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Compact and effective, Cardio T2 is the ideal piece of cardio equipment for endurance training at home. For beginners, the exercise bike is the ideal piece of endurance equipment to get yourself into shape. You will feel the positive effects of cardio training with the Cardio T2 after just a few weeks. In order to ensure that you keep within the correct metabolism range and train efficiently over the entire length of time, your heart rate can be monitored by the HAMMER Cardio T2.
The HAMMER Cardio T2 was designed in sporty white and black, which allows the exercise bike to fit in perfectly with any home decor.
In order to adjust the Cardio T2 Exercise Bike to fit any body size, there are numerous position adjustments possible on the fitness machine.
With space-saving dimensions of 90 x 47 x 135 cm (L x H x W) and a low weight of just 23 kg, the Cardio T2 Exercise Bike is easy to transport at home. The HAMMER Cardio T2 Exercise Bike is the ideal beginner model to begin effective and controlled cardio training at home.
The circular motion is not only very easy on your joints, it also improves your fitness and health in multiple ways. You can also do pulse-controlled exercises with the integrated hand pulse sensors on the Cardio T2. After searching for a long time I decided to buy this machine, as it met my demands fully and because the price was convincing. The machine was delivered very quickly and what was particularly great is that I was informed about the delivery status at all times. Our product advisor will call you back if you want and gives you information about alternative products. With a high-quality exercise bike such as the Cardio XTR from HAMMER you can also effectively work out after a stressful day at work. The seat and handlebar can be adjusted in multiple ways to ensure the best setting for your individual body size. With its high-quality fittings, the Cardio XTR from HAMMER is in the HA exercise bike class and is therefore your perfect workout partner for effective cardiovascular training at home. A longer workout that lasts about 30-60 minutes is ideally suited for working your cardiovascular system and intensely burning fat.
You primarily improve your muscles when your workouts are shorter and more intense, lasting about 15-30 minutes. The high-quality workout computer is the heart of the Cardio XTR exercise bike; it controls the strain and the arrangement of your workout.
The heart rate programs can either be done with specified upper heart rate limits (55%, 75%, 95%), or you can specify your own limit. You performance values are shown on the clearly arranged LCD display, which is also easy to operate.
The exercise bike Cardio XTR from HAMMER is equipped with quality ball bearings and the tried-and-tested permanent magnet braking system to ensure quiet and harmonious motion.
Furthermore, all HAMMER exercise bikes are distinguished by the extremely low spacing between the pedals. Despite the comprehensive technical fittings, the exercise bike hardly takes up any space at all, and with dimensions of just 100 x 54 x 136 cm (L x W x H) when set up it can also be optimally used in smaller apartments. In order for your body to "boot up" all important functions and adjust to the increased workout strain, you should always start by warming up and pedalling for 5-10 minutes at a low watt level. With the exercise bike Cardio XTR from HAMMER, you can work your cardiovascular system and effectively burn calories during your home workouts.
With a total of 18 training programs, including 12 mountain and valley profiles and additional health-oriented heart rate and individual programs, the exercise bike offers many alternatives and numerous workout variations. An enjoyable and comfortable motion is guaranteed by the quality ball bearing and 8kg centrifugal force. The handlebar and seat of the Cardio XTR can be adjusted in multiple ways to suit any body size. Display of distance, duration, speed, intensity, pedal rate, heart rate, and calories burned. You can effectively lose weight and shape your body in the comfort of your own home with a high-quality exercise bike from HAMMER.
The handlebar and the seat of the Cardio XT5 can be adjusted to ensure perfect comfort during your workout.
The gentle cardio training is ideal for losing weight and tightening problem zones, as two factors are always present when you use an ergometer: continuity and precision.
You have two ways to measure your heart rate: using the hand heart rate sensors integrated into the handlebar or via a heart rate receiver for chest straps integrated into the workout computer.
The HAMMER XT5 was designed to be closer to the ground to make it easier to get on the exercise bike. You should start with a low level of intensity so that you can get used to the strain of your workout. You can choose from 12 workout profiles and 4 heart rate-controlled programs on the Cardio XT5. The handlebar and seat can also be adjusted in various ways to accommodate different body heights and weights. You'll have effective fitness and health training at the highest level with the FINNLO Exum Exercise Bike. The premium technology in the FINNLO Exum exercise bike provides for the best possible training comfort. The heart of the FINNLO Exum exercise bike is the premium training computer, which controls your entire workout. With 18 different training programmes, you can exercise as often as you'd like without getting bored. The pulse programme on the FINNLO Exum can either be used with pre-programmed maximum heart rates (55%, 75%, and 95%) or you can set your own limit. The FINNLO Exum exercise bike is equipped with a comfortable gel saddle that takes the pressure off your tail bone. Thanks to the practical transport rollers and a product weight of only 39 kg, you can move the FINNLO Exum exercise bike easily at any time.
In order to achieve the best-possible effects for toning your body and reducing fat, you should vary the intensity of your workout sessions.
During longer sessions, you primarily work in the metabolism range, which promotes your endurance and helps lower your body weight. The FINNLO Exum exercise bike not only makes your health-oriented endurance training especially effective, it also guarantees the easiest and simplest computer controls. The grooved belt drive and induction brake system ensure even and precise movements on the ergometer. The heart of the FINNLO EXUM exercise bike is the especially easy-to-use training computer – for maximum user-friendliness. The handlebars and saddle can be individually adjusted vertically, and the saddle can also adjust horizontally. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking.

RRP for this superior product is A?299Being sold on Amazon and elsewhere for around A?270 !! PREMIUM BUILD QUALITY: You may find lower priced Machines offering similar performance, but do they offer HAMMER's unmatched GERMAN Design Detail and Quality Assurance?. NOTE: Goods cannot be sent until we've received confirmation that someone will be in to sign for delivery. Goods are NOT generally dispatched on Fridays, so that they are not in the care of carriers over the weekend. Communication should be via e-mail where possible please, in keeping with normal practice for Internet businesses. If you are unhappy with the product on receipt, just send it back within 14 days of delivery (or we can arrange collection) and we will issue a refund, less unrecoverable ebay and delivery expenses. Warranty Support is normally provided as delivery of free parts at no cost on exchange, plus detailed and individual advice as necessary. By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you are agreeing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder.
This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. Do you have questions about the products or would you like to order by telephone?Our fitness trainers and product advisors look forward to your call or email! In contrast to ergometers, exercise bike have a manual resistance setting which you can use to define your own resistance easily.
For targeted and efficient training, the Cardio T2 has a training mode with individual maximum pulse limit that shows you your personal fitness mark and recovery capacity after the exercise unit. A high-quality belt drive powers the Cardio T2 Exercise Bike and is supported by quality ball bearings and a 6-kg flywheel mass. The resistance setting is done manually and can be supplemented wonderfully through various training types. Pulse measurement takes place via the integrated hand pulse sensors located on the handles in a comfortable position. The saddle can be positioned in multiple vertical positions, and the angle of the handles can be adjusted..
After 30 minutes, fat burning becomes the dominant source of energy, which allows you to effectively burn off subcutaneous fatty tissue. You are completely independent of weather and time, and can knock out an intensive workout during your favourite TV show.
An easy-to-use training computer with LCD display keeps all of the relevant info ready for you. This form of exercise is extremely efficient because you never leave your individual metabolic zone, giving you the best possible benefits from your workout. In case of a return, we ask you to contact us previously by mail or phone so we can arrange the pick up for you. You can enter your email address and we will inform you as soon as the product is back in stock.
They include mountain and valley profiles, heart rate programs, and strains that you can set individually. A quality ball bearing and a precise permanent magnet braking system guarantee a fluid and smooth motion. Thanks to the variety of exercise options, the exercise bike can be ideally used for both longer and shorter sessions. A workout of this duration primarily gets energy from your lipometabolism, which is ideal for reducing body weight and fat. With a total of 18 workout programs, you can work out as often as you like without ever getting bored during your sessions. The computer beeps to notify you when your values exceed your upper limit during your cardio training sessions at home.
Practical rollers are attached to the feet for easy transport, allowing you to easily move the XTR around the room. Then increase the resistance by about 30% and ride at this level for an additional 30-40 minutes, depending on how much time your day allows. In this way you can improve your endurance, strengthen your muscles and shape your body at any time. You can measure your heart rate via an optional chest strap or using the integrated hand heart rate sensors. The indoor workout gives you flexibility in terms of time, frees you from worrying about the weather and offers the option of precise strain management. You can choose from 12 strain profiles and 4 heart rate-controlled programs on the LCD display to create the perfect workout session.
Your workout does not depend on how the weather is outside, which means you can always stay on point and never have to skip a workout. They help you understand and the processes that are triggered after your workout, and you can use that information to design a more effective workout. Your upper heart rate limit ensures that you always work within the correct metabolism range and maximize your success. This means the exercise bike has 16 strain levels you can choose from using the standard LCD display. The handlebar and seat are adjustable, so you can easily find a position that works for you. Flexibility in terms of time, freedom from worrying about the weather and precise strain management are convincing reasons for making the bicycle ergometer your workout partner of choice.
You can set an upper heart rate limit on the clear LCD monitor to ensure that you always stay in the most effective exercise range.
The comfortable gel saddle guarantees comfort even for long endurance training and can be adjusted to fit your body as can the handle bars. Precision ball bearings and an 8-kg flywheel mass guarantee even steps and a smooth, quiet operation. The resistance control is RPM-independent, meeting the extensive intensity control in Watts of the DIN EN 957 standard. It optimally prevents pressure and friction problems, allowing for even longer training sessions. The saddle and handlebars can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, enabling perfect training ergonomy.
For a change, simply roll your exercise bike in front of the TV and watch your favourite shows while exercising. In contrast, shorter sessions strengthen, tone and define your legs and butt muscles primarily. The sophisticated equipment provides for comfortable cardio training that will help you improve your endurance, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and efficiently reduce your weight.
It's a pity that there are no Hammer shops in Hamburg, or anywhere in northern Germany for that matter. For such refunds, returns must be in the boxed and protected condition as received, complete with all original packing, accessories and enclosures.
Alternatively, just send the item back to us for rectification or replacement if necessary, but please contact us for advice beforehand.Refunds are given only if a replacement of the same or equivalent specification is not available, and AFTER the original item has been returned.

By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
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The workout is not only extremely easy on the joints, it also promotes your fitness and health in myriad ways. A 6 kg flywheel mass and quality ball bearing complete the high-quality technical features. At the same time, you will strengthen your leg muscles and ensure optimised blood flow and nourishment for your joints, tendons and ligaments, which will be kept healthy and stable through exercise.
The pedals are equipped with adjustable foot straps, which provide a secure hold for different shoe sizes. To do this, set the resistance on your Cardio T2 Exercise Bike on a low level and increase it only high enough that at least 30 minutes of workout time is possible. The proven permanent magnetic brake system, belt drive and quality ball bearings provide smooth operation. You simultaneously strengthen your entire leg and buttock musculature, which results in a thinner and more defined body. Both the handlebar and the seat on the Cardio XTR can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. If you want to push your limits even more, slightly increase the intensity every 5 minutes and set the resistance extremely high for approximately 30 seconds. Take advantage of these benefits for targeted weight and fat reduction, to tighten and shape your body and to increase your endurance and performance. With a range of 16 strain levels and variable intensity, the exercise bike pushes even advanced users to their limits.
Thanks to the practical compatibility with der-trainingsplan.de, you can personalize your workout so that your needs are covered.
You can even adjust the seat horizontally to shorten the distance between the handlebar and the workout computer.
With dimensions when set up of us 113 x 54 x 133 cm (L x W x H), the home exercise machine saves a lot of space and is very transportable.
The variable workout improves your endurance and, with an average 500 kcal burned per hour, really helps you burn off the fat.
Endurance training not only strengthens your cardiovascular system, but it also helps you burn calories and quickly get to your dream figure. The Exum exercise bike is driven by maintenance-free grooved belts, which are regulated by an induction brake system. All areas on the FINNLO Exum display different workout info, which makes the menu easy to navigate.
Based on your resting heart rate progression, the training computer calculates your fitness grade, displayed like a school grade between 1 and 6. This is further promoted with the minimal pedal gap, which is typical of FINNLO exercise bike.
When combined, the Exum exercise bike provides effective fitness training that provides both variety and fun in your workouts. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Warranty returns should be complete with all original packing, accessories and enclosures, unless otherwise agreed.
A training computer with easy to read LCD display conveniently shows all of your important workout data: distance, time, calories burned, speed, steps per minute, and pulse. The resistance is regulated by a permanent magnetic brake system, which guarantees a precise and even form of exercise.
Longer workouts on the exercise bike also have positive effects on your health: Your heart rate goes down, your heart and lungs work more economically, your blood values improve and your blood pressure sinks. You have the option of measuring your heart rate via integrated hand heart rate sensors and an optional chest strap. The monitor simultaneously displays distance, time, speed, pedal rate, heart rate, watt and current number of calories burned.
The belt is regulated by a permanent magnet brake system, which guarantees exact strain regulation. This makes it possible for you to adjust your workout program to your performance level and to your mood on any given day.
You can measure your heart rate using different mechanisms, and your heart rate can then be used to make your workout even more effective. You simultaneously strengthen your leg and butt muscles, resulting in optimal tightening of tissue and cellulite prevention. The intensity is controlled via the training computer and can be set in 5-Watt increments to between 25 and 400 Watts. This makes the FINNLO Exum ideal for all body sizes from 155 cm to over 200 cm without any compromises.
The moderate exercise form achieves high calorie burning potential that contributes to reducing fat and body weight.
Bit by bit, you can increase the time, then the frequency, and finally the intensity of your cardio training. You can determine your heart rate using the hand heart rate sensors or a chest strap receiver.
Heart rate can be conveniently measured using the included ear clip or the integrated chest strap receiver. The Exum Exercise Bike from FINNLO makes your endurance training pleasant, as the comfortable gel saddle gives you comfy seating even on long workout sessions, and both it and the handlebars can be adjusted to fit every body size perfectly.
Besides selecting an individual maximum heart rate, other training goals can also be chosen. Heart rate can also be viewed as a percentage, which is practical, since many training specs for cardio equipment are expressed as percentages. After just a few weeks, you'll notice that your resting heart rate will lower and your body weight drops optimally thanks to pulse-controlled workouts. Pulse is measured on the Exum either via the integrated pulse receptor for a chest strap or ear clip. Therfore please don't leave us NEGATIVE or NEUTRAL FEEDBACK before allowing us a reasonable chance to deal with an issue. With 12 different hill and flat trails and 4 heart rate programs, training on the EXUM is never boring. The clear, blue backlight display shows all the important information like distance, time, speed, step frequency and calories burned at a glance. There's nothing standing in the way of healthy cardio training with endless challenges and motivation.

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