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I have for sale a "Fitness Gear" Ultimate Smith 2 Machine home gym set that is still in boxes which is in new condition. I love a good smith machine and a quick search on this brand says it probably isn't a good smith machine. I Plan on still getting a cage in the future but couldn't pass up the deal on the smith when I found it.
One comment I have here is, several years back Dick's was selling a Fitness Gear smith rack that was pretty well regarded. Be sure to verify your DOT number to see if the information on file matches these requirements.

I have read alot on Fitness Gear, some like it others dont but I figured for 400 bucks plus all the extras I thought Id look into it. I may not have my facts totally correct but IIRC even though it was branded as a Fitness Gear rack it was made by Nautilus and was pretty robust. Offered for sale is a Fitness Gear Ultimate Smith Machine with all weights, manuals and assembly instructions. It doest nit come with four plates, Bars or dumbbells and has all the accessories for using the cable stations on each end. As I recall it had a Smith rack, cable pulleys, pec deck (yeah I know but it was on there) and was pretty heavy gauge steel.

Leg extensions, Curl extensions, Bench press, Pull bar, Butterfly and everything needed to get you in top shape. If I can find any threads on it I will post them here, but bottom line is it might be worth a look.
He has standred plate set plus 2 more 35lbs plates, a extra oly bar, ez curl bar and pull down attachments for back and tri's.

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