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Vinod Channa is Mumbai based Personal Trainer with over 16 years of experience helping individuals from all walks of life achieve their health and fitness goals.
Selection of Workout for fat loss is the biggest muscle like chest, Back and legs, where you can burn more calories in short time compare to wasting time for small muscle and high repetition.
I am thankful to Vinod not only for training me but giving me tips which will help me maintain my fitness not today or tomorrow but forever. I would like to share my journey from a middle class family, one normal guy to a professional Bodybuilder to India's no.
I wanted to make my career in fitness and wanted to be recognised by the world's Top rated personal trainer. I always believe in giving results to the people and because of my dedication one of my clients suggested my name to Ritesh deshmukh. After Ritesh I got opportunity to train Ashish Chudhary, John Abraham ( Force movie, Race-2, Shoot out at wadala), Genelia d'souza, Jiya khan, Sohail khan, Abhijit sawant ( 1st indian idol), Shekhar ( music director), Samita shetty, Shilpa shetty, Raj kundra, Harman baweja, Aayushman Khurana, R.Madhavan, Krishika lulla, Purna patel (daughter of mr.
Vinod Channa is Mumbai based Personal Trainer, with over 16 years of experience helping individuals from all walks of life achieve their health and fitness goals.

Driven and always looking for an edge, Vinod has dedicated his career to the research and development of superior training techniques and nutritional programs, designed to correct muscular imbalances, rehabilitate minor injuries, stimulate your fat burning metabolism, dramatically improve strength, power, core stability, balance, endurance, mental function and flexibility at an accelerated pace. Vinod has been called upon as a fitness consultant for a various movie productions, television shows, corporations, professional sports teams, national magazine publications. Vinod's Training background includes success in weight training, yoga, kickboxing and swimming.
His experience working along side and learning from some of the top strength and conditioning coaches and athletes in the world prepared him for a very easy transition from a star athlete to a star trainer.
Image Gallery of Vinod Channa : Personal Fitness Trainer and India's Top Celebrity Fitness Trainer based in Mumbai. The VC FITNESS ACADEMY is solely dedicated to Health, Fitness & Personal Trainer Certifications which will help individuals to become more efficient, knowledgeable, advance and successful Personal Trainer in the Fitness Industry. VC FITNESS ACADEMY offers Certification course in Personal Fitness Training & Different types of Trainings under One Certification which no other Fitness Academy covers these topics in their certification Courses. The 3 months certification course will be conducted under the guidance of the Indiaa€™s top rated, most popular Celebrity Fitness Trainer & HOD Mr.

But I was not happy working there, and could manage to work only for 2 to 3 months as I was very much passionate about Fitness. He is often called upon by popular celebrities, world class athletes and active business professionals. His uniquely customized programs successfully produce long-term behavioral modifications, vastly improve physical appearance, overall health and quality of life. That time I started working along with my college studies because there was no financial support. For his expertise in weight loss management, general fitness, functional strength training, corrective exercise, sports performance training, nutrition and body sculpting.
Keep on reading about fitness, latest workout trend in the market and accordingly keep updating youreself.

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