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Home Gym Equipment you need to Workout at Home: Find out what equipment you need at home for a total body workout. These days, when almost everybody has got health problems, exercise is a must – be it at Home or in the Gym.
Health & fitness is big business, and companies are not going to miss out on this opportunity to target this kind of audience.
This is the reason you have access to a range of home gym products that are not only effective, yet take very little time, and can be fun to use (to some extent). If you have just begun, or intend to start exercising regularly again but do not have the time to join a gym, then you might be interested in knowing some inexpensive ways to do workouts at home. For around 20k-22k rupees (300 dollars) you can get yourself all the stuff that is needed to do a total body workout. A gym membership for a year starts from Rs 10k to 12k and can go up to 30k to 35k per year. If you intend to buy used exercise machines, get it checked with a firm that provides annual maintenance service for gym equipment, and buy it only if they’re willing to offer annual maintenance service for those machines. If you are going to do more of strength training, then you need to perform exercises such as squats, bench press, lat pull downs & rows.

However, the problem with performing these exercises using free weights is that, you really cannot push yourself hard using free weights, when you are alone at home.
There is always an element of risk when working at your limits without any safety mechanisms.
The best home gym machines are basically three-station system, which lets you do over a dozen effective free weight exercises in machine form. Octane Fitness is the leading manufacturer of Gym Equipment & fitness products, especially elliptical cross trainers (regarded worldwide as No.
So if you want to setup your gym or want some stuff for yourself, checkout Octane Fitness Products & Gym Equipment in Mumbai. For that to happen, you need to have a good control over your diet and also exercise regularly. In fact, most exercises can be done even at home without having to invest in expensive gym equipment. There are many who would love to get fit but don’t want to join a gym and go through long workout sessions.
If you don’t want an expensive multi-gym machine, or an expensive bowflex system, or something that takes lot of space at home, you can go in for something basic such as dumbbells or kettlebells.

If you don’t like to do yoga or free hand exercises, you can always setup a small (nothing fancy) gym at home including a treadmill or cross trainer plus a few weights and a bench and an exercise mat. If you have a bigger budget, and also more space (80-100 square feet), you can even go in for exercise machines.
These combine the feel and resistance of free weights, with safety and control of a machine. However, if you don’t have a good health, it is difficult to be cheerful and also to work hard, which impacts your ability to make money.
The multi system does not use any cables or pulleys so aside from pure motion, it is virtually maintenance free and easy to assemble.
Octane Fitness is the only elliptical to offer cardio and interval training together on one machine with the CROSS CIRCUIT accessory kit.

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