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Do note that in the UK, most multi-gyms use Kilos or Pounds as the default weight increment.
Buying the right home multi gym for your needs, within your price range, can be very difficult but we have reviewed a range of great home gyms which should provide you with years of enjoyment.
Multi stack multi gyms are the defacto standard of the home gym industry and consist of blocks or disks of weights attached to a lever or pulley system. There are a range of multi-gyms available, some of the bigger models offer a really complete range of workouts, the more compact models are ideal for home use as they take less space and are less bulky to store. Either way, home multi-gym systems are great for developing your upper chest without the expensive gym fees. Here’s a machine for the person who is looking for a piece of fitness equipment that allows them to do almost every exercise imaginable! As its name states, a multi gym is a piece of exercise equipment that is equipped with various exercise functions and usually combines some of the accessories previously described as well as also having such additions as weights and benches fro a more complete work.
The York G500 Multigym is a seated vertical multigym with a well-padded seat for extra comfort. The Nautilus NS700X Multi-Gym is a versatile piece of home fitness equipment that can be used by everyone in your family. Improve your coordination, burn fat and increase muscle mass with the Tunturi B60 Bodyshaper multi-gym including Pec Dec.

The information given on this site should not be considered as medical diagnosis, nor is it intended to treat. The Gold’s Gym multi purpose bench is fitted with a 3-position incline system and allows you to perform a number of exercises to maximise your gains.
The Golds Gym Multi Purpose Fitness Mat is good for any floor exercises, but fantastic for yoga practitioners who opt for quality combined with easy storage. This great piece of equipment offers 20 different exercises to push your body beyond the maximum and provide you with an ideal whole body workout. Most multi-gyms work by utilising a weight stack and pulley system similar to the individual strength training machines you find in your local gym. Changing the amount you lift is easy, you just move a pin in the weight stack or add another plate in plate-loading models. It uses a high-end cable motion technology with optimized pulley zones and a removable bench that allows for an endless range of functional strength exercises. The Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym is highly space efficient and can easily fit into one corner. Get the gym and there’ll be no excuse for anyone in your household not to put at least a little effort into getting into shape. This multi-gym allows for dozens of exercises yet easily folds and wheels away for home storage.

This multi gym comes with a variety of exercises to push your body beyond the maximum, and makes for an ideal whole body workout. The comfortable padded rollers are perfect for leg curls and thigh extensions, whereas the nylon bushes allow for smooth adjustment.
It comes with a stack of coated weights with concrete inserts to provide you with a wide range of resistance available on both the upper and lower pulley system. Great for those with limited space who aren’t willing to compromise on their fitness just because of lack of room. The bench features a scratch resistant black frame and offers barbell retaining hooks with locking collars. This gym features a 50 kg weight stack and delivers a maximum resistance of 100 kg across all exercise stations.

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