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The plan was to do this workout with my hubby today but I started a new leg workout yesterday and my booty is screaming so I'm thinking an easy walk on the treadmill and a good stretch. The treadmill is the first place many people head when entering (or re-entering) a gym, says Andia Winslow, a personal trainer and sports performance coach at The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York City.
This workout from Brock has blocks of descending time, and each one (including a Tabata routine) is completely unique. This routine, for experienced runners, takes you all the way up to a 6-minutes-per-mile pace -- but don't worry, it's only for 30 seconds at a time.
Mix up your regular treadmill workout by incorporating a few full-body strength moves in between running sets. Pay Attention – Look down at first to get a feel for where your feet are hitting the treadmill.
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Luckily, as exercise grows ever more fashionable so does our desire to ensure we find ways to get fit, and with the new and exciting trend of ‘Treadmill Desks’ (whereby you stand and walk on a treadmill at your desk!) taking off across America and Europe exercise is now becoming more and more accessible. With people beginning to exercise at work, education about correct footwear has never been more important.
The Treadmill Desk encourages exercise for extended periods of time, and even if it’s an incredibly slow walk that you may be doing, over the course of several hours this can begin to impact on your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Numerous sports brands like Nike, Adidas and Reebok provide state-of-the-art, stylish footwear specially designed for specific levels of activity.
Many stores will now assess your foot-fall pattern, designing and tailor-making shoes that are specifically customized for your feet. There really is no reason to overlook your footwear when considering increasing your fitness levels, and whether it’s for a stroll on your Treadmill Desk or a 10-mile run in the park, you can be sure to reduce the likelihood of long or short-term injury by consulting your nearest sports-shoe store first. The most I've ever run in my life is 3 miles in a 5k, but it has been years since I've run that far. I usually start each workout with a 10 minute warm up walking at 4mph on a 5-6% incline and have been looking for a longer walking interval workout. You runners and healthy living bloggers out there may laugh but my body just can't do it!

These high-intensity interval routines will challenge your body and your brain, boosting your fitness level as the minutes fly by.
If these intervals feel too difficult for you to complete safely, do them at your fastest comfortable pace. Hopping on and off the treadmill will keep your heart rate up and your body in prime calorie-burning mode, says Shinoskie, plus it puts harder-to-work muscles (like your arms and core) front and center. During winter months is a perfect time to give treadmill running a try before you pound the pavement outside. Slow down to a super slow walk before getting off to avoid filling dizzy or like your feet are still moving. They can help show you the different programs available on the treadmill and familiarize you with it’s safety features. Keep your body centered and make sure your progress is toward the front of the treadmill so you don’t feel like you could fall off the back. Please consult your doctor with any medical issues regarding your own health, diet and fitness programming. You no longer have to wait until you finish work to hit the gym, nor do you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get a pre-work run done.
Not everyone knows about how exercise can affect your body’s muscles, joints, bones and ligaments, nor does everyone know how damage can be reduced simply by wearing the correct garments.
All of these areas can be protected simply by wearing appropriate footwear in much the same way as a woman’s breasts can be protected by wearing a good sports bra when doing high-impact exercise.
For instance, if you are likely to be walking briskly or jogging then you’ll definitely want a decent pair of running shoes, whereas a slow walk may be better suited to training shoes that were created with lower impact sports in mind.
Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life (love her blog!) posted an interval workout for runners so I commented asking if she knew where I could find a walking version. Don't shy away from walking because you can get just as great a workout with less impact than running (and more of a booty workout). The plan for today is crank the AC real low, put up lights and a few decorations and watch a stack of Christmas movies :-). I feel like sometimes you can focus on squeezing the leg muscles more on an incline rather ran running and you can get more out of it without killing yourself by running!!

Don't shy away from walking because you can get just as great a workout with less impact than running (and more of a booty workout). This routine keeps you engaged in the workout while gradually increasing intensity -- no texting while trotting here!
This walking-only routine targets the hips, gets your heart rate up and improves balance, says Katina Brock a personal trainer at the Biggest Loser Resort and fitness advisor for Motility Training, a mobile fitness app. You can shuffle feet together and apart or, at slower speeds, cross one foot behind or in front of the other. You can play around with speed and incline levels to get a good cardio workout before you even start to run.
Holding onto the handrails is OK for balance at first, but then try to let go so you can move freely. When I'm not blogging, I love working out, hiking, movies, reality shows, but most of all, my family.
The Treadmill Desk has ensured that people can, finally, do their work and earn their money without having to sit down all day. Their sensors will pick this up and the shoes you buy will be made to correct this imbalance, ensuring the pressure on your knees, hips and lower back is reduced and you can exercise in comfort, rather than straining yourself or pulling a muscle.
Had to break out into a run a few times because my short little legs couldn't walk fast enough.
This is not good, as your body needs a break from running sometimes, and should be doing other forms of cardio.
I like using the elliptical machine as well as the treadmill, so I'll have to follow this plan and see how I do.
The longest I can run is about 10 minutes at 6mph on the treadmill before my hips and knees start hurting (yes I am an old woman).
She sent me a link to one she had previously posted and told me to stay tuned for a new one!

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