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The patented FlexDeckA® shock absorption system reduces impact to joints by nearly 30% compared to ordinary treadmills. Based on your workout's specific time, incline, and heart rate level, this customized cool down ensures that your heart rate properly returns to a normal level at the end of a workout.
A couple of months ago I was told by my doctor that running was no longer something my body could tolerate.
The Zero Runner suspends you in air on foot pads and has hip and knee joints that allow you to replicate a natural, fluid running motion without the impact.
It’s got a fancy digital display with numbers and information that seems to float on a clear piece of glass in front of you. By protecting the joints with absolutely zero impact, it means the Zero Runner is just as effective if you’re recovering from injury.
The Zero Runner is available to purchase from Fitness Superstore from early November 2014 but is available now to pre-order. Find out more about Zero Runner including videos. This entry was posted in Fitness and training, Guest blogs, Reviews, Tips and advice and tagged fitness, low impact exercise, marathons, running, zero impact exercise. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Heard stories of sliding on your front through frosty water or submerging yourself in a tank of ice and wonder if you can really hack Tough Mudder? On a crisp Saturday morning just a few weeks ago I, flanked by a group of friends, embarked upon the somewhat notorious Tough Mudder Experience. Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile military-style obstacle course designed to test all-around strength, stamina, teamwork and mental grit.
Inspiration came from a group of my friends who did it last year and painted a purely awesome picture of the obstacles and experiences they had. On the day, you’re faced with half a marathon along with a whole load of energy zapping obstacles. Arctic Enema: You jump into a massive container filled with ice and icy water and have to swim under water to get around bollards. Everest: This is a giant half pipe you have to sprint up and then jump and grab the edge to get up.
Stepping Stones: This has floating platforms you have to time and balance on in order to get across without falling in the river. The Electric Eel: The most famous, this is a slalom of dangling wire which electrocutes you. They’re just a few of my favourite large obstacles, but smaller ones included log carrying, climbing up walls, monkey bars over water, swimming across lakes, mud mounds, mud tunnels and many more.
I’ve always liked going to the gym but I have to admit that I had been slacking for a while in that “cannot be bothered phase”, but preparing for this was that extra motivation I needed to get off that sofa! As the majority of the course is running, it’s important to do cardio to get your fitness up as it’s all about stamina. Strength is another important factor as you’ll need this for certain obstacles, such as getting yourself and your team mates over walls, monkey bars and the infamous Everest.

While training, I also incorporated circuit training whenever I could to get that extra bit of cardio, so if I was doing barbell rows I would try to squeeze out some dumbbell shrugs after my set or do some barbell lunges after finishing a set of squats. Go training with your group at least a couple of times before the event so you can see what fitness level everyone is at. Don’t carry bottles of water as they have water and energy bar stations every couple of miles. Apart from a well-earned pint of beer and all-important orange head band, you get a fantastic sense of achievement and great memories, which are priceless as you wouldn’t always have the opportunity to do something like this. After putting all that work in and getting your fitness level up, it seems like a slap around the chops to just let all your hard work go to waste. If you like getting dirty and overcoming physical obstacles then there is nothing better to test yourself than this. This entry was posted in Fitness and training, Fun Fitness, Guest blogs, Your success stories and tagged fitness, fitness events, fitness inspiration, fitness success stories, Physical fitness.
Tom Riggs, runner, artist and writer living in Fort Collins, explains how Zero Runner, Octane’s revolutionary new no-impact running machine has enabled him to continue running, past retirement. A couple of weeks ago I got a message from my friend Tonja, who works in the exercise and fitness equipment industry. Instead of a motor setting the pace for you to keep up with, you are the sole motivator and make the machine work via your own muscle strength, as if you were actually on a run.
It’s also got handles that move with your legs and keep your arms bent at a perfect running form 90° angle at waist height. His running career includes more than 30,000 miles, 30 marathons and countless shorter races. We're here to share ideas in the world of health and fitness, provide useful information and engage in like-minded fitness enthusiasts! Some of you may have heard of it or taken part yourselves – and if you haven’t, I would strongly recommend it.
Arguably one of the toughest physical events on the planet, you have to say the Tough Mudder pledge to show your dedication before you even start the course. I was sold when one of them said: “It’s a mix between Ninja Warrior and half a marathon.” Right up my street! Or, if you’re like me and let all the overly eager go running through first, you can just weave in and out of the wires.
All I can say is that if you’re clean and not covered in mud at the end of it, you’re not doing it right! By this, I mean that people truly do stand by the pledge they made at the start and will help anyone on the day. You need to be able to keep going at a consistent pace and maintain that level for a long period of time.
I continued with my basic strength training exercises at the gym including bench press (incline), dips, barbell rows, bicep curls and tricep pressdown. You need sports clothing that will dry quickly when wet and proper running or sports shoes with anti-blister socks.

It’s a great fitness motivator whether you’re young or old, an exercise freak or just getting started.
I never really thought that day would come, but since it has, I have to keep that promise. Today I’m happy to tell you that I am now running again, but I haven’t broken the promise I made to my wife!
She wanted to tell me about a new piece of equipment from Octane Fitness called the “Zero Runner”. The feel is natural and more instinctive than any treadmill I’ve ever run on, and there is definitely a learning curve. With no impact, you don’t need to rest your joints and can continue to run those extra miles and enhance your performance further!
So here’s my account of my experience, which I hope will motivate you to do something truly awesome, start training and slam on your orange head band!
There are about 20-25 obstacles, which test your fears and commitment to helping others complete the course. Another reason for doing this was the chance to raise money for the Help for Heroes charity, where all proceeds go. Earlier, I mentioned my friend said it was a bit like Ninja Warrior and he was right in the sense that you have one big obstacle every mile, a few smaller ones and a lot of gruelling running in between. You don’t have to be in the same team or group for people to lend a hand, which gave a fantastic, positive atmosphere.
For my lower body, I increased my squats with warm up and back off set and used a range of leg machines such as leg press, leg curl and leg extension. So now you have read this, I say jump up, get off your hams and sign up for next year, giving you an exciting goal to work towards! The Zero Runner basically suspends the runner in air on foot pads and has hip and knee joints that allow you to replicate a natural, fluid running motion without the impact of running on a traditional treadmill.
I felt the most comfortable doing this, and soon found myself letting go of the right handle, my arm immediately settling into a natural swinging motion. As I found out, Tough Mudder isn’t a race but a personal quest and goal to try your hardest and do your best.
As I increased my laps around the park and upped the intensity and incline on the treadmill, the fitter I got.
If I can’t get to the gym I try to do the Spartacus workout which is a low weight, high intensity workout which anyone can easily do at home providing you have a pair of dumbbells and a training mat. It’s a weight-bearing exercise without impact, and since the impact is the thing my doctor wants me to avoid, the Zero Runner is perfect for me. Surprising me a second time that day, Linda was as interested in hearing more about the Zero Runner as I was.

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