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This week on social media & with my clients, I’ve been focussing on the language I use and the words my clients use.
Remember what you thought about working on that project, how you resented the time it took, put it off as much as possible and didn’t give it your best efforts. When you start to talk kindly to yourself and remove the artificial yardsticks of trying to be like others, your health and wellbeing journey not only becomes easier….it becomes more FUN!
It’s my job to take those ‘I can’t’ phrases, understand the mental and physical blocks behind them and rephrase them.

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You couldn’t wait to spend time on it, loved every second you spent on it, found ways to work round any difficulties, positively cheered at the successes. The language I use will make the difference between someone finishing a session feeling like they’ve achieved something amazing or feeling rubbish… the way, the second of those 2 is just not an option! This prompted a great discussion amongst my clients and the phrase they most wanted to turn around was “I give up”.

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