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I'd look at getting a set of dumbbells too, they are great for isolation exercises and to make sure you are working both sides with equal weight. I would recommend sticking to functional training equipment rather than large metalic objects in your home. I'll be able to save for home gym equipment soon, and was wondering what others would recommend getting. I weigh 96kg and the Iron Gym pull up bar that I use is 4 years old and hasn't let me down yet.
You know when I started out as a personal trainer over 20 years ago, if you had told me people would be working out to videos on their phone, I would have laughed at you. I believe that the combination of an economic downturn coupled with the new wave of handheld technology has all but replaced live training in many cases, or at least it can. But I’ve also heard from many people that they need to get out of the house and go to the gym. On the flip side, some people detest the gym atmosphere, the characters, the hassle of waiting for a piece of equipment and then finding someone’s sweat all over it. I have to say I like both, and I think they each fit the bill depending on your time frame and schedule.
Missy, January 17, 2012Log in to ReplyI do both home workouts (I have an extensive array of equipment) and gym workouts. M, January 17, 2012Log in to ReplyI stopped going to the gym because I was biking everywhere during the summer. Joyce Cherrier, January 17, 2012Log in to ReplyI'm mostly a home workout kinda girl and converted my garage. Holly, January 18, 2012Log in to ReplyI'm 90-95% gym girl and 5-10% home, but I use DVDs instead of my phone, so I guess I'm still old school. But I still haven't found a Tai Chi school in town that I am happy with, so I practice that at home on my own. When first checking out the Powertec line I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The only thing I knew about Powertec previously was that Jay Cutler was in their advertisements in Muscle and Fitness Magazine years back and the equipment was yellow. Powertec has done a great job at addressing the main concerns when it comes to purchasing home equipment.

Quality of Machinery– the Powertec design crew goes to great lengths to check and recheck each piece to be sure that what they put out with their name on it will be an accurate representation of the Powertec name. Eliminates the traveling excuse for not training and can give a better workout without all of the useless bells and whistles of today's gyms. Fitness trainers, coaches and even nutritionists are making everything they know available to you, in many cases for free via social media and video services like You Tube. Sure, nothing is better than a real live trainer or coach to watch your form right there on the spot, but it’s costly and can require a lot of your time.
This seems especially true when there are young children at home because it’s hard to turn off being mom or dad when it feels like you’re constantly getting interrupted. I see some people who go to the gym only to socialize, while others thrive on the class environment and really get a great workout amongst their friends. Working out is ME time, and I've made sure the whole family is very aware and very respectful of this. I work with a trainer at my gym and I really enjoy that, and sometimes go on my own when I need to do certain things. Just last week I switched to a new gym and got a new personal trainer for semi-private sessions. And let’s be honest even the best home gym can’t compete with the array of equipment at your local sports club.
I just try to focus on the positives: no commute, no locker room, no dealing with other people's sweat, noise or habits, etc. However, I hate the treadmill and run in my own neighborhood (does that count as a home workout?!) every day. The trainer is key for me because they correct my technique and they help me adjust my workout so that I get the most out of it (I have a healing back injury, so good technique and not overdoing things is critical). Picking out a home gym can become a frustrating event, but at FitnessZone®, we carry only quality home gyms to help you with your decision process. Bodycraft Fitness Xpress Pro Home Gym Exercise Machine is a durable and effective home exercise gym that offers huge variety of strength exercises. And I’ve had some of my best workouts in my basement with a TRX, a dumbbell, a resistance band and a Swiss Ball.

While it is true you can get a great workout at home, it’s undeniable that most well known gyms will have more variety, more equipment choices, classes and overall more options. The finish of the Bodycraft Fitness Xpress Pro Home Gym Exercise Machine is electro-magnetically applied in powder form to evenly coat all surfaces, then baked on at high temperatures for a tough, long lasting finish. I've been working out at home for five years now, and have acquired all of my equipment slowly and steadily. Many of the other clients are facing the same physical issues as I am, so watching us all make progress is encouraging.
I've been known to ask for fitness equipment for gifts (my last birthday gift was the Lebert Equalizer) and I can now say that I pretty much have everything I need for very versatile workouts. We will try to beat any price on a home gym that is on the web! FitnessZone® will be able to custom fit you on a home gym that will help you obtain your fitness goals while meeting your budget or space requirements. We carry such brands as: BodyCraft Home Gyms, Body Solid Home Gyms, Inspire Fitness Home Gyms, Life Fitness Home Gyms, Gyrotonic Home Gyms, Powertec Home Gyms, Powerline Fitness Home Gyms and many more.
The BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym has been on of our best sellers on the web site because of it's exercises that it offers. We have service technicians on call 7 days a week throughout the World for our customer's service needs.
The BodyCraft K1 Home Gym lets you perform a wide range of exercises, with stations for chest presses, shoulder presses, lat pulls, leg lifts, and more. The BodyCraft K1 starts with a press arm that easily adjusts to any starting point, or folds conveniently out of the way dumbbell training. The removable weight bench provides all the traditional angles for Decline, Flat, and Incline Bench Presses, Shoulder Presses, and Squats! The unique, "Turbo-Boost Feature" easily converts the resistance for Presses and Squats from 200 to 300 pounds! The thought and engineering detail that's been poured into the design of the BodyCraft K2 Home Gym really is breathtaking.

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