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The most well-known vinyasa sequence is the sun salutation, a flowing series of lunging, bending, and stretching asanas. This is an extension of the article featured on Dyno (August).  It includes explanation on some of the exercises such as “bent-over dumbbell laterals”, and also a sample program at the end.
Basically, what Bai Le did was to do pull up on the underside of her dining table, with her legs tensioning against the opposite legs or toe-hooking the table-top. The number of pull-up is a good indication of your climbing fitness and a gauge of how mismatched your strength is, compared to technique.
If your maximum repetition is 10, we suggest starting off with 4 reps per set, then adding on when you feel more comfortable.

An exercise more specific to climbing than sit-ups.  This exercise is especially beneficial for girls as I noticed many girls are not able to tension their body on the roof and on steep walls. The deltoids consist of 3 parts, the front, middle and rear, and will thus require 3 different exercises. The following exercises are aimed at improving the strength of the deltoid muscles.  Generally, they should only be performed provided they do not cause or increase pain. It is based around the notion of Crossfit and is fairly intensive, with the aim of getting results fast. Not all of the sessions are based in the gym, although you will need access to a gym for the weight training elements.

It’s a form of training which involves a series of high-intensity exercises alternated with rest intervals. If you are not able to do a single pull-up, step on a cord to take some weight off your hands. It doesn’t matter which day you start really but, if staying true the full-on last minute nature of this program simply work back three weeks from your race day and then get cracking!

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