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Are you looking to start getting fit and back into shape, but you don’t fancy the idea of joining your local gym to do so.
The first home gym machine that we are going to look at is the BodyCraft Galena Pro home gym. The fourth and final home exercise gym that we are going to look at is the Body Solid G2B Bi-Angular home gym.
To read more in-depth reviews of the four home gyms for sale for under 1500 dollars, simply click on the image of the exercise gym you want to find out more about. The York XC530 is a rear driven elliptical cross trainer that also features a seat and adjustable handles to allow you to switch between seated and standing cross training.
Although the number of preset workout programs are limited, the following product article takes a look at the cross trainer in more detail, including the design of the bike and display console, and the quality of assembly instructions. The main aim behind the design of the York XC530 is to provide you with all the benefits of an exercise bike and a cross trainer in the one machine.
For many people, finding the space for two pieces of cardio equipment just isn’t possible, which is why this style of 2-in-1 machine has proved so popular. The rear driven nature of the cross trainer part of the York XC530 creates a more even range of motion compared to the front driven machines, which also benefits the cycling movement and reduces the impact on hip and knee joints. One feature that sets the York XC530 apart from other cross trainers is the adjustable handles. Although the smaller set of handles aren’t adjustable, they do feature heart rate hand sensors which are useful for if you want to monitor your heart rate on the display screen during your workouts. A common design feature of York fitness equipment is a simplified display console, with few buttons but all of the information displayed clearly on a large screen. This standard is continued for the York XC530 where important workout information including your speed, rotations per minute, time, distance and calories burned. Set – Allows you to set target values for time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.
Recovery – This is reserved for when you are finishing your workout and want to measure your fitness level, based on how quickly your heart rate returns to normal after exercise. Mode – The Mode button will simply guide you through the different display functions, changing between time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Although you may only need to setup the York XC530 once, it can be useful to know how easy the assembly is and the quality of assembly instructions provided in the user manual. Although the user manual does include exploded drawings for how the parts fit together, these are only for the entire machine and not for each step. The assembly instructions mostly feature an image with a list of parts you will need to complete the step, together with a detailed textual explanation. While the number of images and detailed annotations make the whole process relatively easy to follow, it’s still recommended that two people are available to setup the York XC530 due to the weight of some of the parts. To read more reviews about how easy the XC530 is to setup, there are a range of reviews written on Amazon by people who have purchased the machine that can be useful.

The York XC530 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used as either a cross trainer or exercise cycle, and is easily switched between the two. Both have a smooth motion controlled by magnetic resistance, and make use of hand pulse sensors and an easy to read display. Lots of people want to lose weight and get fit, but they don’t fancy the idea of joining their local gym to do it.
The first gym that we are going to take a quick look at is the Body Solid G10B home gym.  This gyms unique selling point is it Bi- Angular press arm station technology.
If you are looking for home gyms for sale under $2000, then the four models we have just mentioned may just be up your street. If you are feeling this way, then instead of joining a commercial gym then why not buy yourself an home system which you can use to get fit from the comfort of your own home. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.
The larger handles feature a hand wheel which can be loosened to allow the top section of the handles to be moved either closer to (for seated cross training) or further away from you (for standing cross training).
This is because it is expensive and just too time consuming, plus most people pay for things in their gym memberships that they simply don’t use. Using this technology, muscle interaction during training is said to increase by up to 25%. This model is the updated and improved version of the Xtreme.  This gym is a little different to the previous gyms we have looked at. To find out more about these gyms, and get them at the best prices, just click on the image of the exercise gym that you are interested in. There are so many different exercise gyms out there in the marketplace to choose from at the moment.
Because it operates off its unique Iso-Flex press arms, that allow you to target the secondary stabilizer muscles as well during your training sessions. It has bench press, butterfly press, leg extension, lat pull, cable pull, arm curl, military press, squat and ab crunch. This model of home gym has got multiple workout stations that you can train your full body from.
It has been bio-mechanically designed so that your workouts are more effective, meaning users get much faster results.
Because instead of working from a weight stack, the weight resistance on this gym operates from Bowflex’s unique power resistance rods. So the best place to start in looking for one is to work out what your budget is for an home gym machine. This gym gives its users the ability to complete a full body workout that is going to hit their muscles hard.  The weight resistance available on this gym starts at just 10 pounds and goes up to a whopping 200 pounds.
The gym works off its 160 pound weight stack which is going to provide users with the resistance that they need to complete an heavy workout.

They are deciding to invest that money into an home gym machine that they can use whenever they want. The machine as also got high, mid and low pulleys systems which you can use to add even more fantastic strength building exercises to your training routine. It has got a pec dec station, chest press and shoulder press station and a leg developer station.
The weight resistance on the machine is 210 pounds and if you are really strong, this is upgradeable to a whopping 410 pounds. Two people can train on this gym at the same time, which is going to result in saving you time. Not only has this gym got lots of different workout stations such as press arm station and leg extension station. Body Solids iso flex technology gives you the feeling that you are actually working out with free weights. When you buy the gym you will also get gym accessories such as the straight bar, lat bar, triceps and ab strap and a workout DVD to get you started straight away with this Body Solid home gym machine. Home gyms have come on leaps and bounds in recent years and they offer users smooth and very fluid workouts. This gym operates off it two 210lb weight stacks and if that wasn’t enough you can upgrade these to 260lbs if you need to.
This gyms offers users a very smooth and fluid workout from its self lubricating pulleys and high tensile strength cables. The gym operates off it two 210lb weight stack making it a model of home gym which is going to be heavier enough for most people who use it.
But it has also got upper and lower pulley systems so that you can add even more exercises to your workout plan. If you want more weight, you can upgrade this to 280 pounds should you feel that you need more weight. Without the hassle of needing a training partner to spot you during your heavy workouts.  To get you started off in the right direction, you will get a workout DVD with the gym.
Let’s tell you more about these four different pieces of home gym equipment to find out more about them. It has also got its very own ab workout station so that you can add some muscle to your six pack area. Unlike most home gyms that restrict you to perform just a few isolated exercises, this machine allows you to easily accomplish everything that you would in a full scale gym.

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