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Janet is passionate about personal effectiveness and growth and enjoys working with individuals and teams. Troukens KrisType freelance diensten : Trainer en ConsultantVoonamelijk op het gebied van project management.
Van eekelen JanType freelance diensten : Trainer en ConsultantBen actief als trainer in onderstaande domeinen. If you are applying to a training company for Associate Work the first thing that you will be asked for is a copy of your CV or Trainer Profile. So they will really appreciate it if instead of having to wade through your Profile to get to what they are looking for they can see at a glance what you have to offer.
People don’t have time or the inclination to read through lengthy documents especially when there are many in the pile! In addition to training for business I also train in the voluntary sector as a volunteer, some of this training is management skills related and this is the area I would like to develope for work, so should I include that as well? Areas, then another list with another heading, for example Industry Sectors or Key Clients.
Recently at my university, I was invited to teach a voice workshop for a sound design course aimed at video artists. There is so much good work happening within VASTA at any one time, that it’s impossible to capture the extent of it here.
The website is new and complex enough that not all its features have been tested, nor all the kinks smoothed out, so there's still work to be done.
I'm looking forward to spring warmth, and then to the convivial warmth of our conference in la belle ville de Montréal!
I hope you are all out celebrating and vocalizing!  Or better yet, vocally celebrating! Please be sure to register for the conference and book your room at Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth before space runs out! We cannot wait to experience vocal play, wonder, and joy amidst the cultural riches of Montréal with all of you! The Engagement Committee is pleased to announce the great success of our recent creation of a "VASTA Award" presented at each of the regional conferences of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival! The Engagement Committee would also like to bring your attention to a VASTA Conference Scholarship available for junior high and high school drama teachers. The scholarship includes one-year free membership, up to $500 toward travel expenses to the VASTA Conference, waiver of the conference fee and a $500 award.
First, I would like to thank everyone for their patience during the process of getting the hard copy VSR printed and shipped. We are hoping that once everyone has the shiny new book in their hot little hands, it will remind everyone what an amazing publication the VSR is, and motivate more people to write and submit.
Forum pieces are, from a certain perspective, less traditionally scholarly in that they are often personal, slightly less formal in style than Articles, and often use experience, anecdote, or interview to as evidence to support the author’s conclusions. In honor of this glorious day of vibration, this issue's Tech Corner is a slightly different spin. As VASTAns working with the voice, we certainly understand the unique power and potential of the human vocal vibration and frequency range. The April Newsletter continues our series of our amazing committee members sharing their experience teaching and training all over the world. We are starting to gear up for the conference in Montreal and we are aiming to make it as accessible as possible for the international VASTA membership. Getting the vocal tract posture of a language or an accent right is a crucial part of successful accent acquisition. One way or another, and whether they’ve done a lick of conscious work on it or not, when someone really, organically owns an accent, they have found its oral posture. A few years ago I stumbled across a YouTube video of a little French girl telling a story about a magic hippopotamus.
I also like the fact that there’s a kind of mirroring going on when we use these kids to teach accents to actors.
I have had the pleasure of co-teaching with Cathy for all these years and we’ve learned a kind of shorthand between the Alexander technique and the Linklater Voice Method. What makes this book unique is that it is written in Cathy’s own clear, direct and inviting voice. In my view, what connects the Alexander Technique to teaching voice is Cathy’s recognition of the body and voice as a psychophysical experience. For voice teachers and acting students, this book is a step by step workbook, with specific exercises for practical application.
Another spring has sprung here in Savannah, as evidenced by the fine layer of pale green pollen covering everything in sight.
LINDA GATES, MA, HEAD OF VOICE Northwestern University (Chicago, IL) Is directing Anthem for Doomed Youth: The World War I Poets. AMY MIHYANG GINTHER, MA (Seoul, South Korea) Amy is currently Voice and Text Coach for the Seoul Shakespeare Company's production of Titus Andronicus, which will run in Korea this June.
BETTY MOULTON Professor, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was the Voice, Speech and Text Director for Catalyst Theatre's Nevermore, which had its off-Broadway premiere Jan 26th 2015 at New World Stages. PHIL TIMBERLAKE (Chicago, IL) is completing a term as Chair of Performance at DePaul University’s Theatre School, where he is an Associate Professor.

If you are a member and have a workshop or conference that you want to publicize that regards to voice and speech, please submit it online.
In your opinion, what’s the 1 thing that all new freelance trainers should definitely do to give themselves the biggest chance of success? So I have made some notes under each of yourheadings, but in term sof layout, do you actulaly do 1, 2 and 3 together? As you can imagine, these are folks who use computer programs intensively in creating their projects. Some fixes will take longer than others, as underlying coding changes must be made by the company that designed and maintains site, but we'll get it done. We are honored that amongst our member presentations, sharing their expertise will be Lifetime Distinguished Members David Smukler, Bonnie Raphael, and Rocco Dal Vera. Please join me in thanking VASTA members Patricia Riggin, Robin Carr, Adriano Cabral, Cheryl Moore Brinkley, Tamara L. VASTA will pay up to $500 toward airfare and waive the conference fee for a lucky drama teacher seeking to enrich their teaching and refresh their artistic inspiration.
These articles typically follow academic writing style rules and support their conclusions using evidence from other people’s writing (often scholarly, but not necessarily so) in the form of citations.
This is the kind of writing that is also most readily recognized as scholarship in other disciplines. Reviews are traditionally for books, but we have a smartphone app review in an upcoming issue, and we have had audio and video material reviewed in the past.
I'm in the middle of rehearsals for Kid Simple by Jordan Harrison - the freshman lab show here at the Savannah College of Art and Design where I also teach the first level voice classes.
What I found particularly exhilarating about the dramaturgy presentation, and this play, are the possibilities of other scientific explorations and applications of sound. Most of you have probably seen these clips, or versions of them, and understand the science, but what was magical for me during this was watching the faces of students who had never learned or considered this research for a production that, at its heart, is all about what we do as VASTANs - plumbing the depths of science and art to help our students, clients, and each other restore balance. We have just closed our call for Diversity and International Conference Scholarships and also member video submissions to help create a promo video for the conference this year. The International Committee has written an email that you can copy and paste to tell prospective members and conference attendees about how you will benefit from being part of the VASTA organization. VASTA as an organization values the benefit of hearing the voices and ideas of a diverse group of practitioners.
Vocal tract posture (also called oral posture), is the particular patterning of muscular engagement, release, and positioning characteristic of individuals and groups of speakers. People who are very gifted at accents may do this entirely unconsciously, but they are doing it, nonetheless.
I was teaching speech and accents in an MFA program, and generally began our study of each new accent by examining the oral posture of native speakers in class with my students, leading them though the process of making specific observations and beginning to put them together. Cathy and I have taught together for 25 years at The University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program (PATP).
I know that people mean different things and have different experiences when they talk about Alexander Technique. She is a founding member and former chair of Alexander Technique International, Associate Director for BodyChance in Japan, Director of her own studio in Seattle, and Principal Lecturer at the University of Washington. While, she absolutely uses hands on to suggest an idea to the person she is working with, the more important concept is the thought which one learns to give themselves. The thought is absolutely simple, but as we know, to recreate new habits, it takes consistent and thoughtful practice. It is written with performance in mind and applies directly to the challenges that artists face.
In January, she was featured on the cover of the New York Times Magazine for her work in adoptee activism and performance. Jeremy also taught Polish acting students at the National Theater School in Krakow during the first week of March. She has written and had published articles in Executive PA magazine and in Training Journal. Since some discussion about the VASTA website has arisen on VASTAVOX, I thought I would take a moment to share a few thoughts on the subject.
Also, the Director of Membership, Thrasso Petras, can assist you with technical membership issues, answer general member questions, or forward your queries to the appropriate person as necessary.
Meneghini, and Marie Downing for volunteering their time and efforts towards selecting a KCACTF student performer who best exemplified superior Voice & Speech talent in their respective regional festivals. These articles are peer-reviewed, meaning that the article, once ready, is sent anonymously to Voice and Speech scholars or practitioners who assess the article’s content, style, and suitability for publication.
The VSR has many people who can help with this kind of writing if it’s what you need or want to do but you lack experience or confidence with it. The entire play is about vibration, sound, and how the visible and invisible can affect and work with each other. In our beginning exploration of Cymatics, one video we watched showed the effect that different frequencies have on a column of water.
There is a small part at the end for you to write something brief about your own experience as a member - don't forget to add your own words!
And whatever someone’s natural gifts, I have found that they can invariably be enhanced through deliberate and precise attention to oral posture.

And I think the reason is the same—they are just beginning to master the inflection inventory and rhythmic patterning of their languages, but we can see the outlines of these things very starkly. YouTube being YouTube, however, there are surely tons more videos of small human beings of both genders out there for the finding.
There is no dependence on the hands on work, which supplements the active thought and produces a change. This is the work that Cathy engages in with students and professionals from all fields, and those who want to improve any task they are involved in. We are in the process of trying to update the VASTA Voice email lists according to the region selected upon your registration.
Amy will be teaching masterclasses at University of Kansas and Drake University, along with leading workshops with Savage Umbrella and Mu Performing Arts in Minneapolis in April.
He will return to NYC in late May to co-teach a workshop in Fitzmaurice Voicework before heading back to Cambridge to graduate with a second graduate degree in Voice & Speech Pedagogy from the ART Institute at Harvard University. Impossible in Lifeline Theatre’s musical adaptation of the novel, Soon I Will Be Invincible this summer. Besides being a great way to get to know others in the voice and speech community, volunteering is also great service opportunities for tenure-track faculty.
In this workshop, as in all beginning performance classes, a sense emerges of deep longing for connection—to self, to others, to the natural world.
Overall, the fact that multiple people are now able to update and edit the website is a vast improvement over the old structure. These articles often deal with issues specific to the actual practice of Voice and Speech practitioners, but often bring in other perspectives in the form of other academic disciplines. Another video shows New Zealand musician Nigel Stanford playing different instruments with different elements - including a tesla coil. Sending you all good energy, frequency, and vibration as we celebrate our individual and communal voices. It confers some level of ability on those who lack it, or lack confidence, and it refines and deepens the skills of those who are already accomplished.
There was something startlingly clear, we quickly realized, about the little girl’s oral posture. But while being charmed and entertained, we can also learn a tremendous amount from these adorable tykes about the oral posture, prosody, and intonation of their native languages and accents. It is through her work that our graduate students are able to connect the dots between various forms of training, ranging from Suzuki Method to Linklater Voice and many other forms.
Her voice and speech book Voice for Performance will soon be issued in its 4th edition in paperback. Her peer-reviewed article about dysconscious racism in mainstream British voice pedagogy will be published in the first edition of the Voice and Speech Review this year. Phil recently co-taught a Roy Hart Theatre Voice workshop with Marya Lowry in Chicago, and they are plotting more…. It is a privilege to teach in a way that opens a door to the artistic expression of those connections. That one made all the students sit up because of the way different instruments affected various elements - like a dance. In our own creative work as teachers and artists, we embrace the gift of flinging open the doors of expression with joy and abandon. Since those days, VASTA has grown in size and complexity in terms of what the organization offers--too large for a single webmaster-of-the-universe, though Adriano Cabral still does a huge amount.
A third clip showed us scientists from George Mason University using low frequency sound waves to extinguish fire.
Notice the position her lip corners return to when she’s finished with one thought and readying herself to speak the next one.
It was a psico-shamanic event against the violence perpetuated by organized crime - a ritual of sounds, spoken word and participative performance. We're an ambitious lot and always looking to the future, but with growth comes growing pains.
Other science presented to the cast and crew was information about prosthetic larynxes and laryngectomies - which was interesting as the lead character in Kid Simple chooses to literally give up her voice at the end of the play - a la Little Mermaid - in order to defeat the antagonist and restore balance and order. The nice thing about careful, conscious work on oral posture is that if an actor can really click into it, many of the sounds they’ll need to execute will fall naturally into place. Micha is deeply grateful to have been part of the beautiful and politically important experience in Cuidad de Carmen- Campeche -giving voice to a community of rebel artists from "the margins" of the centralized cultural visibility in Mexico. VSR has grown and evolved into an online journal with a prestigious publisher, but that transition, fabulous as it is, has been another enormous undertaking. I know that the board and officers who have wrangled the VSR transition don't regret it for a moment, but we have experienced some growing pains! You should feel, for instance, how arched the back of your tongue is in your mouth, how close to your uvular area (the very back of your velum) it likes to hang out.

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