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Mall Home - Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products.
Before we get to the press release, bear in mind that this means the Fairway supermarket isn’t happening. But because anyone welcomes Target, (sub)Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and the like – that means Wal-mart is coming to the neighborhood. While I like Target as much as anyone and happily shop there with my college student every year, I am really troubled by what this portends for Tribeca. Bed Bath & Beyond works on Warren Street because there are now a number of them in Manhattan, so my sense is it primarily serves people living or working below Houston Street. I am worried about the further commercialization of that corridor, and especially the traffic it will entail on Greenwich Street all the way up the street – have they even thought of all that? Could the community board address their plans for the increased traffic stream this is going to engender? For those who feel the need to have these shops nearby – the Newport Mall is right across the river. I love my neighborhood, but I am starting to feel like I’m living in the commons of a suburban mall. As for the suburbification of Tribeca, I am less concerned about a couple of big box stores than I am about the lack of viability for all the smaller stores that sadly seem to be disappearing.
Target also allows you to use their credit card and designate a public school to receive some percentage of your purchase amount.

Will be tough for the small stores, but would love to see some pricing competition with the Duane Reades of the world for various staples. I have lived in Tribeca for over 30 years and very much understand the need for staples at reasonable prices, but the thought of any big box stores in our neighborhood makes me physically ill. Why not…it gives all the tourists a familiar place to shop just like Olive Garden gives them a familiar place to eat. Why would tourists would want to swing by the Target to pick up cleaning supplies and toilet paper, or family sized cereal boxes. I am not sure however that the neighborhood can insulate itself from an Olive Garden in the future, and not because BBB, WF, BandN and Target lead the way, but because we have the most visited tourist destination at the WTC memorial and the second most visited one a stone’s throw away at the Battery for the Statue of Liberty.
The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. The Tribeca store will open in October 2016 at 255 Greenwich Street, on the corner of Greenwich and Murray Streets, joining the Harlem store as Target’s second Manhattan location. The company currently operates 18 flexible format stores and has committed to opening ten additional flexible format locations over the next two years. I believe opening a Target in Tribeca will have an impact almost as significant as the arrival of Whole Foods has had. We can see what the WTC has brought to the neighborhood, tens of thousands of more people, no enforcement of traffic rules, buses parked everywhere and more hot dog vendors.
The Target in Jersey City makes a not insignificant amount of money for ps234, so at least all the public schools will see some benefit.

Brookfield is attempting to siphon those visitors to Hudson Eats, but I can’t imagine a better location (sic) for Ruby Foos. We live in a developers wet dream of unbridled development with no consideration about the local impact those developments (both commercial and residential) will bring. The community board seems to have its hands tied about fixing any of this, and I am not sure how much power they really have.
When Woolworths started going out of business in the mid 90s, there wasn’t really a place anymore to get cleaning supplies, paper goods, wrapping paper, school supplies etc. Thousands of new residential units have come to the neighborhood, but no one seems to want to discuss the infrastructure needed to sanely support the huge influx –schools, parks, transportation etc. Staples absorbed some of that with shameless price gouging, but we haven’t had a more general store to meet those needs.
Because of the current supply chain for these types of goods, the big box stores will be able to provide better prices and more variety.

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