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After you have been working out for a while, there comes a time when moving your gear in and out of the living room each morning gets to be too much to deal with. As you know, there has been such a large response from the teamRIPPED Nation that I am going to be breaking this apart into multiple posts.
Free standing pull up and dip station, tons of free weights, and Arnold to watch over his workout.
One big plus to a dedicated home gym is that you don’t have to hide all your gear when you are done. This shows some real commitment to the lifestyle if you are going to invest this amount of space and money in to your home gym. Mike is a little fanatical, but we love that here and that is exactly what has made Mike have such success with Beachbody!

Stand alone pull up station (great for dips too), tons of med balls and dumbbells, clever “stand” to hold his bands, and even a treadmill!
Tyler is one of the original Asylum crazies and knows how to bring it with the best of them.
I am not so sure about the decorations of his home gym… I hope that doesn’t impact performance! I guess that’s what happens when you have a teamRIPPED Home Gym photo shoot and you get so many awesome gyms!
You need double the gear and double the space if you are going to work out with a spouse or friend. It might take you getting creative, but making a room’s single purpose  to house your home gym is fantastic.

Take a look at his pull up bar, it is called a Stud Bar, and is another good option for a fixed bar (I have a P3 System from Rogue Fitness if you want to check out more). It offers you the ability to really utilize your space and get some pretty sweet equipment!

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