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A stair stepper is a exercise machine that simulates the act of climbing a series of stairs. A upright bike is a bicycle that puts the rider in a straight up position without a back pad.
This kit contains all the templates you need to create a diet and fitness plan to help you reach a healthier life. The PDFs are in high quality 300dpi resolution for perfect sharp printing results at home or at a professional printing service.
These machines create the stairclimbing motion with either a pair of foot platforms that alternate as you raise and lower your legs or a escaltating staircase. Seeing progress in your weight loss and tracking how your diet habits change on the long term improves the likelihood of success.

Recording what and when you eat food helps you determine when you're consuming too many calories so you can anticipate a plan to stay on your diet. If you take vitamins and supplements, you can use this template to plan or log the dosage, time and days of the week.
Plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for each day of the week in a handy two-week overview.
Just open a file in Adobe Reader, type your own text, save it and print it as many times as you need on your color printer. These machines create a challenging workout by offering adjustments to speed and in many models even elevation. This template has space to write down what you would like to achieve, planned and completed dates and the reward you'll get when reaching a goal.

You can type in the recipe name, preperation time, servings, calories, ingredients and directions.
This template is organized to track your weight, measures, exercise, water, fruit and vegetable consumption per week. Figure out what your basic meals are for the week and check to see what you will need from the store.

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