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Canadians spend hundreds of millions of dollars on household cleaning products every year (all-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, air fresheners, bathroom cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, de greasers, window cleaners etc.
Most of us are aware of the hazard symbols found on many cleaning products, labelled “poison”, irritant” or “corrosive”. However, there is no requirement in Canada for manufactures to warn consumers about the chronic, long term exposure to these chemicals. Where is it?: stainless-steel cleaners, window cleaners, drain cleaners, toilet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, oven cleaners, car polish, and all-purpose cleaners. Where is it?: degreasers, carpet cleaners, glass cleaners, laundry stain removers, automobile cleaners, windshield wiper fluid, , oven cleaners, and rust removers.
Made from petrochemicals, and may be contaminated with trace amounts of heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium and lead. These chemicals, commonly found in laundry detergents, can react with nitrites to form carcinogenic nitrosamines.
Where is it?: oven cleaners, liquid laundry detergents, all-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, car wash products, degreasers, dishes soap, and glass and surface cleaners. Where is it?: all-purpose cleaners, liquid laundry detergents, stain removers,air fresheners, toilet bowl cleaners, degreasers, and car wash products. This chemical is an irritant to the lungs and can cause an allergic response once it has may contact with the skin. Where is it?: fabric softeners, bathroom cleaning products, all-purpose cleaners, fabric softeners, and degreasers. SLS is a skin irritant and Environment Canada’s preliminary categorization of this chemical indicates that it may be toxic to the environment.

This chemical Rated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a possible human carcinogen.
So, you are probably wondering what to clean your house or wash your clothes with if so many common brands contain these harmful chemicals! There are many natural brands on the market that do not contain these chemicals (found in health food stores, or the natural section of the grocery store). Baking soda, vinegar and an essential oil of your choice can also be very effective at cleaning most objects in your home (including your clothes!). This entry was posted in Corporate Wellness Toronto, cosmetics, Infusion Health, Lifestyle and tagged cleaning products, corporate health, corporate health toronto, Corporate Naturopathic Doctors, Corporate Naturopathic Doctors Toronto, how to eliminate toxins, how to reduce your exposure to toxins, infusion health, toxins.
There is no requirement in Canada for manufactures to warn consumers about the health hazards associated to long term exposure of household cleaning products? These labels are used to warn people about the short term or single use exposure to the product.
In lab experiments, exposure to high doses of 2-BE has been shown to cause reproductive problems.
There is concern that synthetic dyes may cause cancer and that heavy metals can harm the nervous system and cause other adverse health effects. Many of these artificial smells such as “spring fresh” or “warm vanilla” are irritants and can trigger allergies, headaches, and asthma symptoms. In laboratory experiments, this substance has been shown to stimulate the growth of human breast cancer cells and cause adverse reproductive effects in fish and other aquatic organisms. They are also known to cause occupational asthma in cleaning workers and preliminary evidence indicates they may cause adverse genetic and reproductive effects. This natural ingredient (made from finely ground quartz) is hazardous as a dust if inhaled. Long-term exposure in the air may lead to ulceration of the nasal passages and chronic skin irritation. The European Union classifies triclosan as irritating to the skin and eyes, and as very toxic to aquatic organisms, noting that it may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
There are also many companies online that make and distribute healthy & toxin free cleaning products.

This chemical is listed as a toxic substance under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act on the basis that it is harmful to human health.
Dyes in cleaning products can be absorbed through the skin or ingested (ie.soap residue on dishes). Some of these scents can also build up in our ecosystems and be harmful to wildlife (especially aquatic animals). Similar to triclosan, quats are anti-microbial agents and there is concern that their widespread use in household disinfectants is contributing to antibiotic resistant bacteria. Unfortunately, many of these common household cleaners can harm the environment and human health.
Although ammonia also occurs naturally, using this substance for cleaning purposes can result in higher levels of exposure to vapours than from natural sources.
Health Canada identified indoor air and skin contact with cleaning products as the main pathways of exposure.
Furthur, the chemicals used to make many of these fragrances are known to interfere with hormone balance in both men and woman.
Further, if ammonia is mixed with products containing chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite), highly poisonous chloramine gas is formed. Regulations limit the concentration of 2-BE in most household cleaners to 5 or 6 per cent, but higher concentrations are permitted in other products, notably and laundry stain removers (up to 22 per cent). A 3-week wrinkle removal programme!Please use contact form for send message directly to seller. Again, although some products contain low amounts of this substance, chronic low dose exposure may be harmful.

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