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As a busy single parent to my two young children it can be as much effort trying to arrange childcare, dropping the little ones off and getting to a local gym than actually doing the workout itself.
I have a pretty standard home setup of cupboard fitness equipment including dumbbells, push up rings, a pull up bar, kettle bells, resistance bands, a sit-up bench and pole for pole fitness with my only electronic equipment being a vibration plate. Hire Fitness have a huge selection of gym equipment for home use from treadmills and exercise bikes to rowing machines, vibration plates and weight benches to suit every fitness goal. What I also love about Hire Fitness is that you can choose multiple pieces of equipment to use at once to effectively bring an entire gym to your home without the upfront costs of buying it all which is great if you’re working to a deadline for getting fit because you can invite the whole family over to workout together and share the cost. Here I have the Deluxe Home Elliptical Cross-Trainer which is perfect for a┬átotal┬ábody workout as it works all of my muscle groups across sixteen silent magnetic resistance programmes to keep me on my toes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I may be a little biased as I wrote this book, but I'm incredibly pleased with how it has been received by men and women alike. I get a very small window of opportunity for free time between school runs, meal times, out of school activities and house chores to actually stop and do something for myself, and more often than not I spend it playing catch-up on everything I’ve failed to finish doing throughout the week.

Upon deciding what equipment to hire I first looked at which area of my training I haven’t already covered with the weight based pieces that I already have and so I chose a cross-trainer which would be a great total-body workout to up my cardio ability. Like many I would imagine, I’m not privileged to have a spare room or wide open space in my compact family home so I have turned my dining table to one side and placed my cross trainer in my kitchen which is the heart of our home. Or like me you can start with one piece in your kitchen and see how you get on for a month or so before swapping it for something different or trying something totally new.
It also measures my speed, distance, time, incline, calories, heart-rate, optimum pace, body fat and BMI which is great because I am extremely motivated by figures and progress and this way I can keep track of my results. I'm a 28yr old PR Friendly blogger, model and TV personality from London England, vegan and a single parent to my two wonderful children Millisent 8yrs and Gabriele 3yrs.
I’m a massive fitness fan and have adapted my lifestyle to workout from home where I can be with the children and not disrupt my hectic schedule, so having professional gym equipment readily available in my home via Hire Fitness is a total game changer to my workout routine. Not only is it a space that I can allocate aside my cleaning cupboard out of the way but it also means that I can keep an eye on the children whilst working out and even watch the dinner cooking which kills two birds with one stone! Hiring fitness equipment gives you the same benefits of using a gym but with the VIP experience of having it all to yourself whenever you want it.

It gives me the freedom to explore and maintain a consistent fitness regime without the outside obstacles of transport, childcare and availability. Having my cross trainer in the comfort of my own home has allowed me to workout five days a week with the weekends as my rest days, a routine that I have set myself but you could do every day if you wanted, or every other day to start even.
It comes with a mains power plug to operate the computer and programmes which I only switch on when I want to use it and there is also a users manual and bottle holder, literally everything I need to get myself into shape for Christmas. Hire Fitness have made my active lifestyle not only affordable but extremely convenient and the results show all over my body, purse and face because of it!

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