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Perfect for athletes who want to workout while comfortably seated and protecting their back. Professional gym for training at home, including 90 kg weight stack and 130 kg leg press unit.
The numerous training possibilities of the Finnlo Maximum Freetrainer range from strength training to chin-up bars, rowing and various cable cross exercises.
The back massage and leg stretch are a nice addition to any sports park, allowing for a relaxed and beneficial warm up and cool down.
Pilates machine is an excellent addition to any jogging trail, offering a much needed stretch. The free weight, Engineered with safety in mind, offers a range of exercises for the hardcore trainer.
Very smooth running 14 kg flywheel and precise resistance adjustment up to 200 Watt make this ergometer the ideal fitness partner.

The user-friendly training computer has 8 fitness programs and a resistance up to 200 watts, including fitness test, adjustable seat and low entrance.
The stable frame and the 25 kg flywheel ensure the highest comfort and maximum smoothness while training. This professional indoor cycle gear system allows a doubling of disk rotation and therefore high intensity training at low resistances. The gentle rotation combined with the high-quality training computer and a precise resistance adjustment of up to 200 Watt make this the ideal elliptical trainer.
The professional Studio bench adds many more training variations to this multi talent machine. High quality material, perfect ergonomics and free motion for effective upper body training and leg workouts at home. The high-quality training computer has a polar-compatible pulse receiver and offers a variety of 8 running programs.

A wide range of accessories such as grip straps, ergonomic SZ and barbell bar, triceps rope are included for maximum arm, shoulder and leg workouts. Versatile adjustment possibilities of the seat and back rest for optimal fitting for different body lengths. Pull ups and diverse training bench variations are also possible using this very stable training station.

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