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Every commercial property experiences wear and tear, including dirt and grime that accumulates from ordinary use.
For a stress free claims process, SERVPRO can help manage the insurance paperwork and process. Our app is a no-cost readiness plan that places your ready plan data on your mobile device for quick access during an emergency.
Water damage can sideline your business without warning resulting in lost revenue and productivity. We treat each client with respect, honesty and integrity at all times, in all aspects of our business.
One sure-fire way to keep flu and other viruses at bay is to wash your hands often and well. In a new study, microbiologists at the University of Westminster in London compared jet air dryers to warm air dryers and paper towels.
The jet air dryer dispersed 20 times more virus than the warm air dryer and over 190 times more than paper towels, at six different heights. The impact of the virus was greatest at 2 ? feet to 4.1 feet — which is about face-level for a small child.
The jet air dryer sent out 20 times more virus than the warm air dryer and over 190 times more virus than paper towels, at nine different distances. And when you’re in a public restroom, remember that low-tech is sometimes better than high-tech — stick with paper towels. This entry was posted in News and tagged clean, dryers, maintenance, sanitary, towels on March 4, 2016 by Brandon Neal. Kinetex® is an advanced textile composite flooring that combines key attributes of soft-surface floor covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard-surface flooring. Created as a unique floor covering alternative to hard-surface products, J+J Flooring Group’s Kinetex encompasses an unprecedented range of performance attributes for retail, healthcare, education and institutional environments. A growing body of research correlates certain aspects of the built environment, such as acoustics, indoor air quality, glare and ergonomics, with measurable outcomes related to productivity, health, safety and effectiveness. This entry was posted in Products and tagged carpet, janitorial, jansan, kinetex, maintenance, products, supply on February 29, 2016 by Brandon Neal.
The Doodle Scrub is ideal for tile and grout, VCT, rubberized stairs, and much more, giving you the ability to clean and prep around bathroom stalls, toilets and urinals, sinks, and stationary equipment. This entry was posted in Machines and tagged clean, doodle scrub, floor, janitorial, maintenance, prep, sanitary, scrub, square scrub on October 15, 2015 by Brandon Neal.
This entry was posted in Products and tagged chemical, cold, ice, ice melt, janitorial, maintenance, melt, products, winter on September 21, 2015 by Brandon Neal.
Genesan’s LinPol Green is a concentrated natural soap that cleans and enhances the appearance of all floors, especially terrazzo, natural stones, polished concrete, gym and synthetic floors.
This entry was posted in Products and tagged chemical, clean, floors, genesan, LinPol, maintenance on August 27, 2015 by Brandon Neal. Generally all gymnasium and fitness centres tend to have a high number of regular customers, who often use gym equipment such as treadmill, exercise bikes, and items such as dumbbells, kettle bells which are common areas that can generate human body bacteria or sweat and bodily fats due to repetitive contact and usage. Duplex Cleaning Machines are specialists in compact steam cleaning solutions and provide many of our steam cleaners that are ideal for fast, complete hygienic cleaning of gym equipment, changeroom, floors, walls, toilets.
Clean curtains, furniture upholstery and drapes as they hang with dry steam to eliminate the need for laundering or professional contract cleaning. Use steam to daily clean changeroom and toilets or use periodically to detail clean tricky areas like grout lines and walls. Use Thermoglide, Duplex floorscrubber or Jetvac steam vacuum to clean and disinfect floors with ease.
Duplex 420 can extract and dry slippery and watery surfaces that occurs in toilets and changerooms. The Jetsteam Maxi is our most powerful portable cleaner in the steam only range, and is suited to everyday commercial use..

Bench Seat and Exercise ChairsUsing a Jetsteam Maxi drastically speeds up cleaning of upholstery. The gym equipment such as exercise bicycle is often a very sticky area, with high traffic of hands and body contact. Efficient clean surfaces and parts using steam to disinfect and restore the quality to brand new.
The shelves and racks are usually left quite greasy and stianed due to the spills of water, human sweats, and residues. Treadmill CleaningCleans treadmill thoroughly and effectively to remove body sweat, dust, stains, spills, grout lines in less time. General Floor CleaningEffortlessly vacuum liquid and gums away from carpets and floors with the Jetvac’s wet vac capabilities. We all know how off putting unpleasant smells can be, even if a place is spotlessly clean - an unpleasant odour can have a disastrous effect on your custom giving the impression that your premises is not as clean as it should be which leads to reduced sales and ultimately loss of profit. We supply a range of Super Hydroxyl air sanitisation units available in multiple sizes that are able to deal not only with unpleasant smells like body odour but also remove aeroallergens such as bacteria, viruses and mould spores from the atmosphere.
This breakthrough technology, originally developed by NASA, does not rely on filters and is virtually maintenance free. OxySafe is a next generation, 21st century, ecological disinfectant, it is non-toxic, chlorine free and ensures an excellent level of hygiene in and around Swimming Pools, Spa's and Saunas in all types of recreational facilities without causing smell or slippery floors.
Treating the water in Swimming Pool with OxySafe will result in crystal clear water without any irritation of the user & completely removes the need to treat pools with chlorine which is increasingly being banned in parts of the US & Europe due to health concerns. The range of service offered by the leisure industry is extremely varied ranging from public swimming pools to hotels and gymnasiums among others.
The benefits that we can offer the leisure industry far outweigh the costs of utilising our technology.
Eliminate unpleasant odours, airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses and mould spores with our air sanitisation systems.
Eliminate the need to use dangerous chemicals such as chlorine in your swimming pool's, saunas and spa pools.
Provide the only EPA approved, superior, bonded, biostatic, durable, antimicrobial surface treatment that provides ongoing treatment of surfaces and surrounding environment. Provide a superior, safer method that simplifies legionella control that exceeds L8 protocol guidelines while also providing substantial cost savings over existing protocols & methods. Reduce days lost to sickness by your frontline staff by implementing systems that create a healthier working environment for your staff.
This is just a brief example of the opportunities & services we can offer Leisure Industry, if you have any questions or want to discuss how we can help you please feel free to contact us. With a wide range of applications and a number of innovative delivery mechanisms, the active agent is a highly effective solution against legionnella, airborn allergies, respiratory illness, airborn viral & bacterial contaminants all without using harmful toxins, poisons, corrosive or volatile chemistries. Head to the gymnasium to shoot hoops with friends, join a pick up game, or even to play volleyball and soccer.The squeak of gym shoes and the dribbling of balls can be heard at East Bank Club seven days a week. An alkaline based heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for floors and hard surfaces containing water soluble solvent.
A neutralising solution for use after cleaning a surface with a concentrated alkaline detergent such as Swift.
A specially formulated environmentally friendly cleaner for Granwood and wood sports floors. A hard surface cleaner with fungicidal, algicidal and bactericidal additives and with a pleasant fragrance.
A general use hard surface cleaner which will not react with or harm wax polishes on floors or woodwork. A blended solvent based heavy duty cleaner for removing chewing gum or grease from wood or acrylic fibres without harm.
Druggets are cotton canvas panels with velcro edging, used to protect sports or gym floors.

Doorway entrance mat with a carpet surface and slip resistant vinyl base.Available in a variety of sizes and colours, these mats are made from durable fibres and are ideal for normal indoor use. You need a company that can minimize the disruption to your clients while delivering superior results. Our expertise includes restoration services for fire and water damage, including electronics restoration and document drying. We listen closely to our customers’ expectations and take a proactive approach in meeting their specific needs. We strive to be professional by responsibly performing our job and by consistently delivering exceptional results. GAMELINER™ IS A FAST DRYING, HIGH SOLIDS, SOLVENT BASED PAINT THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH BOTH THE POLYDEFENDER OR AQUADEFENDER COATING SYSTEMS. But wet hands increase the risk of transmitting bacteria, so drying is an equally important step in prevention,” says urgent care specialist Theresa Lash-Ritter, MD. But they won’t clean visible dirt or grease, they can’t kill all germs, and they can’t remove all harmful chemicals. In addition to its human-centered qualities and highly functional design, Kinetex offers a reduced environmental footprint compared to traditional hard-surface options. Each layer, when used together, creates a versatile, lightweight, soft-surface flooring design with parallel qualities to that of hard-surface.
Flooring can play a pivotal role in achieving positive outcomes when positioning these factors in many institutional environments. The Duplex cleans right to the edge of any hard floor surface and also degrease grout lines.
The power and versatility of the Jetsteam Maxi makes it the choice for many of Australia's contact cleaners.
Jetsteam can melt and extract grease fast whilst deodorising and disinfecting surfaces fast. After cleaning, the surface is instantly dry, clean and completely sanitised without extra work.
Our Hydroxyl generation devices can be installed easily and quickly in HVAC systems as well as having smaller units that are stand alone for smaller room and washroom's. In fact, in many circumstances this technology reduces contaminants more efficiently than a HEPA filter without the high cost of replacing filters on a regular basis.
It's not hard to see why: two full courts, four half courts and lots of spirited competition make East Bank Club one of the city's most popular places to play basketball. This is an exceptionally hard wearing seal and is excellent for wood floors with especially heavy use. This is an exceptionally robust and well engineered machine which is ideal for commercial and institutional use.
Professional cleaning helps to protect your carpet and upholstery and increase its life-span.
COURTSPORTS IS GYM MAINTENANCE DISTRIBUTION COMPANY AND PROFESSIONAL GYM FLOOR INSTALLATION & REFINSIHING COMPANY THAT PROVIDES SERVICES TO THE NBA, WNBA, NCAA, NAIA, AND MANY ATHLETIC CHAINS AND FACILITIES IN THE UNITED STATES. Combined with the practiced approach of evidence-based design, Kinetex provides a solid foundation for performance driven settings. This advanced technology cuts out over 90% of air-borne infections not only eliminating smells but provides a healthy environment for your staff and customers.
In addition, the Club holds weekly open plays for volleyball and soccer players in the fall, winter and spring. THEY ARE COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS TO BE USED ON GYMNASIUM BASKETBALL COURT FLOORS, RACQUETBALL COURTS, GROUP EXERCISE STUDIOS, AND LARGE COMMERCIAL WOOD FLOORS.

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