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After you have been working out for a while, there comes a time when moving your gear in and out of the living room each morning gets to be too much to deal with. It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to use one of the rooms in a house or apartment as an exercise room. 1 – Include window treatments that allow you to adjust the level of privacy and sunlight in the room, for example blinds. 2 – Install recessed lighting, which will provide the room with a sufficient amount of light. 4 – Opt for collapsible exercise equipment that you can fold and store discretely between workouts. 5 – Include drawer units or bins for storing small equipment such as dumbbells and jump ropes. 6 – Equip the exercise room with an entertainment system that includes a television and music player. 7 – Decorate the walls with elements that will motivate you and provide you with positive energy. Designer furniture and decoration by Lenny Kravitz at CB2 Actor, singer, fashion designer, try to be successful with activities in other industry or are at least quietly popular. Floating furniture – 11 futuristic design objects Futuristic and unusual pieces of furniture definitely draw attention to itself and serve as eye-catchers. Bunk bed for adults – 9 space-saving ideas for small apartment The small apartment presents us with the challenge to optimise the cramped space, smart so that to find room for everything useful.
Easter eggs with watercolor painting – lovely DIY ideas Are you for the first time with your children paint Easter eggs and fashion? Top 17 creative wall design for modern house in 2016 Creative wall design is trendy and can be so easy! 19 Easter Baking gifts & souvenirs for 2016 My collection of recipes and tips in this article are not only limited to the Thermomix.

Bathrooms in blue Bathrooms in blue conveys a sense of relaxation and tranquility , because it is very common to use the color blue in the spa-style bathrooms!
Decorating ideas for a basement family room Update basement is increasing in popularity. Modern chairs are real attention-grabbers in the interior design The right furniture to create the right atmosphere in the room. Ideas for Children’s Rooms decor Our children usually don’t have a say in the look of their rooms.
10 Modern outdoor fireplace designs and pictures Outdoor fireplaces on the patios become cozy sitting outdoors where people can gather and relax, even when it’s cold in the air. As you know, there has been such a large response from the teamRIPPED Nation that I am going to be breaking this apart into multiple posts. Free standing pull up and dip station, tons of free weights, and Arnold to watch over his workout. One big plus to a dedicated home gym is that you don’t have to hide all your gear when you are done. This shows some real commitment to the lifestyle if you are going to invest this amount of space and money in to your home gym.
Mike is a little fanatical, but we love that here and that is exactly what has made Mike have such success with Beachbody! Stand alone pull up station (great for dips too), tons of med balls and dumbbells, clever “stand” to hold his bands, and even a treadmill! Tyler is one of the original Asylum crazies and knows how to bring it with the best of them. I am not so sure about the decorations of his home gym… I hope that doesn’t impact performance!
I guess that’s what happens when you have a teamRIPPED Home Gym photo shoot and you get so many awesome gyms!

A home gym allows fitness enthusiasts the freedom and flexibility to carry out their exercise routine at any time of day. At the same time, this minimalistic lighting system will not clutter the space with bulky equipment. In addition to making the room appear more open and spacious, mirrors can help you monitor your posture as you exercise, decreasing the risk of injury. Doing so will both reduce the risk of children hurting themselves on the machines and allow you to use the room for other purposes when not exercising.
For added convenience, designate a drawer or bin for each family member to use for storing their workout clothes, towels and other materials. Many fitness enthusiasts find that watching TV or listening to music during exercise is a source of motivation and adds to the experience.
Ideas include painting the walls in a color scheme that you find to be relaxing and calming or creating a mural with a pleasant theme such as the beach. You need double the gear and double the space if you are going to work out with a spouse or friend. Other sources of inspiration include displaying athletic trophies that you have won or framed photographs of you and your family members or friends playing sports. It might take you getting creative, but making a room’s single purpose  to house your home gym is fantastic.
Take a look at his pull up bar, it is called a Stud Bar, and is another good option for a fixed bar (I have a P3 System from Rogue Fitness if you want to check out more).
It offers you the ability to really utilize your space and get some pretty sweet equipment!

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