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Here is 10 Inspirational Modern Home GYM Design Ideas for having your own personal workout place. Recent Commentskranthi on Challenges of Installing an Indoor Vertical GardenRalph Eckland on 10 Beautiful Fireplace IdeasTerry F.
Location – Choosing the proper location for your home fitness area is the most important decision. Now that you have the proper equipment, paint color, mirrors and flooring you can add some finishing touches.
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58 Well Equipped Home Gym Design Ideas - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Home gyms are preferable because they are at hand 24 hours a day, meaning you can access the equipment you want to work with at exactly the time that suits you.

Just like with any gym membership you need to evaluate the hours you will be able to work out. Grouping your equipment in like categories will probably be most beneficial and make the flow of the room consistent.
Floor to ceiling mirrors on the walls is a proven way to help people stay motivated during their workouts.
Having the proper mats to support your equipment and dumbbells is definitely something to consider when designing your home gym. Add a couple TVs in the corners to keep you entertained while grinding away the grueling cardio workouts and install a stereo system to help you get in the zone.
Accent your club room with this stylish as well as fashionable Incredible-Ijoy-Massage-Chair-Decorating-Ideas-Images-in-Home-Gym-Traditional-design-ideas-. If you put this near the bedrooms then you will have to limit the noise made while working out. Put in a water cooler and a couple motivational posters on the walls and you’re off to the beach in no time! Often you don’t have time to go to a gym after work because of traffic jams or any other reasons, but there’s a way out!
Get the most out of your gymnasium by decorating it in a chic and contemporary style that you might find in a high class hotel. If you are able build the fitness room in the basement or a side of the house that is far from the bedrooms you can more easily work out at any time as well as play music or watch television. You will definitely want to evaluate thick rubber flooring, mats, or a heavy duty PVC mat where you will be lifting any weights. Having the proper flooring or mats in your home gym promotes safety and protects your original floor if you should drop a weight or bar. The only thing is that there are no excuses to why you didn’t get your exercise in for the day when the gym is in your own home.

Floor to ceiling mirrors are best, particularly if your gym is in the basement with no natural light. In addition to the convenience depending on your local market you may also build a return on investment when compared to gym dues, travel time, and gas costs. Wooden sprung flooring is relatively expensive, but ideal if you want to use the room for dance work outs or ball games. Sure, you will want a space set aside for those elements, but a gym should reflect your personality and have space for the sports you are interested in. Set aside part of the gym for a climbing wall or install a soccer goal to hone your shooting practice. Set up a television set facing the fitness machines so you can while away a session with your favorite shows. If you are unsure what gear to purchase, go for a running machine and a cross trainer to begin with. A great design idea is to have your gym overlook the pool through internal glazing, so they are connected but separated.
Gym sliding doors are on trend and have the additional benefit of saving space for your equipment, compared with conventional doors. If you don’t have a spare room ready to convert, it is possible to make a contemporary feeling gym in a variety of places if you use the right decor.

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