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Ever since the recording of history, man has been obsessed with strength and the physique that accompanied it.
Currently, the strength and conditioning industry is experiencing a revolution in methodology; a resurgence of old fashion FW training. December 2013 BeFit Method™ Challenge: “Super-Charged” AEROGA® Takes the Stage at The One Love Nutrifest. Many research have shown the fact that gym equipment help a lot in the creation of muscles. Killer of Obesity – 1 Teaspoon Per Day of Cumin Powder and You Can Lose Up To 33 Pounds in 3 Months!
You only have to look at the variety of exercises available not only with dumbbells, but with kettlebells, sleds etc to see the obvious benefits of training with free weights.
Free weights on the other hand are inexpensive, portable and take up very little space – leaving room to move! So what’s it going to be, the free or machine weights?  Well in all actuality, the real choice comes down to one’s own preference and accessibility, not the type of equipment.
A Brief About UsWe here at Nova Fitness Equipment, specialize in fitness and rehabilitation equipment. The initial move away from “vertical” free weight (FW) started with the use of pulleys that allowed for horizontal resistance. The leaders in the field of performance enhancement are promoting functional training (FT) as a way to look better, feel better and function better. They can be effective if you are dealing with a person who has some neurological condition that renders a FW exercise dangerous. However, they cannot afford proper stimulation of torso and stabilization muscles. Due to this fact, many people use free weights workout through making complex exercises. Whether you exercise with machines or free weights, if you’re aiming to gain muscles or to lose weight, always drink water, watch the diet and stay positive.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Research has shown that with the help of free weights, one can advance faster in a shorter amount of time. With that being said, free weights tend to be more versatile, inexpensive, and offer a more real-life lifting experience and whole body stabilization. With years of experience in the home fitness industry, our leadership knows this business and we know good customer service. If you are like most people, the amount of resistance training machines (RTM) on the exercise floor is the main indicator of a gym’s potential for effectiveness. Follow history to the modern era and you will surely remember Charles Atlas and the workouts available through gum wrappers!
Various springs, wires, cables and rubber items were constructed to offer resistance outside of gravity’s influence. I also train my clients on RM to teach them how to use different gym equipment while they travel.

In addition, you will see the advantages and disadvantages of free weights and workout with gym equipment. Also, they can enhance one’s balance coordination and the ability to move through a bigger range-of-motion.
This is because both have their advantages and drawbacks so making a decision based only on one criterion, such as price for example, is not the best way to solve your dilemma.You might be wondering why you should invest in the home gym machines when you can work your muscles and lose pounds through free weights exercises? Post World War II, various contraptions such as vibrating belts and electric fat rollers started popping up.
It addresses and simultaneously trains multiple planes of motions, teaches how to deal with gravity in functional positions, and how to manipulate physical elements, such as inertia, momentum and impulse.
But, even research shows that while both RM and FW training are effective for conditioning, FW training is superior for improved mass, strength and power. The less experienced, may make a combination of free weights  and workout with gym equipment.
Whereas, weight machines are somewhat limited due to their adjustments for the seat, handles, etc.  Overall, free weights allow one to be in complete and total control that helps one achieve more in less time.
With the adjustments they can be suited to one’s own body dimensions, which will allow full range of motion possible. Well maybe because home gym stations have plenty of features and accessories that enable you to train even the hardest to reach muscles.On the other hand, why should you limit to free weights instead of choosing some complex fitness machines for home gyms? Well, perhaps after reading this article you will have a better understanding of what effective is. If one looks at the hieroglyphics, the Atlas workouts, or sees a “Strong Man” competition, several commonalties show up.
At about the same time, “weight-stack” lever and pulley systems (Universal) became popular. FT does all of this in a very entertaining and interesting way, and due to its strong neurological component, it sometimes provides result within minutes! I believe the overuse of RM is just another indicator of our “make everything easy for me – give me the gadget” society. An answer could be because you’re on a budget, don’t have plenty of room at home or don’t have time to work out regularly. None require the support of RM, all use free weight modalities, and all involve lifts or events that are dynamic, “ground based” and use multiple joints.
This is a very hard combination for any training methodology to live up to or compete with.
Either way, it’s really good to have some dumbbells or kettlebells at home, no matter what fitness machine you already have.Anyway, to make things simpler, we took the time to analyze the pros and cons of both these options so look at the lists below if you want to make sure you get the most of your home workout routine!Home gym equipment – pros and consIf you have a larger budget and want to invest in some quality fitness machine for a home gym, then a multifunctional home gym machine is definitely a great starting point.
Some campaigns depicted FW training as somewhat dangerous and all touted RTM as the best new way of training. No, RTM can be effective for some applications – it’s just that most of what can be done with RTM can also be done with FW training can usually do it better! We want to burn calories or make our hearts stronger while reading the morning paper – sit me on the recumbent bike!

RM may be safer in an unsupervised environment where novices may be training without professional guidance. For example, to lift barbells, it is always good to have someone else with you, as some exercises can be very dangerous if you put too much weight.Machines for home workouts are generally compact, including a solid frame, some mobile parts, padded seats or benches and adjustable weights systems, with cables and pulleys most of the times. But, unsupervised training should not be occurring anyway, it is a danger to the trainee and a liability to any establishment. With the use of a selector pin, RM allow you to change resistance quickly, permitting ease of use in circuit training or when working in large groups of individuals. These machines are built as all-in-one stations so all you need is there, from the moment you start the training session.You won’t have to figure out by yourself how to use weights for a wider range of exercises and what else to include in your workout program to target multiple muscle groups. Thus, these home gyms are less intimidating than kettlebells, dumbbells and exercising resistance cords.How about the bad parts of home gym equipment?They’re expensive, sometimes too expensive compared to free weights.
Beside, they need more maintenance then simple weights, which may result in extra costs.By offering support to the muscles that aren’t involved in a certain exercise, they sometime work fewer muscle groups than what you can do with free weight workouts. If you work a weak muscle as part of a chain, it will eventually strengthen to its balanced strength ratio to the other muscles of that chain! If you want optimum performance enhancement, get under some FW, work hard and forget about the “deals” – in optimum performance there are none!
Machines always have a maximum resistance provided by the weights and cables system, but free weights workouts have no limits. FW by a long shot!As you can see, all of the “advantages” of RM are not exactly advantageous. Barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells can cause serious injuries when used improperly, so this is one of the greatest drawbacks of free weights trainings.Another disadvantage is that you have to figure out by yourself how each tool can be used in order for the workout to target a specific group of muscles.
If you are interested in just your everyday fitness and health program, then RM may offer you some noticeable conditioning gains. However, as it was previously mentioned, it’s good to have both home gym machine and some free weights, as that can help you to achieve your fitness goal faster. Most people who take the time to train want “optimum results”, that’s why they train to begin with!
Since it does not stabilize your body for you, training with FW forces teaches you proper lifting and stabilization mechanics. This utilizes more muscle groups, creates a larger training effect and also reduces the likelihood of an injury due to poor lifting technique or muscular imbalance.
Finally, the variety of FW equipment, and its wide application capabilities, allows an individual to stay challenged and motivated.

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