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Marcy Barbell Olympic Plates, can also be used on dumbbells or used alone with its grip handles.
Note: the product image shows plates with different weights, the one we are selling is the 5kg and 10kg weight plate.
TestimonialsResistance bands set and pull up bar from was very useful in helping me do p90x workout program at home. For those who do not want to invest in a pair of dumbbells, I recommend the resistance bands set. MabelNew CustomerOverall quality of the dumbbell and bar set is pretty good, its not perfect though, there were some scratches on my dumbbells after a few months of using it but those did not affect my workout exercises. The customer service also answered my questions promptly and gave me good advice for using the dumbbells. Jia WeiNew CustomerMy friend recommended me for a pair of light-weight dumbbells for my yoga lessons. I recommend the rubberised adjustable dumbbell set as the price is very reasonable for the quality of the dumbbells. Ladies, you probably don't want to have rough skin on your palms from lifting weights.
If you do not want to be seen lifting the same type of dumbbells as guys, these are for you.
Its premium quality ensures that it lasts virtually forever, making it your best friend in your strength training journey. Due to the shape of the kettlebells, many exercises can be performed with better form using kettlebells, many also prefer using kettlebells to perform certain athletic moves.
If you are looking for a light equipment to help you build muscle, the resistance bands set is for you.
The push-up stands work the same as the push up bar, has a unique S-shaped design and is light and portable. The push-up bar is a cheap, portable and effective gym equipment which helps you to maximise every push-up you do to work your chest muscles more effectively.
Premium quality dumbbell set that is more compact, durable and effective than conventional dumbbell sets. The 30kg adjustable chrome dumbbell set is suitable for beginner and intermediate weight-lifters.
Due to its metallic nature, the chrome dumbbells are ultra resistant to chipping, crackling and peeling.
Strength training is no longer a professional sport for bodybuilders, more and more people are beginning to lift weights to feel better and look better.
With the pair of 30kg professional dumbbells, you can create your own resistance levels by adjusting the weight plates on the dumbbells.
The EZ curl bar is also great for other exercises like bench press, dead lift, squats, etc. Transform your dumbbell into a barbell instantly with the custom-made dumbbell bar connector.

The high quality weight plates of our dumbbells are coated with premium rubber coating for a comfortable and effective workout. The 10kg dumbbell set is designed for women, and teenagers who are new to strength training. Note: Weight labels on dumbbell weight plates are inaccurate (actual total weight of dumbbell is correct). The light weight of the 10kg dumbbell set prevents muscle & bone injury for teenagers who are still in the midst of puberty. More and more women and teenages are beginning to lift weights to increase their strength and improve their overall health. At only $35 for a pair of 5kg rubberised dumbbells, you can create your own resistance levels by adjusting the weight plates on the dumbbells. So I assume you are looking for a heavy, good quality, adjustable and premium-looking dumbbell set for weight training?
Extremely portable and helps save space especially if you have more than 1 set of dumbbells. Made of durable steel with rubber covering the legs to prevent damage to the floor and serves as anti-slip. Suitable for both men and women, the 10kg dumbbell set is the affordable home weight training solution. WELCOME TO DUMBBELLS.SGOUR DUMBBELL SETFREE GIFTSFEATURED PRODUCTSDELIVERY & PAYMENTDISCOUNTS & GIFTSOUR TESTIMONIALS! At, we have a wide variety of weights-training and gym equipment catering for beginners, intermediate and advanced weight lifters. Our products range from dumbbells (5kg to 40kg) to professional gym equipment, benches, resistance bands & pull up bars.
As one of our featured products, the adjustable rubberised dumbbell set has unique feautures that make it stand out from other dumbbells. Fully automatic, microcomputer-controller,freely programmable,5 standard programmes, 25 possible programmes,operator could set flexible. It comes with sufficient weights plates and helped me to create a range of resistance levels for my training.
These bone-shaped dumbbells are specially designed for women who want to tone up their muscles, have firmer arms, abs, legs, etc. The iron dumbbells are covered with smooth yet thin layer of rubber that is absolutely comfortable to grip. Fully adjustable dumbbell set allows you to start light and increase your weight progressively.
Kettlebells have been proven as one of the most effective tools to increase functional strength and muscle endurance.
Unlike traditional cast iron kettlebells that rusts easily, these kettlebells are coated with rubber and matched with a stainless steel handle. If you need a pair of high quality and compact set of dumbbells, the 30kg chrome dumbbell set is the right one for you.

The smooth inner ring of the weight plates also makes loading and unloading onto the handles fast and easy. With the dumbbell set, you can train comfortably without stepping out of your room, what are you waiting for? Our 1 inch thickness Ez(Curl) bar is compatible with any weight plates on the market or any plates from any dumbbell set sold in our shop. Buy the 10.0kg rubberised dumbbell set for beginners and start your weight training in the comfort of your home. Our premium rubberised dumbbells are effective and easy to use for all types of strength training at home. Perform high repetitions with the pair of 5kg adjustable dumbbells to build lean muscle and avoid the bulk. Contrary to popular belief, strength training does not only increase muscle size and make you look bulky, women use light weights in their yoga and pilates session to help them tone their muscles and increase their range of motion. The 40kg Chrome Dumbbell Set is suitable for all adults or teens who wants to train at home and get into better shape. Among all the dumbbells, this dumbbell set stands out as the most economical and functional. Whether you are someone who has never lifted weights before or a professional bodybuilder, we have the right dumbbell set for you.
At first I couldn’t lift the weights as it was too heavy for me, I started off with only 4kg on both dumbbells and my strength and muscle definition increased over time. The unique feature of the 30kg chrome dumbbell set includes its shiny attractive appearance and compact, adjustable weights plates. The high quality chromed cast iron is reflective and attractive, giving a big visual impact. Besides being compact, the dumbbell sets are also adjustable, expandable and versatile, saving space and money.
For those who have not lifted any weights before, the 10kg dumbbell set is a good tool to kickstart your strength training and help build muscles.
For women and elderly with weak bones, the 10kg dumbbell set will help strengthen your bones and increase bone density. For the older population, the right amount of strength training is beneficial to bones and helps increase energy levels. In addition, the handles are ergonomically contoured to fit comfortably in the user’s palm.
You can start your serious strength training routine with the premium quality chrome dumbbell sets.

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