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The Body-Solid G10B Home Gym, featuring Body-Solid’s new “Bi-Angular” technology, is one of the most unique offerings of the Body-Solid fitness equipment lineup.
The set, which features two different seated stations and one standing station, covers over fifty different exercises and is very easy to use and install. As a multi-station gym set, the actual unit is surprisingly space-efficient and is designed to fit in a home fitness room or anywhere where there is a spare corner and enough floor area. So, the G10B is a little bit on the heavy side but is certainly not unusually bulky as it is about average in comparison with other multi-station units. At the same time, the G10B has professional-quality comfort and safety features, such as well-padded handlebars, full lumbar support, and ultra-strength tensile steel aircraft cables.
It features a frame that is best described as very sturdy, with a true powder finish for a professional look and feel.

The set is well-geared towards fitness enthusiasts as it has all of the work outs (and more) that fitness buffs will appreciate. The most compelling feature of the set is the “Bi-Angular” technology, which allows for a more realistic bench press (chest press) exercise with a focus on developing triceps as well as other muscle groups without putting any unnecessary strain on the back.
The Body-Solid G10B would also make a great gift or purchase for beginners because it is a complete workout system that will help consolidate some of the normally confusing verbiage and terminology, and the physical equipment itself, for those who are just beginning to work out on a regular basis.
Body Solid, as always, includes a wonderful lifetime warranty on the frame, pads, pulleys, and cables. The Body Solid G10B also incorporates lat pull-downs, seated rows, leg extensions, and ab crunches, among other workouts, to the tune of over fifty different exercises. Pulleys are available in fiberglass or nylon, though the fiberglass pulleys are the obvious better option and help to make resistance realistic and smooth as in free weights.

Body Solid doesn’t skimp out on the little things, either: the G10B features upholstery and padding with a lifetime warranty, a towel holder, and even a wall chart to help you keep track of the myriad of exercises available on the set. It’s easy to see that regular and correct use of the G10B could present visible, noticeable results in a short period of time.

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