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These FULLY REMANUFACTURED Life Fitness 9500 HR Rear Drive Cross Trainers are polished in the Life Fitness Integrity style, making beautiful additions to any club. The Life Fitness 9500 HR Crosstrainer is a popular offering with all our customers, both international and domestic. Several key features make the Life Fitness 9500HR Cross-Trainer stand out from the competition. Another excellent feature of the used Life Fitness 9500HR Elliptical Crosstrainer is the precisely synchronized motion. The Life Fitness 95Li Summit Trainer offers a totally unique and incredibly effective way to train your entire body. We come to your home or office in the in the Greenwich CT and Westchester County area of New York.
Once we assess you physically we will discuss your goals and use the combined information to make a personal fitness routine, and optionally, a nutritional plan of action. If you'd like to get started please fill out our mandatory PAR-Q and You form and send back to us via email.
Since we have several personal trainers on board we provide many different types of fitness training.
The kettlebell is an iron weight (resembling a cannonball with a handle) used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.
Pilates is an exercise method that consists of low-impact flexibility and strength and endurance movements. Is training meant to improve an individuals ability to withstand the challenges of destabilizing stimuli caused by self-imposed motion, the environment, or objects. Is the art and science of changing the size and shape of a persons muscularture by coaxing the muscles to grow or change via weight training and dieting.
We'll evaluate you then discuss with you your goals and the best techniques for attaining those goals within your lifestyle. After your evaluation and fitness programming we'll develop a nutrtiton plan and lifestyle modification program that is flexible and suited to your goals. First the trainer will evaluate your needs via questionairres and speaking directly with you. Once we are clear on your health and fitness goals we come to your home, office or gym or you may come to our gym on a weekly basis. Our used Precor cross trainers are fully reconditioned to work like new but without the new cross trainer price tag. You can view our range of Precor cross trainers below.This may include Precor cross trainers and Precor ellipticals.
I'm writing to express my thanks for the equipment I purchased recently.I am incredibly grateful for the way in which my order was handled - there was a small issue with the order, but it was rectified promptly and without fuss or further cost. We have, through close consultation with John and his team, been able to construct world class resources in strength and conditioning at a fraction of the cost of what it would normally cost.
John unhesitatingly gives advice on the best equipment for every situation, delivery is on time and seamless (the rates are extremely competitive) and any maintenance issues are followed up immediately.

The bulk of our purchases from John have been previously used, but the difference from brand new equipment is hardly discernible, such is the attention to detail with the refurbishment. Will be sending many trainers to your website and I am sure I will buy again.Harry Carlon, 'The Shed' Fitness Studio-->Great product, reasonable price. Thanks to the fact that it’s both efficient and easy to use, our customers love this Life Fitness Cross Trainer.
Perhaps the most popular thing about this used Life Fitness elliptical cross trainer is the awesome power to size ration.
Life Fitness is the world’s premiere fitness brand, thanks to their fine American engineering and craftsmanship. That’s why the Life Fitness 9500HR Elliptical Cross Trainer for sale here features biofeedback. With the ability to go from less than 1 mile per hour, all the way up to 12 miles per hour. Thanks to a design that is both innovative and integrated, the Life Fitness Summit Trainer is a popular offering. Thanks to its integrated design parameters, this Life Fitness Summit Trainer for sale combines the best of all worlds. Hence, the unique design of a Life Fitness 95Li Summit Trainer allows for a huge range of workout potentials, incorporating all the muscle groups, as well as cardio. Get double the value by combining the low impact full body workout of a cross trainer with the high intensity of a stepper — and get it at the best prices available. You'll have appointed times and a motivated trainer to keep you on track and vary your routine to prevent stagnancy. This will allow you to do many gym quality exercises while using your own body weight as the resistive force. This is essential for both athletes and older adults trying to stay balanced and fit in their senior years. It doesn't mean getting big muscles but rather reshaping your body for a more aesthetic appeal. The exact amount of times you personally train with us will depend on your budget, exercise history and self motivation.
We have a limited stock on Precor cross trainers so hurry and buy Nautilus cross trainer with 12 month warranty and save.Precor Cross Trainers For SaleYou can view our range of Precor cross trainers below.
The professionalism with which you conduct your business is first class and I would be more than happy to recommend your service and products to anyone in the industry who is looking to purchase equipment.Once again, many thanks!Hayley Brain-->Elizabeth College has been dealing with Grays Fitness for a number of years. Each piece of equipment is meticulously packed and there has never been a breakage or damage issue, even though the goods are travelling form Melbourne.
Clocking in at a full 6.o horsepower, this is the top end of all elliptical cross trainers on the market. They have managed to engineer a smooth, perfectly synchronized, carefully calibrated cross trainer motion that flawlessly incorporates both your arm and leg motions. That means you can monitor your heart rate and pulse, which is crucial to getting an effective workout.

It’s easy to see why the Life Fitness 9500HR Elliptical Cross Trainer is a popular offering. Building upon the Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer design, the Summit Trainer incorporates a low impact, full body workout design. Thanks to the high degree of customization available, you can set your strides to any length, so the Life Fitness 95Li Summit Trainer is perfect for all sizes and fitness requirements. It has the increased benefit of involving the bodies core more than a machine would at a gym, thereby making it a more functional excercise. Pilates is named for its creator, Joseph Pilates, who developed the exercises in the early 1900s. Balance training is incorporated in most routines, but special attention is given to the aging population and athletes. These measures are taken only as a baseline to track your progress and are always kept confidential. Some clientele only utilize a personal trainer as a guide to make sure their exercise form is correct and to change their fitness routine up once a week. We think this is the cheapest way to get a great cross trainer into your gym that you can be sure will stand up to commercial use. Coupled with that is an extremely manageable foot of just 28 inches wide, by 72 inches long, by 70 inches tall. By carefully determining the proper biofeedback settings, you can hit your fitness goals and train to burn fat, build muscle, and maximize endurance. Other people train with our personal trainers 3-5 days per week and hire different personal fitness trainers for different exercise methodologies i.e. That’s both a small footprint and power to spare for any serious fitness requirements.
A health coach is highly recommended in the beginning stage to set you up on the right path towards lifelong fitness.
This mixing of exercise methodologies is not only good for the body and results but it's also good for the mind to prevent stagnancy.
I got to train myself this morning too, so it was a bit of a treat!Just wanted to thank you and everyone at Grays who helped make this happen.
Earlier this year we began a commercial venture that involved opening up a personal training studio on site at the College called: CRC Fit.
He has proved that to me on many occasions and that is why I will continue to work with John well into the future.

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