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The Weider Commercial Smith Rack and Bench is made with a sturdy 4 post cage design and includes a durable utility bench with an adjustable seat bottom, which allows for flat, incline and decline bench positions. Greatmats is pleased to offer a large selection of discount and in stock gym mats for sale.
Whatever your sport or exercise training needs are, our gym mats for sale can meet the challenge. Groups that need to travel such as cheerleading teams or martial arts groups find these mats convenient because they are so easily transported and provide great impact absorption. All of our gymnastic mats and tumbling folding gym mats are hand-crafted of extremely durable 18-oz 6P compliant vinyl with double-stitched seams.
Gym mats for sale are perfect for gymnastics, cheerleading and tumbling, but are versatile enough to be used for aerobic exercise and martial arts as well.
Mat Safety Tips: Please note that gym mats and protective equipment are never 100% effective at eliminating or reducing all injuries. My daughter received as Christmas present she is able to use it for tumbling and my son for his martial arts items. The gym provides a total body workout (arms, legs, shoulders, chest, abs, etc.) It cost me over $xxxx about 8 years ago and it's still in great shape but I need the space.

Its equipped with 2 high swivel pulleys, a low pulley with row plate and a smith bar with linear bearings, in addition to a leg developer, preacher pad, attached curl bar and more.
Gym mats for sale are perfect for home users and schools who are working with a budget, but don't want to sacrifice durability and quality. Ideal for cheerleading and gymnastics training, our gym mats are also perfect for martial arts studios and Pilates. These tumbling mats feature 2-foot wide panels that fold accordion-style for easy storage and transportation. They can be used to cushion athletes from high impact activities but also are comfortable enough to be used for floor exercises.
While these sale priced gym mats are affordable, they are still made of high quality and industry leading materials including PE foam, 6P compliant vinyl, and double stitching.
Use V4 for attaching the gym mats to each other on the long side of the gym mats and for side-to-side placement. I cannot speak to the long-term durability because we used them on a stage set as the outfield of a baseball diamond, but for our purposes, they worked very, very well and were the only green mats we could find. Whether you are working out at home or at school, you need a mat that is durable enough to meet your demands.

All folding gym mats for sale feature a durable inner PE foam core for maximum support and comfort. To use these gym mats for sale as wall pads simply screw the external flange on the long side of the mats to a firing strip attached to the wall.
It is important to note that nothing can substitute for proper instructions, spotting and good common sense in the teaching of gymnastics or other activities. I was very impressed with how easy it was to order and it was delivered quickly free of charge. They also have 2 inch hook and loop fasteners on all four sides for end-to-end and side-to-side attachment as desired.
Landing on the head or in an out-of-control position can result in injuries regardless of your surface padding or the number of mats you use. They are definitely higher quality than the ones I purchased for my own children for gymnastics practice.

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