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Your pass includes free access to all of our facilities, including state of the art equipment and a wide range of Group Exercise classes such as Yoga, Pilates, BodyPump and Boxing. Fitness First has teamed up with the new Zumba fitness game, to offer you a fantastic 2 day zumba class pass offer, to use at a Fitness First gym.
Fitness First Power Point Templates complete company presentation of products including , DVD, Responsive Fitness website, Membership benefits, Membership packages and important statistic. Having purchased our items and you need help figuring something up (like replacing images mainly) or the file is broken, or minor revison like file resize or compatibility.
If you have any design work to be done you can mail me also and we will help you out, send us a quote also if what is your budget and what are you willing to spend for it.
The more the ratings the better, it’s what drives us to make more awesome items and offer services to you, just click those stars in your downloads tab or the item description of the item you purchase. If you’re interested in creating more freedom in your life then developing a side, or full-time business in online fitness is a great option.
The first major thing that you sell (product, course, book, etc.) should have the potential to fundamentally change your business.
An amazing print book that’s professionally put-together from the design to the editing to the networking required to get the book out to a large but purposeful audience. My first print book, Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career, was released in April 2012.
Aside from enabling me to live life and run a business on my own terms, the book is primarily responsible for the growth of the Personal Trainer Development Center, this site, that helped 2.45 million trainers Worldwide last year and is on pace to help over 5 million this year – both are unfathomably large numbers. After writing Ignite but before releasing it I consulted with a few online fitness goo-roos for help in polishing and promoting the product. If it was a digital book early on, there’d be no way I could have compiled a Facebook album showcasing trainers with the book. Additionally, a high-quality print book is exceptionally hard to produce and even more difficult to promote, especially if you’re self-published. 1K Extra’s first release infused so much money into my business that I was able to hire 8 contractors the next week to do 8 different jobs that I was previously handling myself. And turning a reactive business into a proactive one is what I want to help you with today. The system below will walk you through taking a workout that you’ve already written for a client and turn it into an e-book for less than $20. This will help you make a little extra money for no extra effort and it can be done in an afternoon. Corollary – Is it Irresponsible for a Young(er) Trainer to Sell Template Workouts Before Gaining A Lot of Experience? The original IP should provide you an opportunity to gather a bit more freedom in your life to be proactive in your business.
All this allows you to do is make a bit of money outside of the gym which allows you to spend a bit fewer hours in the gym which allows you to spend more time on your continuing development. Give them advice about what to do next; generally, this will be a call to buy another program or hire you for in-person or for your online personal training business. Sign up for a free PayPal account (you’re only charged a percentage of the sale), connect to your bank account, and create a payment button for the book. Have your PayPal button redirect the user to a hidden page on your website (if you have one) where they can download the book.
Connect PayPal to your email marketing system and have the first auto-response message contain a link to download the book. Manually send the book file via email to the buyer whenever you receive an email that notifies you of a successful payment made via PayPal.

Make a list of everybody who you know who has a goal similar to the one that the book is designed to help people meet. Email these people a week before the book is released, and tell them to get on a pre-sale list by filling out a Google form (this is free) or simply emailing you; enter their names into a spreadsheet to capture their emails.
Create a “products” page on your website and sell directly through there (again, this is optional). If you’re actually good at what you do, you will already have friends, family members, and mutual contacts asking health and fitness questions of you. And if you’re not already good at what you do, don’t write a fucking book about stuff that you’re not good at yet. If you follow the steps I listed above, the book should cost you less than $20 to produce from start to finish; possibly a touch more due to editing depending on length. Then, and this is the fun part, commit your extra time and mental energy to becoming a better writer, networking, and putting together something special – something that will fundamentally change your business, and life. As the creator and head coach of thePTDC, I'd have to say that this thing is pretty awesome.
In addition to your reports, you’ll also get FREE access to the PTDC newsletter, which you'll receive 2-3 times a week.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Direct Drive System (Patent Applied) – This feature keeps the tension steady as one rows which is a greatly improved feeling than competing systems offer. Rigid Frame Construction For Maximum Stability – When you buy a home product that is built for light commercial use, you can count on having it work well for a long time.
Extended Transport Wheels For Ease of Movement – Also stores upright without requiring disassembly as others do. Central Adjustment for Foot Size Compact Footprint makes it an easy addition to your home gym space. As true to our entire rower family, the Atlantic delivers the closest thing to real, on-water rowing with a natural catch and resistance through the stroke! Well researched slides to ensure that every slide has a purpose in fitness program of a company. We will work on it and let you know, if you don’t like the designs we will not charge you anything. The book took 3 years to write, cost over $12,000 to produce, and has since changed my life. They promised the World and, for a small (not so small) fee, would turn it into an Ebook and sell millions. What I do know is that if I had made the decision to go the easy route and make it digital I wouldn’t be here writing this to you right now. Aside from finally being able to breathe, I had provided myself an opportunity to spend the majority of my time being proactive. And a forest begins with an acorn and a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step yadda yadda yadda.
I said above that the first product that you put out needs to be awesome and should fundamentally change your business.
From here the process compounds as you cut out a few hours of training and organize your schedule better. There is still somebody who is paying them to work so it is their responsibility to know their place at that point. At that point proactive probably means that you’re going to spend a lot more time studying.

If you don’t want to create your own, find a YouTube link to a video from somebody else and put it beside your exercise.? These can be done in an afternoon.
Describe how to fail with the program, such as not lifting heavy enough or not taking enough time off between workouts to recover. This might include a call for more money for a custom nutrition plan or an affiliate link to buy a recipe book online where you get money if they buy. A service called Scribendi is fantastic and cheap or get a friend or family member to do it.
You can also share a “coming soon” notice on your social media accounts telling people to join the pre-sale list. Instead use it to replace income as you scale back and better organize your time in the gym.
If you're interested in my brand new book, it's called Ignite the Fire (revised, updated, and expanded). Our attention to the human "hey, is this fun?" factors associated with engaging and sustaining a fitness regimen set us apart.
Somewhere along the lines they seemed to miss the step about how they were planning on selling millions. A book gets displayed proudly on a shelf for the owner to show off his or her breadth of knowledge to any passers-by.
After a painstaking research, development, and testing process, 1K Extra – How to Build a Scalable and Efficient Online Personal Training Business, was released. If there’s one thing you take from this article, it’s to do everything in your power to build a business that works for you.
Here’s a slideshow I put together for Livestrong with workout mistakes you can “borrow” (read: steal). This complicates things and there are a ton of options of ways to make more money after you’ve sold the initial book. If you want to get a more expensive and better-looking cover, you can use eLance or 99Designs. Feel free to come hang out on my Facebook page where I explore the perfect balance between fitness, business, and living an awesome and fulfilling life. We want to hear it from you we’ll be happy to make it if we can, then you will have you a free copy of the item if it is approved .
A digital book, on the other hand, often gets lost in the 100s of gigs of data on a hardrive. What this will do is provide yourself an opportunity to allot the required mental energy, time, and money into producing something special.
It’s meant to serve as something to offer people if they ask for your advice, if they don’t live close, or if they can’t afford your in-person rates. You’ll be surprised at how much an e-book like this will drive awareness of your training and build your reputation. Our fluid rowers are both physiologically superior in terms of the way they prepare your body without beating it up and motivationally superior in terms of its experience quotient.
They deliver a great low impact whole body workout that includes the highest cardio and calorie burn in the low impact category with a lower chance of strains or injury. The workout itself is geared to satisfy all ages, male or female, all sizes or fitness levels.

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