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We offer the best in commercial fitness equipment and flooring from brands like Matrix, Freemotion, Expresso and others through our partner Foundation Fitness.
For product support on all equipment (other than competition benches) purchased since 2006 on west coast please call Foundation Fitness at 1-855-505-9538 and Magnum Fitness at 1-800-818-6479 for other than west coast. Categories: Accessories, Benches and Racks, Benches and Racks, Commercial, CrossFit, Popular Racks, Retail, Strength, Strength.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you want to lose weight and get in great shape, it’s a good idea to join a Spokane Valley gym. In order to choose a Spokane Valley gym that will help you succeed, you need to pick one that has the right set of traits. The most important trait of a quality gym is that they get involved with their members’ weight. If all a gym provides is access to exercise equipment, what happens if you don’t know how to use most of the equipment?
The next trait that a quality Spokane Valley gym needs to possess is an emphasis on nutrition.

If you want a gym that’s going to help you truly lose weight, you will want to find one that provides ongoing nutrition information.
The reason we hear this from so many of our Physzique members is because they’ve tried other gyms but failed to lose weight. Although this kind of weight loss may sound too good to be true, we make it possible by focusing all our efforts on proven principles that get results.
Very well said, some gyms just collect funds during membership but after that, they won’t assist you anymore.
However, before you run out and join the first gym you pass, it’s important to understand that not all Spokane Valley Gyms are equal.
If a gym simply takes people’s membership fees and then tells them good luck, this is not the type of gym you want to join.
What about if you’re unsure of what combination of exercises you should do to get the best results from your workout sessions? In the past, most gyms got away with acting like people could reach their weight loss goals simply by working out. However, once they start working out with us, they start losing at least seven pounds a month.

While some gyms can help you overcome the obstacles that have prevented you from losing weight in the past, other gyms will simply take your money. The reason is simply having access to cardio and resistance exercise equipment is not enough to ensure that you’re going to successfully lose weight. How about on busy days when you’re ready to convince yourself that you don’t have time to make it to the gym?
However, now that the Internet has given everyone more access to information, people realize that what they eat is just as important as what they do when they go work out.
Because these are all common obstacles that hold people back from losing weight, you want a gym that’s going to address each and every one of them.

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