. Measuring at 42 “wide X 80” tall X 70” deep, this unit is ideal for fitting nicely against the wall in virtually any room in your home.
With this piece users get a sliding FID (flat, incline, decline) bench, a patented smith machine with hybrid technology which allows users to pull resistance through a full range of motion, and a counter-balance system that allows for assisted exercises such as dips, pull-ups, and more. This is a single-stack, multi-functional trainer that accommodates over 60 different exercises including multiple presses, lat pull-downs, leg extensions, bicep curls, tricep extensions, rows, shrugs, and of course the leg press (which is a add-on feature). Smith machines allow users to push their boundaries and explore their limits without the constant need of a spotter nearby.
This system is equipped with twist-locking handles that easily lock onto the weight hooks at any point during the exercise.

This truly epitomizes the freedom of movement offered with a cage but with all the safety features of a Smith machine. The great thing about the Freemotion is that you can safely and effectively target every single part of your body and due to swivel pulleys and super fluid cable travel, perform each exercise with absolutely unlimited range of motion. Tuff Stuff FTX includes a core support pad that allows users to execute ground based exercises either unsupported, fully supported, or just partially supported. Adjustable dumbbells basically come with a bar, various weight plates, and some sort of clip or collar to hold the weights in place. They are inexpensive, easy to use, easy to store, and calories can be burned fast and effectively in just a short time period. This allowance for movement such as swinging, for example, increases the difficulty significantly as body recruits stabilizing muscles like crazy, especially through the core and back, to help maintain control throughout the exercise.
Finding the right home gym equipment essentials and using many different training tools will keep things new, fresh, and constantly challenging. If you’d like your gym to appear in this gallery and show off your hard work, please forward some pics to wes { at } the home gym critic {dot} { com }, I’d be more than happy to showcase your efforts!
The freedom of cable resistance allows for a greater range of motion which increases muscle fiber  and improves your results. If you are tired of paying for stuff that you don’t use, then its time you looked into buying yourself an home gym. This is down to its relatively cheap price tag, when you compare it to the higher end Bowflex models such as the Bowflex Revolution FT home gym. This model is a little different to the previous model, because instead of working off resistance rods to create the weight resistance on the gym. If you got a Bowflex PR1000 for your home gym, you will be able to perform 30 different exercises with up to 210 lbs resistance rods.
However, if you are a beginner and going to build a home gym for the first time, ultimately you should be considering the price along with quality. The same applies to a lat bar and pulley, if you want to work on your arms and shoulders, and a leg extension for working on your legs. Home gyms come in many different shapes and sizes with a lot depending on the square footage that is available, the shape of the room, and whether or not the room serves only as a gym or if the room serves other purposes as well. Shelves or built in cabinets can be used, or special equipment racks can be purchased that can store different types of equipment. Not only do they give a feeling of roominess, but they can also offer a way to check technique and lifting form, and provide a little motivation to keep working hard to achieve the fitness goals and objectives that you desire. Also, be sure that DVD players and any other operating devices are in a convenient, safe, yet easy to access location. And if we are talking about convenience, why not add a mini fridge giving super quick access to water, protein shakes, and even sports drinks. My wife and I have been using it for a month now and have seen an improvement in overall condition." -- on how the PR3000 has helped them to a healthier, fitter and better overall lifestyle. What kind of fitness plan will you find the most motivation with and ultimately the most success with? The leg press is also second to none and is equipped to allow for horizontal as well as vertical leg pressing exercises. It also features an open area between the two handles eliminating the worry and possibility of getting trapped underneath the bar.
Each arm of the machine operates independently, allowing for dual users and offers a wide variety of exercises targeting large muscle groups, muscle targeting, and very sport specific training as well. While typical cable trainers do not allow for super heavy loads due to lack of anatomical support or positioning, the Tuff Stuff FTX corrects this with its core support pad allowing for greater activation of core muscles but also more control throughout the exercise.
Fixed weight dumbbells are ready to go as is, but do take up more space as a separate dumbbell is needed in varying weights to accommodate workouts. With kettlebells you’re working strength, power, cardio, grip strength, mobility, and range of motion. By centering your goals around a whole body approach to fitness, from head to toe, you will find yourself not only enjoying the freedom that a personal home gym affords, but also enjoying the best health and fitness life has to offer. With so many different pieces of home gym equipment out there in the marketplace today, were do you start.
One of the biggest reasons home gym users tend to pick this gym over other gyms on the market is its compact and small size. Resistance – There are 3 different types of resistance to choose from, including free weights, elastic bands, and cables and pulleys. Whatever space you have to work with, the idea is to make it your own little haven, a place that you will desire to retreat to day after day in an effort to keep your body healthy and fit. You can list workouts, goals, reminders, and anything else you want to keep you organized, on track, and motivated.
You can even keep towels and antibacterial sprays and cleaners close by for an easy way to keep things clean and looking nice.
Comes complete with an exercise chart so you know you are doing it right and getting the most from your workout. Other factors can play a big part in your setup as well such as how much space is available for your gym and of course, how large or small your budget is. Consumers love the Powerline because it ships to your home already 90% assembled and can be ready for use in as quickly as 30 min. From pull downs, push downs, ab crunches, leg kickbacks, rows, crossovers and more, you will not be disappointed with the Freemotion Dual Cable system. Selectorized dumbbells are basically dumbbells that greatly simplify use and totally save space. Choose from over 50 different exercises that will train both your upper and lower body to the max, from its impressive 210 pounds worth of resistance.
Each weight plate is ten pounds, so you can increase or decrease the weight of your exercises by ten pounds. If you are limited for space within your home, then the Body Solid EXM 2500S might just be the model of home gym equipment that you have been looking for. Bowflex PR1000 is the best Bowflex under 500$ and is perfect for beginners to build their body muscles without the risk of injury or muscle stress. Number of Stations – This is only important if your home gym is going to be used by more than one person. You can even incorporate some shelving to house your trophies or other special memorabilia from the present or past. When setting up a home gym it is essential to consider equipment that will offer a whole body approach to staying fit and healthy. The main difference with this model is it does not include a counter-balance system for assisted exercises and is primarily a single user system.
Rather than removing and replacing plates, or having a separate dumbbell for each weight increment, a dial or selector pin is used to select your preferred weight.
If you are on a budget of $1000 or under then you can come to the right place.Because I’m about to show you four of the most popular and versatile home gym machines in the marketplace, that you can buy for under $1000. Take the time to decide what gets you excited to get fit, and then put it all around your new home gym!
This piece features a press bar, lat pull down station, high, mid, and low pulleys, leg development station, 2,200 lbs of tension, a 160 lb weight stack, and more. Lets look at the four different models of exercise gyms a little closer to find out more about them. If that’s not enough for you, the Lat Tower provides the perfect place for pullups and other exercises for the arms and back. The Bowflex PR3000 is also a very comfortable home gym , due to its extra thick padded cushions. Its got a chest press station, pec dec station, leg extension station and low, mid and high pulleys systems. Size - While the size of your place will often determine how large your home gym can be, think about looking into a folding model, such as the Bowflex PR1000, if you’re really in need of a large home gym.
These different workout stations are going to help ensure that you get one of the best at home workouts you can get.
READ MORE + Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym 0 Nick Sharp Click here to see the current price   If you are looking to do your weight training at home, then the Bowflex PR 3000 Home Gym may be ideal for your workouts. READ MORE + Bowflex PR1000 Review 0 Nick Sharp The Bowflex PR1000 is able to provide users with the ability to strengthen various muscle groups and perform a bit of cardio training, all in the comfort of their own home. READ MORE + Popular Tags Cloud Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review Exercise Bikes 1209 Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Review Exercise Bikes 898 Schwinn Airdyne AD4 Review Exercise Bikes 726 What is the Most Expensive Treadmill on the Market?

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