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The scene outside the LA Fitness center in Collier last night was eerily similar to that after last Tuesday's shooting: Ambulances ringed the parking lot, a police cordon secured the site, and groups of family members, friends and area residents waited outside the club.
But last night, the hundreds of people standing in that parking lot waited not in fear but in hope -- hope that the candlelight vigil for victims of the shooting, their families and their community would help heal the wound of an event that horrified an entire city, and the nation. For many people in the crowd, however, the memory of their lost friends was still raw and painful.
Last night's event, organized by Collier resident Doreen Ducsay, brought together police and emergency medical services from all over the South Hills, including many of the people who responded to the shooting. People still struggling with the traumatic aftermath of the shooting should remember that they can overcome their pain by representing Jesus's love for the world, said the Rev. For Jackie Mackenzie, owner of a Fantastic Sams hair salon near the fitness club, attending the vigil was defying Mr. For the people who were inside the club, the vigil provided a kind of closure, but an imperfect one.

Justine Metzger, a 25-year-old Mount Washington resident, was one of five women and three men who barricaded themselves into a supply closet during the shooting. And while she attended the vigil in support of shooting victims and the community, she's not sure it will stop the flashbacks or change her feelings about the club. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. Zubik told the crowd from podium set before the makeshift memorial that mourners had created next to the fitness center, in the Great Southern Shopping Center. Some mourners brought fresh roses to lay next to those from last week, withered now and sodden from recent storms.
Lebanon -- were killed when Scott resident George Sodini walked into a crowded aerobics class Aug. To help people dealing with the emotional stress of responding to or experiencing the shooting, crisis management teams and several chaplains also attended. Mackenzie, who took several club members home after they ran into her salon after the shooting.

The shooting, she said, has unearthed flashbacks to a near-death experience several years ago.
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