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I like the cable machine but that's because I would get a lot from it that I can't get from free weights alone.
I'm not a fan of Smiths, I can't really see what you get with that you don't get with a decent squat rack. For the price of either of those you could get a good power rack, a good bench, and an olympic barbell set. That makes me wonder how this this is gonna hold up over time with 100+ pounds of weight on it at any given time..
Thankss for the heads up about the pegss, ill be sure to look at that when i take a look at it again. Take the first step toward building an exceptional home gym with the Bayou Fitness E-Series Half Cage Home Gym E-7622. Built with comfort and effectiveness in mind, the angled lat bar is equipped with a molded rubber grip that contours perfectly to your hands as your upper body is chiseled and perfected. A reliable frame is made with close attention to detail and your safety in mind, providing the assurance that comes with the leading warranty in the industry. I just caught the title of an American College of Sports Medicine article titled FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Fad or Here to Stay? Eventually, we in the strength and conditioning world figured out that, to maximize our improvement of a particular function (i.e.

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It will step your workouts up a notch by providing a frame to perform bench press, squats, and lat work. The well built Bayou Fitness E-Series Half Cage Home Gym E-7622 does not take up the space that a full cage requires, but it gives you the option of expanding it at a time of your choosing. When they are ready to be used, these plates are easy to retrieve and will contribute to an awesome experience with the E-7622′s Smith Machine.
We have to stabilize, balance, coordinate movements between body parts, move with strength and power, in many different directions and ranges of motion. Tags: activities of daily living, elastic tubing and bands, fad, functional training, Mark Nutting, medicine balls, nautilus, stability balls, TRX, universal gym, wobble boards. Do you reallly feel that the birth of functional training is because “weakling” trainers had to find a way to justify themselves? Your upper body will be toned courtesy of the pec attachment, and the quality of lower body work is enhanced thanks to the solid work the Smith Machine provides. Lower body strength and explosiveness will be developed as you now have the option to perform squats with free weights or on the Smith Machine.

But here’s the key, since the days that Universal Gyms and Nautilus machines were introduced, weight training took a turn away from function. If you find a better way to train, you’re not going to toss it aside to go back to something that only gives some of those benefits.
As a result, there’s a boom in the fitness industry and any 98 pound weakling gets a fitness certificate and becomes a trainer. Safety spotters on the E-7622 ensure that it is not necessary to have someone else present when doing either bench press or squats. And it gave birth to the functional training equipment industry in an attempt to give us more tools to work with that can add those additional challenges.
Now when people think of functional training they think of stability balls, medicine balls, elastic tubing and bands, wobble boards, TRX, etc.

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