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Lifeband Touch’s advanced sensor technology provides the in-depth data you can count on, wherever a healthy lifestyle takes you.
It’s never been easier —or more tuneful—to accurately track your metabolic rate and cardiovascular fitness (VO2 max).
Earphones are connected to a lightweight medallion device that you can wear on your arm or waist. The impressive monitoring capability of our earbuds is only matched by their comfort and hi-fidelity sound. A few months ago Toshiba announced a wearable sensor product which was designed for medical purposes.
Now, the company is making a debut into the main-stream world of wearable products, meaning it has just launched a product that is destined for you and me. For the time being, the product is reserved for the Japanese market, but who knows, at some point Toshiba might make a plunge on the global market. The device has been baptized WERAM1100 and is not a smartwatch but a smartband for fitness tracking.
The Toshiba WERAM100 doesn't bring anything mind blowing in terms of specifications either.
The device can sync via Bluetooth to your smartphone so you can view all the aggregated data in form of graphs.
Information regarding calorie intake can be uploaded by the users and the information will be integrated in the overall picture. That being said, the bracelet is said to be capable of working for two full weeks without popping in for a recharge. WERAM1100 is smart enough to determine whether the user is asleep or awake, so you don’t have to change from mode to mode when you go to sleep or wake in the morning.
The bracelet will vibrate when users have achieved a set goal and can also replace your traditional alarm (let's hope it vibrates vigorously enough).
Toshiba will offer the device for pre-order in black, white, pink and blue starting August 20. For the time being, the company hasn't announced a price-tag, but this information might be revealed at IFA 2014 in a few weeks.

WP Fit is a Fitness & Health PSD Theme designed specifically for WordPress but can be used for other content management systems as well.
WP Fit is a unique design, specifically build for fitness related businesses, such as gyms, yoga schools, spa’s, etc.
The calendar also contains filters in case you need to offer different calendars for different types of classes.
Very cool design, a bit too yellow for my taste, but I guess that is somehow a real fitness color (see it in multiple themes).
First of all, the ordering process was super easy so I was anxious to see how the suit would fit.
I think the only Con I have is that the purple waistband is a little shinier than I thought it would be. Lifeband Touch’s crisp readout makes it a cinch to check performance, and all it takes is a press of the button or flick of the wrist to activate. Perform Tek® sensor technology measures blood flow signals from the external section of the ear called the auricle, delivering continuous health and fitness metrics with none of the inconvenience of chest strap measuring devices. The medallion serves as the data processing hub, sending real-time biometric information to your Android™ or IOS® smartphone equipped with the free LG Fitness App. Three different earbud sizes are included, along with additional design elements to ensure a secure fit. The device should arrive in September to make life easier for both patients and the health personnel monitoring them. It is capable of counting distance, steps, calories burned and so on and comes in the form of a colored bracelet made of polycarbonate. Like many devices of its kind it can monitor your sleep cycles and patterns, keeping track of how much you sleep and how well rested you are. The company has also introduced a dedicated cloud service for wearable devices that delivers an in-depth analysis of the gathered information. The design can be used in any commercial and non-commercial project, but cannot be re-sold or sold as part of a bundle. I really liked being able to make a selection of cut or color and have it visibly displayed.

I guess this could be a Con too but since I was using this for tri-training purposes, I wanted specific things like the shorts and the crossed back straps. I would strongly recommend this suit to not only triathletes but anyone that wants a great fitting suit in the colors and cuts that they want.
LG’s Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker and Heart Rate Earphones, debuting at CES 2014, mark the company’s first foray into wearable fitness technology.
A Voice Guide feature informs users of their heart rate and pace throughout their fitness program. And because music keeps you moving, LG earphones feature the aptX system for hi-fi brilliance…no matter what the beat.
Our mission is provide easy tools for our vendors and allow customers to discover great new products.
The suit I got was exactly as ordered and since it was measurement based – it was the PERFECT fit!
Normally, I’m limited on mixing and matching cuts and then what colors they are offered in.
When combined with LG’s revolutionary Heart Rate Earphones, Lifeband Touch becomes the ultimate real-time information resource. I’ve had previous success with Zoot suits and Athleta and I wanted to see if this would compare. It isn’t a design flaw, I just liked the V neck and then realized why none of my other suits have that cut! Together, they offer a state-of-the-art fusion of advanced activity tracking, biometric data, Bluetooth® app connectivity …plus effortless access to your music and phone.

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