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For active people that not only enjoy how staying fit allows them to live fuller lives but also want to help others experience the same thing, there are few careers better than becoming a personal trainer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment of fitness trainers and instructors is projected to grow 13 percent from 2012 to 2022 with a median income of $31,720 per year or about $15.25 per hour.
An aging baby boomer population that desires to stay fit and millions of Americans young and old that want to do their own personal part to reduce obesity and attendant health risks are just some of the reasons for the growth of this career path. Because of the wide variety of work environments, personal trainers have a tremendous amount of choice in their careers. For many personal trainers, the option to become their own boss and run their own business is a prime motivator and reason for choosing the career path in 2014. Because of the tremendous feelings of satisfaction that trainers get from helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, those that become a personal trainer experience a great deal of joy in their careers. For many people that become a personal trainer, the possibility for travel and adventure is a compelling draw.
While some personal trainers love to work with individuals one on one, others are drawn to group fitness where they can work with a number of people at once. One of the many exciting aspects of a career as a personal trainer is the flexibility of work schedule.
Although there are even more reasons to become a personal trainer in 2014, they all share the enduring benefit of fulfillment and joy that comes from delivering the healthy benefits of physical activity.
A high-intensity cardio training workout set to thumping music on state of the art bikes, our cycling classes will melt the calories away in no time. Our group exercise class schedule changes each month, so be sure to check back here to see all of our class times and exciting new additions to the group fitness program! Track calorie intake, get recipe recommendations and record physical activity with this program designed to keep you on your weight loss and fitness path, both inside and out of the gym.
Check out our slew of group exercise classes happening at our gym in Lorton during the month of May. Gyms On Wheels – Mobile Personal Training is the most advanced and revolutionary mobile personal training system in the country.
We offer personalized weight loss programs, strength, conditioning and cardio right inside the bus.
With 24 locations in Vietnam, Centuryon memberships start at $8,000 and can go up to $24,000, depending on member benefits. Areas that are for Centuryon members are accessible by biometric scans, offering members increased exclusivity.
Their facilities are adorned in luxurious touches that include golden features in the restrooms. The chandeliers within the clubs are custom-designed and made to incorporate black crystal, and the stone flooring is made of imported Italian quartz.
After you’re ready to relax from your workout, you can either head to the steam room, enjoy the dry sauna, slip into a Roman hydrotherapy jacuzzi, or check out the ice room. All of the equipment is imported and Italian-made, and members can get a personal trainer to assist them with their workouts.
Most of the equipment also features touch-screen LED monitors and fitness tracker integration.
Members can also book stretching sessions with trainers who will work with them on trigger point muscles and joint tension relief.
Members can also enjoy private parking and valet services, VIP invitations to fashion shows and concerts, free drinks year-round at the juice bar, and stores that feature merchandise from popular athletic brands like Nike. I’ve found that it’s a little easier to perform just 2 exercises and superset then with a little bit of rest. I’m glad you like what I share and that the ATF site has been a source of help for you in your quest to return to full fitness.
If you look at most of my Angry Trainer workouts  you’ll notice that I don’t use much equipment – and I definitely don’t use any machines.

Using just two exercises is okay in a superset, but it’s definitely not the same as grouping four exercises together.
So you can see each component is represented in this circuit and the next circuit would look similar just with  different target areas.
Jacob S., June 15, 2012Log in to ReplyWhile I do agree with Alfonso and he's given me plenty of good advice, it's just annoying when you try to do a circuit and you have it in your head and then to just have the bench taken or a dumbbell taken in the middle of it is ANNOYING AS HELL. Cindy, June 15, 2012Log in to ReplyI have to say, I just can't workout when it is busy in the gym.
Madge, June 15, 2012Log in to ReplyI'm not sure how people can concentrate when circuit training at the gym.
Started here 15 years ago, XSport Fitness now has 24 locations in and around Chicago, including many in the suburbs and three smaller Express sites (just $9.95 a month). Opened in Lincoln Park in 2009, this gym’s claim to fame is its creative group fitness options.
Ten years ago, the Edgewater Athletic Club opened in the historic Sovereign Hotel, aiming to turn an underused space into a neighborhood gym. In fact, this is just one of ten or more good reasons why becoming a personal trainer in 2014 is a great idea for an increasing number of people.
Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors. While a strong need is just one of the many reasons to become a personal trainer, there are other equally important reasons to consider. From health clubs, sporting facilities, and corporate gyms to schools, leisure and community centres, nursing homes, hospitals, holiday resorts cruise ships and beyond, the choices are nearly limitless. While all of the choices above can be pursued through an employee career track, they can also be opportunities where business owners can thrive and grow. With many personal trainers saying that the career path blurs the line between work and play, the level of daily and long-term satisfaction is something they feel that they could not find in any other career. Everything from working on a cruise ship to working with sporting teams or working for a company in an exotic locale are all possibilities for personal trainers in 2014 and beyond.
These opportunities provide a great deal of variation with a number of specialties ranging from dance, core, stretch, high energy and low impact to boxing, cycling and beyond.
For those that teach classes, they often have a reasonably flexible schedule that allows them to enjoy life to its fullest. With every session and person that you work with, you are actively helping them lead longer and healthier lives through exercise. Our group class instructors guarantee to push you to your limits while ensuring an energetic, thrilling time.
Then sign up for a Free 7 Day VIP Pass and you’ll get to preview our group exercise classes, strength training equipment, cardio floor, and the rest of our great Lorton gym amenities! Whether you are looking for a local personal trainer to get you in the best shape of your life at home, work or school you come to the right place.
Members can get advanced booking on all of the offered classes, as well as one-on-one yoga sessions.
Members can take advantage of complimentary beauty and life enhancement treatments at the club’s Eri International Beauty Clinic. The clubs also offer unlimited health and fitness analysis, as well as nutrition consulting.
Only when we are fully satisfied with the function and reliability of our products do we place them on the market.
What makes my routines so easy to use and go through is the fact that they can be performed anywhere with just a few tools – a medicine ball, resistance bands, kettlebell etc, so there’s really no need to be waiting around for anyone.
In general I use four exercises so that I can utilize the four essential fitness components.
Maybe legs for strength, high knees for aerobic, lateral lunges for balance and then finish with T-Square pushups.

Remember to train the entire body, especially the commonly neglected areas and to eat a healthful diet with minimally processed foods, lots of veggies, a little fruit, lean protein, nuts and seeds. Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind.
Alongside the usual kettlebell and body-sculpting classes, you’ll find Fly Yoga (you hang from special hammocks and perform poses in the air), the Caveman Workout (you swing a sledgehammer and pull heavy ropes), and parkour (you leap, climb, and vault off things). In 2005, the EAC transformed the building’s striking domed ballroom into its weight room and, three years later, renovated the entire property and expanded to its current 15,000-square-foot layout. We review them in an effort to remove foul language, commercial messages, abuse, and irrelevancies.
Depending on career path, personal trainers can earn in excess of $50,000 per year or more. The same can be said of private trainers that set scheduled appointments with their clients.
With more experienced, more and more opportunities will open for those with the personal charisma, business savvy, and drive to succeed. Our Kids Care will keep your little ones safe and smiling while you work on your exercise routine or weight loss program. Every one comes with a minimum of a 1 year warranty and is backed by a full compliment of spare parts and over a decade of expert knowledge in the field.
My problem is that when working out in the crowded weight room the weights or benches or machines that are available at the beginning of a circuit aren’t available later in the routine, and I tend to get caught waiting for someone to finish their exercises. What I’ll typically do is set myself up in the gym near a corner or an open spot on the floor, grab the things I need and use that area for my whole workout. For one, if you find yourself waiting for someone to finish up, use that time for something else. There’s also a studio for spin classes and room after room of strength-training machines, including a boxing apparatus you can spar with. The gym also offers CrossFit classes, the hardcore boot camp workout, for a higher membership fee (starting at $125 a month). Definitely not a megaclub, this gym offers some nice features for the price, such as a 20-yard indoor pool, a steam room, and newish cardio equipment. You could group 2 leg exercises together if you really wanted to hammer legs, or put two movements together that are completely different to really focus on each exercise.
Cheetah distinguishes itself with some thoughtful touches, such as free coffee in the morning and coin-operated washers and dryers.
The locker room showers could use another round of fixes, but the rest of the space is spiffy and never too crowded. Attention, Logan Square residents: Cheetah plans to open in your neck of the woods later this year. The key is that if you’re performing full body workouts make sure you actually train the entire body. Second, there is usually more than one machine that works the same area, so if the lat pull-down is being used, look to see if a seated row is open or maybe an assisted pull-up station. Many trainees get caught up on the “fun” muscles like arms, abs and shoulders and neglect the upper back postural muscles, calves and hamstrings.
Every exercise doesn’t have to be an identical set to set as long as the target area remains the same. Try sticking to a certain routine for 3 weeks then change things up a bit to provide a new stimulus.

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